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  • Archeage Unchained Server Merge Details and Changes
    By Anna2021-03-05 00:00:00

    Archeage Unchained server evolution is scheduled for March 4, 2021. The server evolutions for archeage free-to-play will plan to come shortly after March 11, 2021. Our MmoGah website would like to share these useful things with our favorite you.


    Archeage Unchained Server Merge Details


    Both Arcade unchained and the base arched game will merge.

           NA Servers

    •       ●Jergant, Stena, and Kaylin will be merged to form Akmit.
    •       ● Denistrious, Runert, Tyrenos, and Wynn will be merged to form Marmas.

           EU Servers

    •       ● Belstrom, Crazzian, and Tinnerph will be merged to form Okape.
    •       ● Gildaron, Halnaak, and Alexander will be merged to form Hieronimus.


    • Archeage unchained serve merge changes


    • Archeage Unchained Serve Merge Changes

    The following are some of the changes brought about by the archeage unchained server merge, which we hope can help you.


    The servers merge on a brand new server environment, meaning all players on merged environments will have no land initially. Don’t worry though, all of your fully-built homes/farms/structures will reimburse as full kits. Additionally, for every fully built house or farm, the player will get 250Tax certificates for each house/farm they have.


    Guild leaders will also receive Guild contribution items and Guild Ribbons to restore their Guild Level. These ribbons will be bound and guild level specific: A level 2 ribbon will move a guild from level 1 to 2. Additionally, the Guild Leader will receive Oath Ribbons to make up for any experience that you may have had prior.


    Furniture items in your home will be returned to you via the standard demolition process, and that includes items in chests. Items that are normally not returned due to demolition will be returned to you after the Evolution is completed. Livestock and plants, however, will not be recovered.


    More Information

    Although the initial stage of server integration may bring you some discomfort, we look forward to believing that you will like it soon with your use. If you want to know more, you can subscribe to the game official Website.


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