Elden Ring Items

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Leather Gloves
Academy Glintstone Staff
Aeonian Butterfly *999
Alabaster Lord's Sword
Alberich's Bracers
Alberich's Pointed Hat
Alberich's Pointed Hat (altered)
Alberich's Robe
Alberich's Robe (altered)
Alberich's Trousers
Albinauric Bloodclot *999
Albinauric Bow
Albinauric Mask
Albinauric Shield
Albinauric Staff
All-Knowing Armor
All-knowing Armor (altered)
All-Knowing Gauntlets
All-Knowing Greaves
All-Knowing Helm

Elden Ring Items Delivery Method


This trading method needs to get into Multiplayer Mode.

Here is how Multiplayer Mode works:
Please go to Church of Elleh and set the Multiplayer password to the number showing shown on your payment complete page. If we send a password number to you via email, please set it as your password. Then place a summon sign by Duelist's Furled Finger (recommended) or Tarnished's Furled Finger. Using Duelist's Furled Finger to summon can prevent other players from invading (How to Get Duelist's Furled Finger). Wait for us, and in a while, you will be summoned to our world. When you are in our world, we will drop the items you ordered on the ground. Please pick them up.

● Sometimes due to network reason, you might need restart your PS or Xbox console, then we can see your sign.
● Due to game mechanics, players can only drop up to 8 items. When the ninth one is dropped, the first one will be gone.

What Do Elden Ring Items Mainly Include

Elden Ring Items

Elden Ring items contain a variety of types of items, including Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Materials, Shields, Ammunition, Talismans, etc. If you want to go further in the game, you are required to collect more items, craft materials, key items, consumables, ammunition, cookbooks, etc.


These are the main sources of damage and help you to inflict damage against enemies and bosses. Elden Ring weapons include daggers, swords, axes, spears, flails, hammers, greatswords, blades, bows, staffs, seals, etc. Each weapon has its own stats, moveset, special effects, and Ashes of War that can be applied to enhance them.


These are the pieces of equipment that protect you from physical and elemental damage. Elden Ring armor includes helmets, chest pieces, gloves, boots, capes, etc. Each Armor has its own defense, weight, and special effects. You can also customize the appearance of some armor with the Tailoring Tools.


These are the items that can be used to restore health and stamina, buff or debuff yourself or enemies, remove status effects, etc. Consumables include healing potions, fire pots, throwing darts, perfumes, cracked pots, ritual pots, etc. You can craft Consumables with Crafting Tools and Materials or buy them from merchants.

Crafting Tools and Materials

These are the items that allow you to craft various consumables and status removers from your start menu. Crafting Materials can be found throughout the Lands Between or obtained from enemies and merchants.

What Are the Ways to Get Elden Ring Items

There are several ways to get Elden Ring items, depending on the type and rarity of the item. Some of the common methods are:

Looting from Enemies and Bosses

The drop rate and quality of the items may vary depending on the difficulty and type of the enemy or boss. Some enemies and bosses may drop unique or legendary items that are not available elsewhere. For example, you can get the Bolt of Gransax, a spear and one of the legendary armaments, by defeating the Storm King in Stormhill.

Looting from Chests and Corpses

Chests and corpses may contain various items in Elden Ring, such as weapons, crafting materials, key items, etc. Some chests and corpses may be hidden or locked, requiring you to explore or use certain keys to access them. For example, you can find a Memory Stone, an item that increases your memory slots, in a chest at the topmost belfry in The Four Belfries.

Buying from Merchants

Many items can also be bought from various merchants that you encounter in the game. Merchants may sell different items, such as armor, consumables, crafting tools, remembrances, multiplayer items, etc. Some merchants may also offer you unique items or services that are not available elsewhere.

Crafting with Materials

Man items can also be crafted with materials that you collect or buy in the game. Crafting can be done from your start menu using the Crafting Tools. Crafting materials can be used to make consumables. For example, you can craft a Fire Bomb with one Fire Ore and one Cracked Pot.

Enhancing with Materials

Many items Elden Ring can also be enhanced with materials that you collect or buy in the game. Enhancing materials include smithing stones, runes, ashes of war, etc., that can be used to improve the damage, durability, and special effects of your weapons and gear. For example, you can enhance your sword with a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to increase its physical damage and add a dark effect.

Why Buy Elden Ring Runes/Items

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How to Buy Elden Ring Runes/Items on MmoGah

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4. Select your payment method and pay it. After that, leave the rest to us; we will take care of everything.

How to Receive Elden Ring Runes/Items Fast and Easily

Face-to-Face Trade Method

1. Go to the Church of Elleh. Please leave your sign in an open area, not in a haystack or corner!

2. Input the Multiplayer Password that shows on your payment complete page or in the email that we send to you before delivery.

3. Use the Duelist's Furled Finger (recommended) or Tarnished's Furled Finger to place a summon sign on the ground. Click to check how to get Duelist's Furled Finger.

4. Pick up Elden Ring runes or items we dropped in our world after an invitation.

Please Note: When the rune's number reaches the limit of your inventory, the exceeding ones will go to your Sort Chest automatically.