How to Upgrade Gear in Archeage Unchained

By Anna2021-07-30

Today MmoGah is going to show you how to upgrade your armor and your weapons in ArcheAge Unchained. This took us a long time to figure out, and we finally got the idea of how this works, so we wanted to share this with you. Let's go directly to the topic now.


As you're leveling up, you're going to be doing the race quest line.


Archeage Unchained Race Quest Line


Then you will land up getting pieces of gear that you're going to use to upgrade and you can then select your equipment here.


Archeage Unchained Meeting Haman


The only way you can get the stats you want is to break stuff apart a lot and then remake it repeatedly until you get the stats you want. So to get those, you have to come to the main hub.  Depending your race, it's all different. I'm in the Solis Headlands. This is for Austria.


Archeage Unchained Solis Headlands


So in here, you can get the weapon merchants and armor merchants. For the armor merchants, it doesn't matter which set you pick, and you can pick which one you want.


Archeage Unchained Shop


With armor, when you open a box, it's going to give you the full set of the whole armor. So we would hold back on doing the armor until you finish your weapon first.


When you go to the weapon, you can pick either a one-handed weapon or a two-handed. For me, I'm going with a two-handed. And then open up the chest and pick which one you want. I'm going with the Greatclub because I wanted the Healing Power.


Archeage Unchained Greatclub


So you go ahead and uncloak it.


Archeage UNchained Synthesis Materials


In your inventory, you're going to need these Synthesis Materials. This will be the most important thing that you're going to be getting while you're questing. As you're doing all these Race Quests, you're going to land up unlocking upgraded versions of those. It just keeps giving you them. These are the things that are important to save. I landed up leading a lot of them when I first started playing because I didn't know about this. So it's not a big deal if you'll end up deleting it as I did. Because you will get a lot along the way. You can see this is rank two.


Archeage Unchained Rank Two


As you keep going, it starts ranking up, and it goes as high as rank three, and then you can use that and keep upgrading your equipment.


So let me show you a little bit about the process behind this. Once you start collecting all these Synthesis Material things, you need to go into your inventory and click "Gear Upgrade." A page will pop up here. Then take your weapon that you just took out of your bags, and put that in there.


Archeage Unchained Go Into Your Inventory


So even if you didn't own the rank ones and go straight into rank two as I did, it's still going to give you rank ones back when you decompose the weapon.


You can see that it goes into a purple weapon, then you can go into Synthesis to Awakening, and you're going to need these scrolls, which are something you also get during your quest line. So you're going to get the rank two, rank three, and so on. This is going to require me to use my rank ones. So I'll go ahead and use the rank one to awaken it.


Archeage Unchained Purple Weapon


Then we got the weapon.


Archeage Unchained Weapon


You'll see the stat on the bottom there. It says intelligence 21.


Archeage Unchained Intelligence 21


That's not what I want personally, which is why we have to decompose it, so to decompose and get the stuff you just used, you need to go to the general merchant. And then you're going to buy these Adventurer's Evenstone as many as you need.


Archeage Unchained Adventurer's Evenstone


And you're going to break apart the weapon and you will get the stuff you just used back, such as the Awakening Scroll and those Synthesis Materials. And you're going to just rinse and repeat, so now I'm just going to buy another one and do it all over again. So it gave me Agility, but I'm trying to get Spirit. So I'm going to break it apart again. Definitely make sure you have a good amount of Archeage Unchained Gold before you start doing this. I think you could probably get away with having ten gold doing these upgrades at least in the early set.


Now we finally got Spirit. I am going to throw it as well as these rank two to Synthesis. So basically, as you're leveling, it will keep giving you a bunch of these, and you can just slap them in as many times as it's going to let you. So it's going to cost me 2 gold and 41 silver, and this gold amount would get larger and larger. But anyway, you have to keep doing this until you awaken it to the right stat you're looking for. So I'm going to awaken it again, following the same process. It landed up giving me Melee Critical Rates.


You can go into "Replace Effects" and change the stat for something else if you want to. Keep in mind that you only get three attempts at it so be careful with this. For example, if you want to change out the Spirit for Melee Critical Rate because you want to do something like Cast Time or Attack Speed. To do this, you have to do your change attempts. Don't waste it and save that for more because it's going to be hard for you to save up enough gold to be able to do this all over again. After all, you have to repeat the process until you get the stats you want, which is also very time-consuming.


 Archeage Unchained Spirit


This is the weapon that I finally got, with reduced cast time and Spirit of 66.


Archeage Unchained The Weapon I Finally Got


I didn't want to upgrade it anymore because if I would have awakened it one more time, I would have to be level 52 to be able to progress it.


Most content of my article comes from ZcriptureZ. You can check his video directly through the link.



Lastly, we sincerely hope that they both help.


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