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New Mounts and New Mount Skins of Albion Online

If you have ever played Albion Online, you might have got your own favorite mounts. Whether the mounts are normal or rare, they are as precious as assets that you've worked hard to build up. The Call to Arms update of Albion Online brings many new mounts and mount skins. You need to pay more attention to this kind of news to wait for a chance of getting a new mount or a new mount skin.


Here's a showcase of the cool new mounts and mount skins.


Hell Mare Is a New Riding Horse Skin

Hell Mare is a mount skin that you can purchase as long as you have enough Albion Online Silver.  It turns any riding horse base mount in your account into a flaming horse as a hell beast that came back from hell. Isn't the effect amazing and magical? It doesn't matter if you don't have enough Albion Silver. You can come to MmoGah to find cheap Albion Online Silver.


new mount skin hell mare


Moose Is a New Cervidae Mount

If you can spot a hidden moose in forest zones and successfully kill it, you will have a chance to get the dropped moose calves. If one of the moose calves belongs to you, it will become your mount when you raise it into an adult, and it can use the stag mount skins. Will you immediately go to Albion Online's forest zones for moose?


new mount moose


new mount moose skin


luxury Cart Is a New Transport Oxen Skin

If you have a transport oxen category mount, you can't miss the referral season. You can turn your transport oxen into a luxury cart as soon as you invite a friend to play. Make sure you invite your friend before June 1st. Don't miss it.


new mount skin luxury cart


Do you remember the referral season last time? If you had the Swift Claw of the rare mount and invited a friend to play, your Swift Claw could turn into charming Lynx. If you miss the Lynx mount skin, then don't miss the chance to get the luxury cart this time. Be sure to invite a friend by June 1st.


new mount skin


Albion Online has brought us a lot of joy. You can stay tuned to MmoGah for more Albion news.

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