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How to Get Dodo Code in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

MmoGah is a safe place to buy Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Ticket. When buying ACNH items, you need to provide us your 5 digit Dodo code to invite the supplier to your island. Below are the answers you need to choose when getting Dodo code from Orville who is the NPC at Dodo Airlines: I Want visitors → Via online play → Roger → Invite via Dodo Code → the more the merrier → Yeah, invite anyone. Note that you need to play the entire 1st in-game day to unlock the Dodo Airlines area.

After giving us your Dodo code, keep the game online, and then the supplier will fly to your island and drop what you bought.

Please bookmark our ACNH news page for more news and guides related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


ACNH: Animal Crossing Bells for Sale on MmoGah

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