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Tricks and Skills in World of Warcraft

In the first place World of Warcraft is a pretty basic game. Generally to say, do damage to enemies is the key point. Choose a class fantasy that fits what you like in role play games. Then you will learn more about this in the years ahead.


Go over to the exclamation marks around you (Quests), accept them, read them, look at the map (M), go to the marker indicated and kill/collect/whatever the quest is having you do. Return to the place where you got the quest (Yellow question mark means turn in, gray means uncompleted but in your log). You learn about the lore through questing a little bit, but if you want big pictures or an npc mentions "Old gods" or something like that, go to pedia and research it if it interests you. The rest will come through asking questions.


Dragon Age: Class specializations are in the tables below


Dragon Age

World of Warcraft

1H + Shield Warrior

Protection Warrior

2H Warrior

Arms Warrior or Unholy Death Knight

Dual-Wield Warrior

Fury Warrior or Frost Death Knight


Fury Warrior


Blood Death Knight





Spirit Warrior

Retribution Paladin



Dragon Age

World of Warcraft

Dual Wield Rogue

Rogue or Survival Hunter (Survival doesn't DW, but I feel they are similar in playstyles)

Bow Rogue

Marksmanship Hunter


Outlaw Rogue


Beast Mastery Hunter


Subtlety* Rogue


Assassination Rogue



Dragon Age

World of Warcraft


Arcane Mage


Affliction Warlock


Elemental Shaman, Fire Mage, or Frost Mage

Blood Mage

Warlock or Shadow Priest



Spirit Healer/Creation

Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Monk (Any Healing Spec)

Arcane Warrior

Enhancement Shaman


There are three types of classes in the world: 

Tanks, DPS, and Healers. These are called Roles:

Tanks protect people while holding the boss' attention.

DPS (damage per second) put the hurt on the boss, good dps means the boss dies quicker. DPS are broken down into Range DPS and Melee DPS.

Healers restore the health of players that take damage from the boss/spells.


Class Details (IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE INFORMATION, look up each class and read about them on pedia or world of warcraft head. They are all cool in their own way.)


Specs: Each class has 3 Specs (Specializations), with two exceptions, Druids have 4, and demon hunters have 2. You can switch between specs fluidly, and specs will have an assigned role to them (tank, dps, and healer).


Each class wears different kinds of gear is another note to make. There are four types of gear: Plate (heaviest, strongest), Mail (lighter, but still bulky), Leather (good for mobility), Cloth (lightweight, imbued with magical powers).


Plate Wearers

WARRIORS can tank or melee DPS. They are the class that is hard to kill and their fantasy is the tip of the spear. Arms Warrior (Melee DPS) is a 1 two hander dps spec.


Protection warriors (tanks) carry shields and 1 handed weapons (swords, axes, maces). Fury Warriors (Melee DPS) are the only class/spec capable of dual wielding (double holding) two 2-handed weapons.


PALADINS can be Tanked, Melee DPS, or Healers. These are warriors of the light. Protection Paladins will be (tanks). They carry one handers and shields like warriors, but they throw their shield like captain America.


Retribution paladins (Melee DPS) wield 2 handed weapons. They use a variety of spells to judge their enemies and exorcise demons. Holy Paladins are (Healers) and cleanse folks. They heal allies and do a bit of damage. They carry around a tome full of holy spells.


DEATH KNIGHTS are the army of the dead.

They Tank and Deal Damage. Frost Death Knights (melee DPS) freeze the blood of their enemies. Unholy Death Knights (melee DPS) Plague their enemies. Blood Death Knights (tanks) are compared to vampires, sapping health from their enemy.


Mail Wearers

This is a class that is pure dps. Survival Hunters (melee DPS) Use 2 handed weapons, usually spears, to attack enemies. HUNTERS are a mixture of ranged and melee dps that befriend the animal creatures throughout the world to ally with them.


Marksmanship hunters (range dps) are crack shots. They use rifles and bows to attack. Beast Mastery Hunters (Range dps) focus on the bond between your pet. You still have a gun/bow to attack with, but you command your pet to do damage with you.


SHAMANS are elementalists. Restoration Shamans (healer) will use cleansing waters to restore life, as well as earth to reinforce players. They command the power of earth, wind, fire, and water to heal and do damage to enemies.


Elementalist Shamans (range dps) will use electricity, fire and a variety of elements to do damage. Enhancement Shamans (melee dps) imbue their weapons with the elements to do damage. They “Enhance” their weapons.


Leather Wearers

DRUIDS can be tanks, range dps, melee dps, and Healers. They are shapeshifters, capable of taking on a variety of forms to fulfill certain roles. They use the power of life, sun and moon. Guardian Druids (Tanks) transform into hefty bears to take damage and maul enemies.


Feral Druids (Melee dps) transform into savage big cats to lacerate enemies. Restoration druids (Healers) use nature to heal allies. Balance Druids (Range DPS) transform into Humanoid Owl creatures to use the solar and lunar energies to blast enemies. They can sneak around without being detected through Prowling.


ROGUES are melee dps, and fulfill the thief fantasy. Subtlety (melee dps) sneak around while being undetected and do damage at opportune times. Outlaw (melee dps) are pirates. They will gamble to deal damage and pull out a pistol to blast their enemies. Assassination rogues (melee dps) will poison their victims in a variety of ways, while stabbing them repeatedly.


MONKS (tank, melee, and healer) are the kungfu, nomadic, peaceful, Chi wielders. Brewmaster (tanks) are drunken masters of kungfu. They bob and weave incoherently to dodge attacks and store damage that needs to be drunk away. Windwalker monks (melee dps) are quick fisted, lightning fast damage dealers. Mistweaver monks (healers) use chi, tea, and life energy to mend allies.


DEMON HUNTERS (tank and dps) are the fight fire with fire (figuratively) class. They took in the powers of demons to fight demons. Havoc (melee dps) use their weapons to slice and dice enemies, while invoking demonic special abilities to deal damage. Vengeance (tank) invoke demonic powers to harden their skin and take hits, as well as sap energy from their enemies.


Cloth Wearers

PRIESTS (healers, range dps) are light wielding when holy and discipline, and darkness insanity wielding when shadow. Shadow Priests (Range DPS) Call upon the powers of the old gods, much like cthulu cultists in a lovecraftian style, to call forth tentacles and deal damage to their enemies through shadow magic. Discipline Priests (Healers) casts shields to protect their allies, and suppress their pain. Holy Priests (Healers) bend the light to restore allies.


WARLOCKS are range dps classes. They enslave demons to do their bidding and use a variety of shadowy, fiery spells to do damage. Demonology warlocks (range dps) enhance their demons to do damage to their enemies, while casting curses to deal damage. Destruction warlocks (range dps) just want to watch the world burn. They use fire to desolate the land around them. Affliction warlocks (range dps) are primarily curse driven. They cast a variety of curses to kill their enemies.


MAGES (range dps) are the wizard fantasy. They use a combination of fire, ice, and arcane abilities to deal damage and teleport around the battlefield. Frost Mages (Range dps) call upon frozen water. Arcane Mages (range dps) call upon magical powers. Fire Mages (range dps) use the power of fire to deal damage to enemies.


Creatures do damage in a variety of ways in this world:

There is AOE Damage (Area of Effect), which is usually in the form of a fire on the ground or a spell. There is Physical Damage when taking direct hits from a creature. There is DoT damage (damage over time) where a target will cut you deep and you bleed, or something corrupts you into taking damage over time, or something inflicts you with a disease or poison. Some classes have spells that will "Cure" or "Cleanse" these, while other ways of avoiding this kind of damage is just staying out of the puddles on the ground during a boss fight. Each fight is different in ways, but can be broken down into simple mechanics.


Above is the guide for tricks and skills in world of worcraft, and just for your reference. For more information of World and Warcraft, welcome you to visit Mmogah.com. Also if you have requirement in power leveling and buying wow gold, Mmogah will be your best choice, as they have more than 10 years gaming industry experience and professional customer service staffs, you don’t worry about cheating after making orders.


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