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  • What Should You Do in Second Day Adventure in Albion Online
    By Michel Z2017-07-30 00:00:00

    Welcome to your second day adventure in Albion Online. MmoGah goes on sharing knowledge for your journey. After having Tier 2 gear, we are going to progress towards to T3. Here is the fastest way to do that.


    1. Get all T2 tools

    Our goal is to get all Tier 2 tools available to us, so we can gather T3 resources. Therefore we need to do 2 things:

    First: We need to unlock Trainee Gatherer.

    We do this by gathering T2 resources worth 240 Fame, and since gathering 1 T2 resource gives you 1 fame, we need to gather 240 T2 resources.

    Second: We need to unlock Journeyman Refiner. We do this by refining T2 resources for 240 fame. Then we have to find the exact position of the toolmaker and craft all 5 T2 tools.

    Now we are ready to move on to Tier 3!

    Crafting Information:

    To craft all 5 T2 tools you need 30 Birch Planks and 10 Copper Bars.


    2. Choose what you want to play (your build)

    Generally, Tier 4 is relatively easy unlocked. So you can’t make any mistakes when picking a build since you can easily switch later on. We will recommend you a build here but you can experiment or pick a different build. On the Albion website you can find a character builder. Within it you can find many different builds. Do not worry that most of these builds are higher tier gear, Tier 4 and Tier 6 are in many cases very similar weapons, only a few have different spells on a higher tier.

    Recommended Build:

    We recommend you a basic damage dealer build which is solid: Tier 4 Great Firestaff Build

    Special Task:

    Take your time and find the T4 items mentioned in our recommended build above.

    Make sure to understand the requirements needed to unlock these. And then take a look at the T3 items you need to unlock before that.


    3. Unlocking T3 weapons and armor

    You need to kill monsters of Tier 2 or higher while wearing the following gear.



    Actually you just need to wear the chest to unlock the T3 Cloth Armor node. But we suggest you to wear all of it because you will kill MOBs faster and get used to the system. Remember, later on shoes will unlock higher shoes, head pieces will unlock higher head pieces and so on.



    IMPORTANT: Unlocking these nodes are just examples for this guide. You can unlock any other combination you feel comfortable with.


    4. Gather the necessary T3 resources for that build

    You should be able to find out how many resources you need. There are also plenty of articles in this knowledge base which might help you. If you follow our build mentioned above you need the following resources:

    32 Neat Cloth (T3)

    16 Chestnut Planks (T3)

    8 Bronze Bars (T3)


    5. Understanding Silver Farming or Crafting gear for yourself

    So far we stayed self sufficient and independent, we gather and craft all the resources for ourselves. But unlocking crafting gets extremely expensive later on. You may start considering about killing monsters regularly to earn silver. This can be more efficient for you in getting new gear which you will unlock during your adventure. Albion Online has a healthy player economy where you can buy all items from the player markets. 

    Secret Sauce:

    Craft a bag for yourself! It will significantly improve the amount you can carry.


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