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ESO Builds: One-Bar Magicka Nightblade PvE Build – Firesong

By Michel Z2023-01-20

In The Elder Scrolls Online, not all the Nightblades are sweaty players who have to master perfect timing. In this guide, Exploration Gaming ESO shows you how to build a Nightblade that can play a simple rotation and stand toe-to-toe with some of the meanest Bosses in the game. 


Build Stats


Maximum Magicka: 31067

Maximum Health: 25655

Maximum Stamina: 18781


Magicka Recovery: 1242

Health Recovery: 1411

Stamina Recovery: 1076


Spell Damage: 3629

Spell Critical: 58.4%

Spell Penetration: 5395


Weapon Damage: 3211

Weapon Critical: 58.4%

Physical Penetration: 5395


Spell Resistance: 18283

Critical Resistance: 1320


Physical Resistance: 14653


Attributes: 64 Points to Magicka

Race: Khajiit, but any other Race will also work.

Mundus Stone: The Thief

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls. You can also use any Health and Magicka food.

Potions: Blue Essence of Health (aka. Tri-Stat Potion)

Essence of Health Potion

Essence of Health Potion



You will want to use Heavy Attacks as much as possible. Doing this will keep your resources high, and it's easier for most players to deal with. The build gives you loads of extra time, so you won't be button-smashing like a new player.


Gear Setup


Five-Piece Sets

The build also needs two 5-piece sets: Bahraha's Curse and Hexos' Ward. Both sets are very affordable if you just want to buy them. That allows you to get your Nightblade up in no time.

Bahraha's Curse and Hexos' Ward


The first 5-piece set is Bahraha's Curse. It is an Overland set that drops from Hew's Bane, and you can buy it from Guild Traders with ESO gold. Any five pieces of this set will work in this build. The set heals and does DoT when it procs. As a semi-hybrid set, it will work both offensively and defensively for your character. 


The second set is Hexos' Ward. This is a fantastic Overland set found in Deadlands and on Guild Traders. The 5-piece Hexos' Ward provides you with a neverending, gigantic Shield. 

Special Items

Oakensoul Ring: This Mythic item grants 17 total buffs, including Major Sorcery, Major Brutality, and Major Savagery. Oakensoul Ring is a perfect item for a one-bar build.


Iceheart (Monster set): The 1-piece Iceheart gives extra Critical Chance. The weight doesn't matter, but you'll want to transmute it to the Divines Trait, and the Enchantment should be Magicka. This is true with all your body armor – Divines Traits and Magicka Enchantments



You need a Lightning Staff with Precise Trait and Shock Enchantment.


Skill Setup

Lotus Fan immediately transports you into the action, dealing Magic damage, then clicking off DoT damage for additional damage over 20 seconds. It also hits all nearby enemies.


Crippling Grasp gives the enemy immediate Magica Damage hit, then additional damage over 20 seconds. It also decreases enemy Movement Speed.


Funnel Health deals damage and heals you or two other nearby allies for 60% of the damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. It's also nice for the Healing it gives to your Companion. 


Unstable Wall of Storms is a standard skill in many builds that use Destruction Staffs. Like Funnel Health, this skill lasts 10 seconds. It clicks off 1,000 damage every second for 7 seconds, then explodes, dealing more Shock Damage. 


Merciless Resolve lasts a whopping 40 seconds. It increases Weapon and Spell Damage with every hit and can convert to Assassin's Will, which deals an impressive number of Magic Damage while healing you for 50%, as long as you stand close to the Boss. 


Thunderous Rage is your Ultimate skill. While you are using a Lightning Staff, the skill lasts for 9 seconds and deals damage every 1 second. 



All Racial Passives

All Assassination Passives

All Siphoning Passives

All Destruction Staff Passives

All Light Armor Passives, especially the Prodigy, which increases your Weapon and Spell Critical rating for each piece of Light Armor equipped.


Champion Points

Below are some of the most important CPs for this build:



Thaumaturge (Slot)

Deadly Aim (Slot)

Biting Aura (Slot)

Fighting Finesse (Slot)


Thaumaturge gives extra DoT damage. You will also need Deadly Aim, Biting Aura, and Fighting Finesse for extra Crit damage and Healing. 



Rejuvenation (Slot) 

Boundless Vitality (Slot)

Bastion (Slot)

Siphoning Spell (Slot)


Rejuvenation grants Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery. 

Boundless Vitality increases your Max Health, which is important for the armor procs you need. 

Bastion increases the effectiveness of the Damage Shield Hexos' Ward gives. 

Siphoning Spells helps you with the Magicka sustain. 



As for the Craft tree, nothing here affects this build. But you can use Steed's Blessing for extra non-combat speed. Plentiful Harvest and Master Gatherer will also be helpful if you are planning to farm resources. Lastly, if you love finishing plans, the Homemaker is a good choice because it gives you a 10% chance of getting a second furnishing plan whenever you find a furnishing plan.



Amber is a good DPS Companion for this build, but you can choose any Companion you like. 


This build is very simple to play. During the combat, you can stand in the red, keeping all the skills ticking down while doing Heavy Attacks. It is especially effective against small groups of enemies. With this build, you can solo the Craglorn group areas without any difficulty. 


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