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  • Forest Mushroom House and Raised Mushroom House in Archeage Unchained
    By Anna2021-07-16 00:00:00

    Mushroom Houses have added lots of cuteness and fun to Archeage Unchained. Today, MmoGah will bring you to do a quick overview of the Forest Mushroom House and Raised Mushroom House. What do they look like? What are their features? If you are interested, keep reading.


    Forest Mushroom House


    What Does It Look Like

    This home is a small one, but it's pretty cute as it has tiny mushrooms growing all over the roof.


    Mushroom House


    And I think the door is really neat as well. This home comes with one planter box, so you can plant the poppy seed of any variety at a time, as well as a water barrel so you can obtain water this way.


    The inside of the house is really cool. I think that the mushroom designs on the wall are different and enjoyable. It also comes with the Memory Hearth, so you can save this in your portal book. I like the floors of this home with the wooden circle design and the tiny mushroom in the middle.


    Archeage Unchained Inside House



    The feature of the Forest Mushroom Home is that it is tax-exempt from having more than a few homes. So even though I have five homes, the tax will not increase.


    Raised Mushroom House


    Here we're going to upgrade the forest home to be the Raised Mushroom House. It takes wealth-building management titles and the rest of the five materials to upgrade. Once we upgrade it, we'll be left with the Raised Mushroom House design. So here is what it looks like.


    Raised Mushroom House


    You can see it has changed quite dramatically, and it comes with two extra planter boxes. So this home has three in total. It also comes with a processing workbench, which is really nice. And you still have the water barrel. The door has changed a little bit, and this home also has an elevator so we can quickly get access to our secret tiny hidey-hole at the top of the house. This room is really tiny, and I would probably use it for storage chests or really small housing decor items, which I think is a cute little feature.


    The inside still comes with the hearth, and you can save your home in a portal book, and we also were upgraded to a task jar, which is really nice.


    Archeage Unchained Task Jar


    And you can see even though we upgraded this home, it is still included in the heavy tax exempt reduction.


    The above is the introduction about Acheage Unchained Mushroom Houses. You can also check Tog Games's video since most of the content of this article comes from her.


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