• Things You Can Achieve in the First Week of Albion
    By Michel Z2017-08-01 00:00:00

    MmoGah goes on sharing knowledge with beginners in Albion Online. Your first week goals:

    1. Play your first expedition

    Expeditions are instanced dungeon experience where you play solo or in a group (group expeditions start at T4 in the next city). You will not get as much benefits as you did in open world dungeons. However they are a safe way to get fame. Additionally, you’ll get a daily bonus for each expedition.



    Requirements for T3 solo expedition

    · You need to have an item power of at least 250. Item Power Article

    · Wearing a full T3 armor set can give you easily above 330 item power

    · You must have unlocked the first Reaver node on the Destiny Board


    2. Go into a (solo) open world dungeon 

    If you want to be faster instead of doing expeditions, you can go into the open world dungeons which you can find everywhere in Albion. Most of them are suited for solo players as well, especially in the Tier 3 zones. They have a green shine on the world map while the group dungeons have a blue shine.



    3. Unlock T4 weapons and armor

    Now you have all the tools you need to reach the important Tier 4 level, from this level on, your Albion really begins!



    Unlocking Tier 4

    · Tier 4 is the most significant Tier for new players

    · Tier 4 weapons have almost all important spells available to them

    · There are only a few weapons which unlock new spells on higher tiers, most of the weapons are the same, they just do more damage


    4. Buy a T3 mount and your T4 armor and weapon set

    It is a good first step when you have acquired the t2 mount from the starter tutorial , but you should now save some money for at least a T3 horse. T3 horse is faster and it will save your life and time. Time is money, this is one of the best investments you can make. As written in the second day article, you can buy your gear from the player markets now. 


    5. Move your stuff into the next city 

    The starter cities have preplaced system buildings which craft staff to Tier 3 only. There might be people who go down to the starter cities to sell their Tier 4 gear at the local markets, but it’s better for you to move on and get into one of the 5 major cities on the royal islands. From here on all crafting stations are made by players, but they might charge you a silver fee for using them!



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