• Top FAQ by First-Time RuneScape Gold Buyers
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    For those players who are tired of grinding, buying RuneScape gold is the matter they most want to do. But the security usually outweighs the price. Asking the right questions and doing some research before paying for your first order is essential. Here are answers to first-time RS gold buyers' most frequently asked questions.



    1. Will I Get Banned for Buying RuneScape gold?

    This is probably the most often asked question. I can tell you that since we added RuneScape gold (OSRS gold and RS3 gold) to our store, no customer has been banned for buying RuneScape gold from us so far.



    2. Is This Website Legit? Will I Receive My RuneScape gold?

    Established in 2006, MmoGah has been engaged in this business for over ten years. When searching for RuneScape gold on Google, you'll find that MmoGah is ranked as one of the top sellers on the first page. MmoGah also ranks high for many other popular games' currency, item, and power leveling services.



    Our reviews speak themselves: bizratesurveysOwnedcoreEpicnpcPowerbot, and Trustpilot. So MmoGah is a legit place for both RuneScape gold and RuneScape accounts


    3. How Do I Buy RuneScape gold?

    Just head over to the RuneScape gold page, pick the amount you wish to buy, and make the payment → How to Place an Order and Receive Your RuneScape Gold Safely



    4. How Does the Gold Trade Work?

    You can contact us via Livechat/email, and we'll tell you where you are going to trade with the supplier. Remember that DO NOT give your gold back to anybody after you receive it. 

    Contact us:

    24/7 Livechat 


    5. Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    G2APay, BitCoin, Payssion, Western Union, WeChat Pay, AliPay......At MmoGah, there are more than 200 payment methods for you to choose.



    6. How to Get My RuneScape gold Safely?

    Firstly, for Old School RuneScape gold buyers, you should turn off Your Private Chat and Public Chat When Trading OSRS gold. Secondly, for both Old School RuneScape gold and RuneScape 3 gold buyers, you should always keep in mind that: 

    1. Please don't give your RS gold to anyone for any reason, even if you think that man is the one who delivered the gold to you.

    2. Please don't share any of your account or personal information (phone number/email address/account name/password) with anybody in the game for any reason.  

    3. MmoGah doesn't talk with customers in the game, so do not talk about gold with anyone except our online customer service staff. Our 24/7 Live Chat is the ONLY SAFE place to deal with your order.

    4. Make sure you leave the trade location as soon as possible after you receive your gold.



    7. How Long Is the Delivery Time?

    Most of our customers can receive their RS gold within 10 minutes once the verification is completed and payment is confirmed.



    8. What If You Are Out of Stock? What Is Your Refund Policy?

    We are rarely short of gold. However, if the gold you paid for is out of stock and you don't want to wait any longer, we will deal with the refund at once upon your request before delivery. See more details of the refund policy here.



    9. I Still Have An Unanswered Question!

    If there's any question not covered by this FAQ article, then please do not hesitate to talk with our 24/7 online customer service staff through Live Chat.  



    MmoGah also shares many good money-making guides and training methods for you, so it will be a good idea to bookmark our RS news page for more information related to OSRS gpRS3 gold, and OSRS accounts.




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