Understanding Faction Transport Missions of Albion Online

By Ansley2021-05-05

When you enable your faction flag in Albion Online, the faction master will offer you contracts to transport merchandise to a distant smuggler. To complete these contracts successfully, you must make them all the way to the smuggler with your merchandise and then make them all the way back to your faction master in one piece. Being knocked down or killed by enemy faction members causes you to lose the merchandise and fail the mission. If you succeed, the faction will offer valuable city hearts as a reward to you in exchange for these risky trade missions.


The official website of Albion Online brings a specialized video for you to explain faction transport missions.



Accepting a Trade Mission

1. Enable your faction flag.

2. Click the faction master again.

3. Click the trade missions tab of the interface.

4. See the available trade mission contracts.

5. Select the contracts to accept.

  (1). The more valuable a contract reward is, the more cost you accept.

  (2). The more valuable a contract reward is, the heavier weight your cargo must carry.

6. Make sure to bring a sturdy mount with you.

  (1). The cargo that you will be carrying is very heavy.

  (2). If the weight of the cargo would cause you to exceed 100 weight, you can not accept the mission.


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Transporting the Merchandise

The cargo will be transferred to your inventory as soon as you click accept button. Then the cargo icon will circle around your character so everyone can see that you are carrying faction cargo. Besides, the members of enemy factions can earn city hearts just for defeating you. Because the number of icons increases for more valuable contracts, so these icons are like a dinner bell to the enemy. As the more valuable your cargo is, the more city hearts they can earn.


In the Cases Below, You Can Not Receive Your Rewards:

1. Disable your faction flag.

2. Drop your cargo.

    However, you do have the option to salvage your cargo to recover a portion of your original investment.


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Mission Destination

The mission description tells you the names of the regions where you can deliver the cargo. Then you can take the cargo to any destination that is listed in the description. At any time, you can click your destination region on the world map to see a region map.


Using Map:

1. Press “M” for the world map.

2. Click your destination region on the world map.

3. Go to the location where the yellow question mark on the region map is.


When you reach the location of the smuggler, the smuggler will exchange cargo with you. And you will also receive a temporary invisibility buff to help you to get away from the smugglers’ camp without being seen by members of enemy factions.


Needing Attention Matters:

1. The buff effect is only 20 seconds.

2. Make sure you use the buff and leave the area as quickly as you can.


If you come back to your city with the return cargo, you will speak to your faction master to receive your reward.


Tips on Completing the Mission

1. Don’t stop for anything.

2. Stay off the roads to avoid encountering enemy faction members.

3. Watch the mini-map to avoid large enemy faction nearby.

4. Choose a heavy payload mount.

5. Group up with other members of your faction who are going to the same destination.


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