• FFXIV: 5 Tips to Power Level Gathering and Crafting
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    Crafters and Gatherers can offer you a steady income to get rich in FFXIV. In this guide, LucidFaith gives some tips to help power level your Crafters and Gatherers in Final Fantasy XIV. The majority of these tips are relative to the Ishgardian Restoration area. If you haven't unlocked that yet, here is the link to the official guide that helps you access it and get started.


    Tip 1: Know Where to Go


    In the Firmament, you can gather nodes using your Miner and a Botanist. These nodes do not spawn randomly. Nodes will be active at the circled locations when you enter the instance. Once you fully harvest a node along a given path, all active nodes along that path will rotate anti-clockwise by one spot. The inner (red) path and the outer (blue) path are entirely independent. You will get more details from this thread.


    Full Ishgardian Restoration guide by I'nanghal Shikhu(Shikhu#3190) and The Balance discord


    This is the link to the path of node spawns (Miner works the same way but goes clockwise)



    Tip 2: Know Which Monster to Target


    You can use a giant laser gun to blow up monsters to gather materials, so you'll consistently get drops from all of the monsters. When you blow the monsters, the drops are not random, and every monster spawns in a consistent area. So, if you're looking for certain materials, you can go find where the monsters spawn and blow them up with your Aetheromatic Auger.


    This guide shows the monster locations and the drops, and there is also a visual reference sheet for the Diadem.


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    Tip 3: There are Lots of Fish in the Ocean


    I am not recommending fishing in the Firmament for leveling because it is not worth it with the XP rates and the fish gather you can desynthesize into material that you could get through Mining or Botanist. And, fishers don't get to use the Laser cannon!

    I would recommend a
    minigame known as Ocean Fishing in Limsa Lominsa. You will get a shark mount out of it, and this is a great way to level your Fishing class. You will also get materials by catching and desynthesizing the fish, which will give you materials for Miners and Botanists. This method is not worthwhile for leveling. But, if you are a max level fisherman, I am sure you can use this method. There is a guide that shows you where to use your bait and what fish you can get.



    Tip 4: Macros Are Friends Not Food


    Tip 4 might be a bit of a controversial one – using crafting macros to help you level. can help you learn how those macros work.


    You will have to hit certain collectability requirements to turn in items for a large XP bonus. The collectability is another meter when you're crafting, and it goes in tandem with your quality meter. To turn in items for a large XP bonus, you have to hit a certain point. With these macros, you'll hit the minimum point if you have the required stats. These stats are craftsmanship control and crafting points. Each macro tells you what is required to make it successful. If you do this, you'll always hit the minimum amount and get that reward.


    So, I recommend using these macros, looking at what the macro does, and learning why it does it. Then you can start utilizing those ideas and the methodology to hit the higher tiers of collectability.



    Tip 5: Dress for Success


    My last tip for power leveling your crafting and gathering is with Gear. There is a website that lists all of the gear progression for gathers and crafters. You can click on the gear you're interested in, and it shows you what it looks like, its stats, and if it's craftable or buyable from a merchant.



    Those are LucidFaith's 5 tips for power leveling your Crafting and Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV. If you like this video, make sure to subscribe and share it with your friends. For more news and guides related to FFXIV, please stay tuned to MmoGah – the best place to buy FFXIV gil and FFXIV power leveling service.



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