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Archeage Gold & Archeage Unchained Gold for Sale - Trustworthy AA Gold & AAU Gold Shop

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Buying ArcheAge Gold and ArcheAge Unchained Gold Delivery Methods

Mailbox: We will mail gold to you via Mailbox in the game, which is fast.

Notice: When placing an order, please select the faction you belong to since gold cannot be mailed between different factions. For example, if you belong to the West faction, you can only receive gold mailed from the West faction.

Auction House: You can trade via Auction House only if your character reaches level 55. Once we have bought your item(s), the Auction House will keep 10% of the charge, that is to say, you will get 90% of what you actually bought.

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About ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained

ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by South Korean company XLGames, which was released in Korea on January 15, 2013. ArcheAge Unchained is a brand new server for ArcheAge with a buy-to-play version, and it was launched on Steam and Glyph on October 15, 2019. Both games were taken over by another South Korean internet company Kakao on December 2nd, 2021, which undoubtedly injects more vitality into the game and makes players’ possibilities even more endless.

In AA (short for ArcheAge), players will enter a fantasy world, and from there, everything is up to them, from what character to play, where to go and what to do. ArcheAge also offers naval combat where players have to secure trade routes or engage in sea-land battles. Ships need to be built and equipped with weaponry and manpower and fights can be between players or against sea monsters.

Compared with AA, AAU (short for ArcheAge Unchained) has a new monetization model that players can buy one of three packs for one payment upfront, so everyone is effectively a Patron in Unchained. There is no plan for carrying characters and items from ArcheAge, so this is another fresh gaming experience. A more interesting thing is that players can travel freely around the epic fantasy world. Pets and gliders with special buffs can be unlocked through gameplay.

About ArcheAge Gold and ArcheAge Unchained Gold

Archeage Gold

Both ArcheAge Gold and ArcheAge Unchained Gold are the main in-game currencies. The game is affected by money even more than other MMO games. This is because it is a Sandpark title that highly values gameplay freedom and player-driven economy. Decisions made by players, their set goals, actions, successes, and failings - all of them affect the in-game economy.

AA Gold is obtained from monsters drops, quests, selling items to NPC or Auction House. AAU Gold can be also earned this way. Both can be used to purchase equipment, cosmetic items, mounts, and other items from the in-game marketplace or unlock the premium ArchePasses. So how to get more gold or where to buy cheap ArcheAge Gold becomes important. Since with enough gold, players can bring their magic and power to a new level. They can buy rare gliders, expand the in-game house, or get unique items, and then satisfy their greatest ambitions in the game, which will make the experience much richer. But farming gold is slow and boring. Instead of wasting time gathering gold, many players choose to buy ArcheAge Gold from MmoGah.

Buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from MmoGah

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You can use member discount, large order discount, and top coupons in one order to save your real money when you place an order.

We highly recommend the Mailbox trading method, which is secure and fast. Our traders are real players who will guarantee a smooth transaction.

1. You can also choose Auction House, but you should put on the relevant item, and it is hard to find your item, which is trouble and error-prone. Moreover, you should pay 5% Auction House trading fee.

2. Trading via Mailbox. You do not need to do anything and afford 5% trading fee. We will mail the gold to you via Mailbox in the game, and you can receive it fast.

We have a large supply of gold to guarantee your Fast Delivery. We will try our best to complete your orders as fast as possible after we have received and verified your payment. Most orders will be finished in 30 minutes.

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