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ESO Scribes of Fate DLC and Update 37 Explained

aeebee February 08th, 2023 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Attention all ESO players! This March, The Elder Scrolls Online is about to get even bigger and more exciting as the year's first DLC and Update 37 are just around the corner. Now is the time to sharpen your swords and lace up your boots to prepare for the upcoming Shadow Over Morrowind year-long adventure.

Scribes of Fate DLC

The all-new Necrom Chapter promises a one-of-a-kind adrenaline-pumping storyline. It also introduces a brand new Arcanist class that is home to some all-new powers in The Elder Scrolls Online. Moreover, at the time of writing, the Necrom Chapter is still five months due to launch.

Therefore, in order to make your wait easier, ESO developers are rolling out Scribes of Fate DLC and base game Update 37, which are at max a month away! 


Scribes of Fate DLC and Update 37 Release Date

The DLC and Update 37 will drop on PC and Steam platforms on March 13th. And for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the release date is all set for March 28th.


Crown Pricing

Also, Scribes of Fate DLC comes in 2 bundles. One is the base version available for 1500 Crowns and includes only the DLC expansion. However, if you are an ESO Plus subscriber, you will get it as part of the subscription.


On the other hand, there is the collector's bundle that is available for 3500 Crowns. In the Collector's bundle, besides the DLC expansion, ESO players will also get an Antecedent Scholar's Guar mount and a Blightlord's Skeever pet, along with many other things!


P.S. If you are running short on Crowns, remember that you can always buy that premium virtual in-game currency with ESO gold


Scribes of Fate DLC

Scribes of Fate is an upcoming dungeon DLC that introduces two new 4-player PvE dungeons: Scrivener's Hall and Bal Sunnar, where players can expect new story content of around 30 hours.


In addition, players will also discover new collectibles, dyes, secret relics, achievements, rewards, furnishings, and item sets unique to the upcoming dungeon DLC.


As per ESTNN, Scribes of Fate DLC is going to add 98 furniture items and ten new armor sets. Alongside this, there will be two new monster sets, two new healing sets, two new tanking sets, and four new DPS sets. Among these 4 DPS sets, two are Magicka-based, and two are Stamina-based. 


However, do note that, until the official launch of the Scribes of Fate DLC, these values are subject to change.


Let's see what the upcoming dungeon DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online has in for us:


Shadow Over Morrowind

Shadow Over Morrowind is a year-long adventure carefully crafted to deliver a top-notch experience like never before. 


In this storyline, players will delve into the mysteries of Hermaeus Mora (the Daedric Prince of Fate and Forbidden Knowledge) and begin a story that continues into the Necrom Chapter. Along the way, players will also discover the dark secrets of Apocrypha that threatens the very existence of reality.


Can you dare to uncover the dark mysteries of Hermaeus Mora and fight to preserve reality?


Scrivener's Hall

Scrivener's Hall

Located in The Rift, Scrivener's Hall is one of the two new 4-player PvE dungeons that comes with the Scribes of Fate DLC. 


The former leader of the Scribes of Mora scholars is under exile, and you must team up with him to recover the powerful daedric artifact by infiltrating Scrivener's Hall. Players will fight through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their new villainous leader, Valinna. 

Will you be able to face Valinna and put an end to her tyranny and evil agenda?


Bal Sunnar

Bal Sunnar

Located in Stonefalls, Bal Sunnar is the other of the two new 4-player PvE dungeons that come with the Scribes of Fate DLC. 


Here, players will team up with the Psijic Order and investigate the Temporal magic that is emanating from the mysterious township of Bal Sunnar that brings them to the Dark Elf tower. Under no circumstance should this source of strange power be let loose, and it must be contained at all costs. 


Will you be able to avert this potential disaster and bring peace to the Elder Scroll Online universe?


Secret Relics and Rewards

Lastly, in order to hype up and encourage players to explore the daunting dungeons, ESO developers have hidden all-new collectibles, achievements, and item sets in these dungeons that are unique to the Scribes of Fate DLC. 


ESO Update 37


Some of the ESO Update 37 Features

Scribes of Fate DLC is not the only exciting thing upcoming in the The Elder Scrolls Online. ESO developers are also rolling out Update 37 for the base game.


In this Update 37, the most prominent changes are probably the three new PvP item sets and the Alliance Emblem Face Markings. 


However, this is not the end of the picture. Update 37 also brings several other noteworthy changes to the base game. These are as follows:


Daily/Weekly Reset Timer Updates

Many daily timers, such as daily Quests and Endeavors, have been aligned to the same time as the Daily Login Reward. Now it is 3 am UTC for European servers and 10 am UTC for North American servers.


Also, several weekly timers, such as Trial and Solo Leaderboards, have been aligned to reset on Sundays at the same time as the daily resets.


New Rewards for the Worthy

Moreover, Update 37 also brings in a number of new additions to the Rewards for the Worthy. This includes Snake in the Stars, Shell Splitter, and Judgement of Akatosh.


Alliance Emblem Face Markings

To acquire Alliance Emblem Face Markings, players need to complete the associated alliance PvP achievements.


A New Home 

Furthermore, Update 37 also presents players with a Fogbreak lighthouse in The Elder Scrolls Online. This new lighthouse showcases some of the best sea views, along with a large undercroft and plenty of outdoor space.


New Furnishings

In addition, both the Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio now have several new furnishing plans that can be purchased by visiting them.


Housing QoL Improvements 

Thanks to Update 37, there are now additional filters to the Housing Editor for retrieval and placements functions. It lets you, for instance, filter bound and unbound furnishings and items placed by Bank, Inventory, House Storage, or Collectibles. Also, there are several tweaks related to combat with training dummies and occupants currently residing in your house. 


Screen Narration 

And now, here we have a Screen Narration feature. Although most players will not need it, Screen Narration can prove very useful in certain situations. It is an "accessibility" feature that is located in the Accessibility Settings panel. In order to use this feature, players must have their Accessibility Mode turned on. 


Also, the Screen Narration feature is not fully implemented across all the elements in the game. It has certain restrictions and limitations. 


Software Occlusion Culling (Beta)

Software Occlusion Culling is a graphical feature that comes along with Update 37. It basically improves the gameplay experience by preventing the game client from performing rendering calculations for objects that are completely hidden from view by other objects. However, the tradeoff for enabling this feature is the higher memory consumption.


Since Software Occlusion Culling is in a BETA phase, you can test this feature by including the following statement in the UserSettings.txt file: SET SoftwareOcclusionCullingEnabled "1"


Necrom Prologue Quest – Eye of Fate

Lastly, to give players a slight peek at the much-anticipated Necrom Chapter, players will be getting an Eye of Fate quest. 


It is a prologue quest for the Necrom Chapter where players will need to seek out Leramil the Wise, who is in wait for someone to ally with Hermaeus Mora. To begin the quest, players would need to first obtain a letter from Leramil the Wise. Talking with him would start the quest, and players will earn an Unstable Emerald Glyphic Emote for successfully completing it.


This is a complete overview of the upcoming Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC and base game Update 37. For more news and guides, please stay tuned.


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