• Understanding Faction Ranks and Rewards of Albion Online
    By Ansley2021-04-23 00:00:00

    The faction warfare system of Albion Online offers many outstanding rewards. Achieving higher ranks unlocks better rewards.



    The video about faction ranks and rewards comes from Albion Online. You can watch it at your convenience. If you don’t have time to watch the video, check out the excerpt below:


    About Faction Ranks

    Anytime you earn faction points, you will improve your standing with your faction. As your standing improves, you can be promoted to higher ranks.


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    Buying Faction Rewards

    If you are in higher ranks, you can unlock better rewards at your faction master. For example, when you are at the lowest ranks with the bridgewatch faction, the only faction crest that you can purchase is Adept’s Bridgewatch Crest, which allows you to create tier 4 capes. Once you reach the guard rank, you can begin to purchase Expert’s Bridgewatch Crest for use in making tier 5 capes and so on.


    Gaining Faction Points

    As your rank increases, you also begin to gain increased faction points just by doing the same activities you always do: gathering, fishing, PvPbattle, PvE battle.


    Switching to Another Faction

    Switching to another faction needs more consideration if you don’t want to reduce current faction ranks. When you enlist in another faction, you may be demoted by losing some of your ranks that you give up. So switching to another faction is not a casual thing. Whether to change factions depends on how eagerly your new faction attracts you.


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    About Rewards


    Understanding Faction Capes Abilities

    In addition to the benefits of regular capes, faction capes have unique abilities that make you stronger. Each faction cape has a different ability which improves for higher-tiered capes. For example, Adept’s Bridgewatch Cape can create a sandstorm that slows and weakens enemies. Adept’s Fort Sterling Cape can remove movement impairing and debuff effects from you.


    Creating Elite Mounts

    Your faction master can exchange your faction points for baby animals if your rank is high enough. These animals can be raised on personal islands and crafted into mounts. Tier 5 animals create special faction mounts, and tier 8 animals create elite faction battle mounts.


    Tier 8 elite battle mounts include two unique abilities each. You can ride these mounts and use their Q ability regardless of your current faction status. You can also use the W ability to dismount, and you must be flagged for the correct faction. Likewise, the area of effect buffs granted by the W ability can only affect allies who are flagged. For example, Bridgewatch Elite Terrorbird, the Q ability of it provides two sudden bursts of acceleration, which very briefly makes you immune to damage; the W dismount ability - desert breeze grants nearby allies a bonus to movement speed.


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