• Archeage Unchained Akasch Invasion's Helpful News

    By Anna2021-03-18

    Hi there, We have an Archeage Unchained event to tell you. Akasch Invasion is coming on March 25, and this will be incredibly ferocious. Recently, we heard that something was coming for archeage unchained, which prompting more trepidation than curiosity. There is no need to worry that our MmoGah website will share the valuable news we have collected to help you defeat the enemy.


    What Is Going on with the Akasch Invasion?


    The update will be available on March 25. It is a big update, just after the final land rush from the recent server merges. The notable additions are a new zone, new quests, new raid, new chronicle, and the Gunslinger skillset. Also, after the upcoming Akasch Invasion expansion, the archeage unchained narrative will go on.


    The fantastical online role-playing world of the archeage unchained will receive a challenging new skillset. In the Akasch Invasion expansion, brave heroes can face the dangers of Erenor in archeage and its unchained version with new abilities. The more exciting thing is that you will have the opportunity to participate in these challenging tasks. Please be brave enough to face the new region's dangers, and then you can find it is so cool!


    The Details of the Akasch Invasion


    In the western parts of Auroria, an ancient enemy emerges in the Ipnya Ridge. Players can explore this new zone with the help of their companions Ardios and Lauryla and join forces with players from all factions to face their foes in the Akasch Invasion. Although there is not much to gain from victory, if you fail, you could not protect Erenor from these forces, which may lead to terrible consequences.


    It is also a new story quest that will introduce players to the ancient history of the Nuon, a fallen civilization of honorable dragon hunters, and the Warborn race's descendants. In the far west of the continent Auroria, danger looms on the horizon. Behind the Mysthrane Gorge, a new area has been uncovered in which players can participate in thrilling Akash Invasion raids or explore the secrets of a new story quest. Ipnya Ridge is not for the faint-hearted ones and should only be explored by adventurers who deem themselves strong enough to face its perils.


    So, daring heroes can immerse themselves in a new chronicle, the Nuon Dragon War. And unveil the truth behind the sudden changes in the Karkasse Ridgelands while discovering the extinct Nuon race's history. Do note that this will be paid content for archeage unchained players, though it's free over on regular archeage servers. If you want to buy in advance, the pre-orders are expected to go live friday.


    New Gunslinger Skillset Will Be Introduced into the Game


    It's fantastic, and it's an excellent breakthrough. Players who are tired of watching how many arrows are left in their quivers might want to look at the new ranged skillset Gunslinger. Their enemies will stand no chance against their shiny new rifles, which will be introduced to the game for the first time.


    The New Gunslinger Skillset Details


    The New Gunslinger Skillset Details


    Players who enjoy fighting from a distance, but are tired of stringing their bows, now have a chance to transform themselves into a ruthless, rifle-wielding adventurer. The new Gunslinger skillset combines potent range attacks with various critical debuffs, which are guaranteed to give you an edge in combat. It also combines with any of the existing skillsets, and it introduces 66 new classes to explore.


    Fan Art Contest - Will Receive Their Very Own Pre-Order Version of the Akasch Invasion DLC Pack


    The Details of the Fan Art Contest

    A brand new competition has started on March 15, 2021. You must ask, it has been several days, will we still have a chance? The answer is yes because this event will continue until March 29. If you are interested, you can participate in a fan art contest and show off your best and most creative illustrations. It doesn't matter whether it is digital art or traditional art, painting or freehand drawing because it is a unique work of your Gunslinger Skillset! The Gunslinger skillset is easily recognizable by its powerful rifles – rifles that Morpheus used after his awakening. And now we want to see your character wielding these rifles in action!


    The Participation Method of Fan Art Contest

    You can use the Gunslinger skill set and Shotgun weapons to create illustrations of your characters, then submit them to their Twitter, Facebook Posts, and so on. You can enter as often as you like, but please keep in mind that you will only receive one prize if you win. Don't worry, and no one leaves without a reward of some kind! Every participant of the Fan Art contest will receive a Participation Prize, so you must provide your character and server names.


    The Benefits You Can Get of the Fan Art Contest

    This is the reward for the winner introduced by the official website of the archeage unchained.

    The top 5 winners will receive their very own Pre-Order version of the Akasch Invasion DLC Pack for ArcheAge Unchained OR the Pre-Order version of the Akasch Invasion Packages for ArcheAge. The package is of the winner's choice and will be granted to the account specified by them. Participants of the event will receive 2x Admin's Handmade Candy on the account provided if they had entered with their character and server names on their entry.


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