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Archeage Unchained Gold Farming Guide

Gold is an essential part in Archeage Unchained game. Everyone wants to get rich quickly, but it is hard to do. Players are always need archeage unchained gold to buy equipment, cosmetic items, mounts and other items or unlock the premium ArchePasses, so who will help them farm enough archeage gold? Do you know how to farm gold in Archeage Unchained? Check mmogah.com tips to make much archeage unchained gold.


This is a real player Paradox’s video. It goes over some easy ways to make gold in ArchAge Unchained. If you have much gold, it will make smooth progress of your game. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.


Do not underestimate the value of stone, iron and lumber early on in the game. These are the things that the early economy is based on. Larceny is also another good proficiency for people who do not have a lot of time. Cooking and Alchemy are wise choices for people who want to be dedicated to the long haul and are willing to put off immediate profits for long term gains.


Silver per Labor

Now your silver per labor ratio needs to be right around 8 silver per labor. This was based on the cost of an apex, the value of a labor pot and how much you had to make beyond that thousand labor. All that’s gone, we can’t buy labor pots now. It’s sort of based around coin purses and if I open one Ancestor coin purse, I will get one. I got 1 gold 57 silver and 95 copper, and it costs me 21 Labor to do that.

If you don’t have max Larceny, remember the higher proficiency, the lower labor cost. Whatever you are doing, you should have famed proficiency to reduce 40% labor cost reduction. Now for me, this turns out to be about 7.5 silver per labor.

Silver per Hour

Some coin purses are going to be better than others, they can range from 1 gold 42 silver to 1 gold 76 silver, so just keep this in mind, but it’s really not hitting that 8 gold, because it’s fast and easy. Because some people are going to the larders of the trade packs, and they are going to get 22 to 30 silver per laborer and absolutely you do, however you are not accounting for your time, the roll call at a soulless trade run with Larder’s is a very long time.

Intensiver Trade Run

It’s time-consuming requires a car, which is an infrastructure cost, so keep in mind when you talk about your Silver to labor ratio, also consider how much silver per hour you are making, because you have to factor time into what you want to do.  

If you have a short window of play time every day, Larders probably aren’t for you.

If you are going to no-life archeage playstyle, then larders are great for you, because you have all the time in the world to increase that silver per labor ratio, give you some ideas to get your brain started.

I want to talk about Mining, Logging, Larceny, Alchemy, Cooking and so on. I am going to start with the two gathering ones first and these are nice, easy and fast.


Mining has Zero Upfront Cost, Nodes are free to hit and early on Unchained. People need stone and iron to build their houses. Copper ore is going to be in high demand, but here you got an extra thousand labor, you can spend a thousand labor in making some silver or gold.


Now Logging has an upfront cost, you can log wild trees but generally you won’t find too many wild tree. Lumber is a massive commodity farms need 100 lumber each for people to drop their 16 by 16 houses. Galleons need 800 lumber: 300 for the materials to drop the drydock, 500 for the ship itself. The benefit to having a logging operation going is you have to invest some vocation or use some silver to buy saplingsm, but if you get lucky and hit RNG on a thunderstruck tree, this will really get you going forward, it’ll get your farm cart, it will give you access to the Blue salt brotherhood path, and then you won’t have to buy it, and you will get all those other goodies at the end of that path.


This way is easy and fast. You are going to be using a larceny anyway as you identify infusions, so it makes sense to take a larceny up to 230K for that labor reduction, you will have more coin purses than labor, if you are short on playtime, this method absolutely make sense. Just open your infusions, coin purses, use the gold to work on your gear when you have a little bit more time whenever on the weekends when you take a day off, you can do other things to make a little bit more gold, but you will fall behind simply using larceny, you won’t be in the top tier of players, because you won’t have as much gold but you can definitely stay relevant and competitive.


Alchemy is a long term investment, but it definitely pays off. Now people who have done, all alchemy in the past realize things have changed, you will be buying the base mage weapon from the merchant for 6 silver each, so this have a cost associated with starting and you will level up on minor potions until you get to mourning dues, and then you can start making serene lakes. You are going to see a lot of different materials, this is going to become gathering intensive if you are going to gather everything and your silver to labor ratio drops is you can’t just disregard the cost of accumulating.

All of your raw materials to drop in a game real quick. Here’s Kraken’s might and it’s really the standard: 20 poppy 50 medicinal powder. You will need an Apothecary house at 180k proficiency, and it is going to give you a shortcut to craft top potions, but the real benefit is the double procs, so drop back in a game real quick. Here is a Krakens might instead of all those other materials once I have 180k proficiency. All I need is 20 poppy, 1 onyx rkm essence and 120 medicinal powder, and then I can craft right away.

Double procs instead of getting 10 Kraken’s mights for that material investment, you can actually get 20 poppy, so I am going to give you a example: 120 medicinal powder, 1 onyx and 20 poppy. It’s going to cost you 14 gold, 16 silver to make 10 Krakens mights. Now 10 Kraken’s mights are only going to sell for 17 gold, 49 silver that’s not a very good pays off, you probably lost money on that. All the labor for all those things 20 Kraken’s mights, however sell for 34 gold 99 silver and that’s your moneymaker.


Cooking is another long-term investment. The leveling tree has stayed mostly the same and it is material intensive. Just like Alchemy, you are going to end up doing a lot of farming when you are Cooking.

Now it is not as material intensive for the sandwiches, you will see they are not as many bits and pieces, but it is definitely going to take you time effort energy to accumulate. You have the opportunity to get those double procs and get in here to make sure you look at a couple of other items, you will definitely want to make assorted ribs which you can make 50,000, you will see the assorted ribs and give the PvE bonus. Lots of people are going to be using assorted ribs as soon as they are available, because they can make farming much easier. For your majors, the soups function just like the sandwiches majors are notorious for two and down soups in between pulls.

Alchemy and Cooking

Alchemy and cooking together and they are a long-term investment. That Apoc house requires proficiency, you will be holding a lot of materials as works in progress the reason why is just like we talked about with the copper keys you need the previous tier in order to level up, so I highly recommend getting your dawns drop gear as soon as possible even if you can’t finish the blue salt brotherhood quest for the individual piece. Make sure you buy for vocation the relevant piece for you and then  

It cuts down the grind time and how many cooking works in progress, because once you have a bunch of tier 2, tier 3 items, you were going to invest in getting all of those up to a sellable product.

Now there is a lot that goes into that statement, you will profit selling off the tier 2, tier 3 furniture for your house. There are two items for each proficiency and this just isn’t for alchemy and cooking, but if you can get these two items, you can give that building plus 20k proficiency definitely cuts down the amount of grinding time, you can put a regal tool.

There are other profitable professions: commerce, machining, printing, spoiler spell books are gone, so a lot of the value of printing is also gone. In your traditional crafting classes: carpentry, leather, working tailoring, metalwork and weaponry. There is some profits to be made.


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