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How does Talent System Work in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Talents are special abilities that can be chosen to augment your character. Talents are class-specific, and a majority of choices depend on specialization. Talents offer a further level of customization beyond class and specialization selection, and can be changed very easily and cheaply. Talents are limited by levels, with a new tier available each 15 levels for all classes except death knights and demon hunters. Talents may be passive bonuses or active abilities. Each class has its own selection, with 21 talents split over 7 tiers.


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Some Talents are available, and the rest are greyed out. This is because you first need to assign points to the first tier of talents before proceeding to the next tier of talents. In Tier 1 you can place Talent Points as soon as you reach level 10, in order to unlock Tier 2 requires 5 points in that tree, and each subsequent tier requires an extra 5 points in the tree before being able to put points in the next tier of talents. The 7th tier has only 1 talent and is usually considered an "Ultimate" talent for that tree and is almost very useful.


Talent trees: This is from classic WoW. You start talents which are also prerequisites for later talents deeper into tree and so on. There are many different paths to take in the tree for uniqueness.


Talent rows: This is from current WoW. Every so often as you hit level milestones (level 15, 30, 45, etc), you are given access to a new row of talents to choose from. A talent row has a certain number of talents in it, but you can only choose one of them.


Skill variants: For every skill you have, you eventually gain different variants of that skill to choose from. A basic skill is a fireball. Variant (1) makes that fireball split into 3 fireballs. Variant (2) makes the fireball explode for aoe damage on impact. Variant (3) makes the fireball ignite the target burning them for additional damage over time. You can only choose one variant. This is very similar in style to talent rows except that it is done for every single skill.


There are 21 talents in total but only seven of them are active at a time. The talent system has seven rows with three talents on each row. A class built represents the talent choice that will define a play style. Each row has talents that give various advantages. Some talents unlock an active ability or spell while others provide passive effects. Talents can be categorized based on their advantage.


There are performance increasing talents that boost damage for DPS classes or increase healing for healer characters. Tanks can unlock talents that make them more resistant or allow them to generate more aggro. There are also defensive talents that help characters survive in damage. Utility and crowd control talents are of great help as well.


World of Warcraft players can swap talents at their class trainer or by using special items called tomes of tranquil mind. These tomes are crafted by players with inscription profession. They are usually bought from auction house or received as reward. Raiders should always have a few tomes with them during raids because they might want to change their buildings to match the encounter's requirements well. Those who want to find the best talent setup for their role and class can consult fan websites and official World of Warcraft forums.


Once you have assigned a point into a talent, you must click "Learn" to finalize the allocation. Once allocation has been finalized, you cannot retract that point unless you go to your class trainer and ask to relearn your talents. This will reset all of your talents in a tree allowing you to reallocate all of the Talent Points you've earned, so please choose wisely.


Above is guide to talent system work in world of Warcraft, for your reference only. If you have requirement of wow power leveling, please contact us, we can make you satisfy.


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