• How to Make Gold in Archeage Unchained
    By Anna2021-08-20 00:00:00

    Gold makes every MMO world run, and the world of Archeage Unchained is no different in this regard. In fact, it is affected by money even more than other "standard" titles. This is because Archeage Unchained is a Sandpark title that highly values gameplay freedom and a player-driven economy. In this guide, MmoGah aims to introduce you to the basic Archeage Unchained Gold making methods. Hopefully, it will help you learn how to take your moneymaking skills to the next level.



    Plant Trees

    The first thing I did to make gold is I plant trees around my farms. And I plant 60 cedar trees on my farms, which cost me 15 gold, and then I make about 40 gold profit on these. It takes me five minutes to cut them down, and it's even quicker to plant them. And then I also plant a few around my house, by which I got 40 gold every day, and that's an easy one to do. You might get a fun Destructor every now and then, and you can also get Hardwood, which can sell for a little more, but you need to check the prices before you sell.


    Archeage Unchained Plant Trees


    Cargo Runs

    The next thing that I do is Cargo runs. I do one of these a day on my two characters, so I'll do this on my alt character as well. You come to the cargo ship, which is Nuia-Two Crowns, or Solis Headlands. You'll hop aboard, and you need to get a family for this because there are 20 Arcs Archeum that you get from this, which is what we're going to be selling by the end. Now again, a lot of the items that you get in this are useful for crafting, and this is good for your costumes, so upgrade them. But you can just sell them, especially if you don't need them right now. So I make about 10 gold one day. You make that 45 gold profit on this as well. Because you also have to buy the pack which is 27 gold, and then you also need to buy protection, which you can do for gold or vocation, and I tend to do for the vocation, but you probably should do it for gold because you can save that vocation. Also, before anyone is on the cargo ship, make sure you're sitting down on a seat or holding on to someone; otherwise, people can push you off using the Cells of their ships. I think they may be adding more seats, or they're going to do something to prevent this in the future.


    Archeage Unchained Cargo Runs




    Howling Abyss

    The next thing is dungeons. So I'm going to talk about the normal Howling Abyss. Go through to the first boss in Howling Abyss, and kill him, then the first boss will drop a piece of jewelry. You also get some Moonlight and some Sunlight along the way. They're not worth as much, but it is there. They go for 15 gold minimum, so one quick run is 15 gold. If you fight more mobs, you can get more than 15 gold. You could even potentially get more accessories in there as well. If you're lucky, one of the mobs or the boss itself might also drop one as well. That's something I do every day because you need to do that for the Hiram MarineQuest line, but if you're done with that, just sell it. It's an extra 100 Archeage Unchained Gold a day, so that's what I like to do.


    Hereafter Rebellion

    The next instance that I want to talk about is Hereafter Rebellion. I have some tips and tricks for it. I still struggle with all those dungeons to this day, and I feel like this dungeon is actually a bit of a breeze as a Healer. So if you're a Healer, you should be fine. But it's still a bit of a pain even with my legendary buff, and I need to be mythic soon. In this dungeon, there is Starlight Archeum Shard that will drop when you kill the mist. Those towers you kill will drop Starlight Archeum Shard, and they also have a chance to drop a Sunglow Lunagem and the big Cats Bolts in there. There are the big enemies who have a high chance to drop some Glow Lunagems and Starlight Archeum, so they will net you quite a bit at all. So it's a good amount, and you can get multiple throughout this dungeon if you're looking.


    Results of the Library

    The last instance is Results of the Library, which you should be doing daily anyway if you can get. It is hard to get a group. But why everyone is getting really good is because you get these Bissell Libraries and scraps. All in all, you will get three or four once you've done all your runs, and you can use these for Awakening Scrolls, or you can just fend them off, and they go for 70 gold, so that's just an extra 70 gold in your pocket. On top of that, the bosses in there have a high chance of dropping some Glowing Gems. If you want a roll on that, that's for 70 gold. So if you get all of that, that's 140 gold. If you get one in Hereafter Rebellion as well, that's 210 gold. It all starts to add up throughout the day.


    Having Alts on the Same Accounts

    The last thing I'm going to be talking about is having alts on the same accounts. If you have one and get it to level 30, you have access to the ArchePass on that character.


    Archeage Unchained Character


    There are a lot of benefits. You have the fortune boxes first, which can give you anywhere from 20 to 100 gold. I think I got 100 gold at one point, and that was really nice because it's just an old character. Go for that, get your character to level 30, and just send it to the farm. You can go on craft axes, just keep refreshing your missions until you get used labor as the mission, or what I like to do is I've used mission, then when I get on a potion, I'll swap it until I gain files. And then what you can do with all this honor that you'll still get from the ArchePass is that you can buy the honor Lunagems and sell them. They go for 150 gold minimum right now. It is nice. You're also getting diligence from these characters as well. So you can then spend the diligence on Multi Wagon tickets. We're going for 100 gold before this ArchePass, but the issue of the ArchePass right now is that it's giving away Multi Wagon tickets for free, so the price of them has gone down slightly. I would recommend going for expansion scrolls right now because the ones they give on this ArchePass are actually bound. Then you can sell them. They're probably going to be up in price, I imagine.


    Also, the most content of this article also comes from Zanrise's video. If you are interested, you can follow his channel.



    If you don't play regularly, you can do your daily library run, instead of Hiram dailies, and get a full set of library gear though it is a lot more expensive.


    They aren't the most efficient, but they're rather lazy and easy ways to make gold, so I hope you all enjoy them. Besides, our website has cheap Archeage Unchained Gold for sale. Become our VIP member, and you can enjoy even greater discounts.