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Is ArcheAge Unchained Still Worth Playing in 2021

By Anna2021-09-17

How time flies! Archeage Unchained has been with us for more than eight years. In these years, it has brought us a lot of happiness. But at the same time, there is a lot of content in this game that doesn't meet our expectations. Nowadays, whether it is still worth playing is a question that we all pay more attention to. Today, MmoGah would like to share our views.




The main feature of Archeage Unchained is introducing a system that would allow you to earn items by completing tasks in the game, which previously is thought to be pay-to-win. This system came to be called the ArchePass. Within the first week, I actually enjoyed what the ArchePass brought to the game. If you are a lazy gamer who loves to spend every last bit of silver on teleport stones called Hereafter Stones, the ArchePass would give you a pretty steady stream of reliable Archeage Unchained Gold to fund your laziness. You could choose from these four tracks: basic, vocation, combat, and equipment. If you are more interested in earning vocation badges and establishing yourself as a crafter in the world, you could choose the vocation pass.




Daily missions pop up every day in your ArchePass, which allows you to complete them for gold, progress through your chosen ArchePass track, and after finishing a level in your track, you could earn special items. And this is the only way to complete levels in your ArchePass. So it felt very strict and went against that wonderful feeling of autonomy in Archeage Unchained.



Archeage Unchained by itself is an amazing game to experience for the first time or even for the third or the fourth time. The graphics are quite nice, and they are even well optimized for large-scale PvP.



Talking about PvP, the combat is really fun and engaging for the complexity, even water combat. The game doesn't let it fall off. I've seen so many games fail to try to make good water or even air combat, but it's really well made in Archeage Unchained.


Deep Class System

The class system is so deep, and I think it is by far the best system I have seen in all other MMOs. You have a large number of classes to pick and mix together, which will make you feel fun to play.


Archeage Unchained Gold



Apart from a few problems, the housing system is really good. I've had two lanes when I played Archeage Unchained, and I was planting and gathering pretty much all the time and aiming to upgrade it and get even bigger houses, maybe a treehouse in the near future, and I never felt bored or tired of doing that because I thought it was actually fun and worth the profit.


Craft System

In Archeage Unchained, you have a lot of professions to specialize in. I have two accounts, one for phishing and the other for mining. Both professions gave me a lot of gold. The game really values the craft, and it's really important for a lot of people who like to work in progress and shoot this gameplay style.



What I like most about Archeage Unchained is that I have a lot of autonomy as a player. In a sandbox MMO, you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Most of my time spent in the game has revolved around establishing my beautiful rustic home and rose garden to fund my fishing addiction. Working on those specific goals that make me happy still ended up netting me experience that could help my character progress to the next level. Oftentimes, it came as a pleasant surprise when I earned a level and realized that it came from doing something I enjoyed. The beauty of ArcheAge Unchained's sandbox element is that it rewards you for pursuing those things you love, be it crafting, exploring, trading, fishing, or PvP. Unfortunately, some of the newest features that Unchained brought ended up creating more problems than they solved.



It's a more interesting feature. Players change their status from friendly to hostile and can murder you and steal your trade packs. This is exactly what happened to our group, a mere 100 feet away from the turn-in point. This is absolutely a crime (you're killing a member of your own faction), and the player who committed it leaves behind a bloodstain for each kill that can be reported and potentially send them to trial to await a jury of players that decides their fate. Unchained implemented an increase to the amount of crime and infamy points you earn from murdering a same-faction member, but it will never really be enough to hinder those who have decided early on that they want to pursue a life of crime.



What's More

Last but not least, I would like to talk about Archeage Unchained Gold. MMORPGs require time and gold. You can use gold to get something else, which would in turn help you gather more gold. Collecting the gold you need for other Archeage Unchained items you might want, such as mounts, cool cosmetics, and weapons, is something that will take quite some time to do. Not everyone has the time to grind up gold, so you can choose to buy Archeage Unchained Gold on MmoGah since we have a large amount in stock, which can meet your need at any time.



The above content is our opinion on whether Archeage Unchained is still worth playing. Although there are relatively few people in the current game, and there are some mechanisms that we don't like, and a lot of people are tired, bored about planting or harvesting stuff day after day for months, it is really the best sandbox game I've played so far. If possible, could you share your opinion? We look forward to your comment.

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