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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Dungeon Leveling Guide

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Two options are available if you want to level up in WOTLK Classic. This article features a complete guide so players can level up by doing Dungeons only.


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Wrath of the Lich King Classic was released on the 26th of September, and players can now travel to the Northrend region again. They will have to do all the grinding to level up their character from the start. The leveling takes some extra time, thanks to this leveling guide and tips. If you have already leveled up your character in World of Warcraft Classic, there is good news that you are already familiar with how leveling works in WoW.


If this is your first time, prepare to embark on this exciting adventure through Northrend. You will also meet new heroes on your leveling journey and earn some WLK Classic gold. There is no need to fast forward because you will eventually level up your character to the max. Pro gamers also recommend that players should enjoy this whole journey. 


Available Leveling Methods

Before you move to the guide, it is important to check other leveling options available in WOTLK Classic, so you have a backup plan.

Questing and dungeons are the two leveling methods in the game. After extensive testing, it is a fact that dungeons are your ticket to level eighty. You can quickly level up without even doing a single quest. Leveling by doing quests is very hard as you have to do the right quest for experience points.


Questing is more enjoyable as you have various options to increase the level while enjoying the game. Each leveling method has its pros and cons, and it's up to your which method you choose. If you can't choose between these methods, the best choice is dungeons because you aren't putting anything at risk and have quests as a backup plan.


Leveling Tips

Before moving to the leveling guide, here are some useful leveling tips to get things in the right order so you don't face any issues on your adventure. Many things can go wrong if you don't use these tips.


1. Take a Break from Leveling

Leveling is a long process in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and you will get bored in maxing out your character in one go. To avoid this, take breaks from leveling every once and then to do something else in the game. Now talking about breaks, you may think you can take a break whenever you want. Well, this isn't how things work out; you have to create a strategy and go according to it.


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If you take too many breaks, the leveling process will take forever, while not taking any breaks at all is also very bad for progress. If you want to max out the character in one go, use flight paths to travel on the game map and do your chores. Resume the leveling process as soon as your character reaches its destination. The auto-run feature also comes in handy in taking a break from the game for a short time, but it is very dangerous as your character can die by falling from a mountain. To use the auto-run feature, press the "Num Lock" key from the keyboard.


2. Consumables and Gear

Weapons are very important in Wrath of the Lick King Classic, especially for some classes. If you are a physical damage dealer, weapons are your best friends as you must hit the enemy hard to kill him. Spell casters also need wands to cast their spells. Wands also fall into the weapon category, and they have one of the highest DPS and don't use the mana at all. Regarding leveling, only a handful of available consumables provide you with buffs.


Food and water are very beneficial consumables for those who want to generate mana and health in the background automatically. They should keep some food in the bag. Without food, regenerating mana and health is extremely difficult and takes time, especially at high levels. Food restores your health, while water generates mana. If you have a Mage friend in WOTLK Classic, you don't have to spend any gold to get food and water. Otherwise, you must go to the market and buy food and water from a vendor with gold.


3. Use Mounts

The game provides an epic mount before you even set foot in Northrend to help you travel quickly. Those who are playing Wrath of the Lich King Classic with a boosted character must manually grind for the mount. You first have to collect the gold and go for epic riding training. After the training ends, you have to buy the epic mount from the market with gold. Your investment in the epic mount is worth it, and you should get one. You can purchase gold as well as fast and cheap WoW WotLK Classic boost from a reliable site.


4. Visit Trainers

You can visit trainers on the game map when leveling your character. Various trainers are available in WOTLK Classic, but you should visit class trainers the most, especially for leveling. Each new level unlocks new skills in the game, and you have to get training to use those skills. Only class trainers can give you the required training for these skills.

It makes your character powerful by increasing damage and healing abilities. Each skill requires a specific trainer, so you have to visit every city to find the right trainer for your skill. To save time, talk to the guard of the city and get information about all the available guards in the city.


Best Dungeons for Leveling in WotLK Classic


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Utgarde Keep

Utgrade Keep is the first dungeon for leveling between level 68 and level 71.


The Nexus

The nexus is the second dungeon for leveling between level 71 and level 72.



Ajzol-Nerub has great AEO potential, and you can grind here for experience points till you reach level seventy-five. 


Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom is similar to the Ajzol-Nerub dungeon, and both are very good. It is up to you how you want to proceed here.


Drak'Tharon Keep

Drak'Tharon Keep should be on your priority list, and it should opt between level 75 and level 76.


Violet Hold

Violet Hold lets you purchase the flying as soon as you reach level seventy-seven.


The Culling of Stratholme

The Culling of Stratholme is a sea of experience points where you can grind until level seventy-eight. Some players have also managed to cross the level eighty mark here.


Dungeon Leveling Guide

Along with all the leveling mentioned above locations, here are some more locations to increase your chances.

Howling Fjord (68–72)

Borean Tundra (68–72)

Dragonblight (71–74)

Grizzly Hillsides (73–75)

Zul'Drak (74–77)

Sholazar Basin (76–78)

The Storm Peaks (77–80)

Crystalsong Forest (77–80)

Hrothgar's Landing (77–80)

Icecrown (77–80)


Level 70-73

It is time to start leveling up the journey, and you should start at the Mana tomb dungeon. It will provide you with more than one million experience points in an hour. You have to reset the second boss here by using the icebound fortitude before dealing with the second boss for the very first time. Afterward, go to the hallway and the room next to it without hitting the boss. This will automatically reset the second boss.


Keep trying your luck here in mana tombs until your character reaches level 72 or 73. You can deal with all the available mobs at mana tombs single-handedly. An average mana tomb dungeon can be dealt with in 15 minutes, which means you can complete it 4 to 5 times in one hour. To end the dungeon, run out of the last door, and it will automatically reset. Now you have to kill all those enemies again. 


Level 76

After dealing with mana tombs, the next stop is to deal with the Sethekk Halls dungeon. Here, you can make around 800,000 experience points without just one hour of grinding. You can choose this dungeon by level 70, but you should wait for level 73 because of the difficulty of the packs. Time lost controller is a dangerous mob here in Sethekk Hall's dungeon. This mob uses a totem to take control of your character so kill them in the first place.


Oracle is also a tough mob as they come up with chain lightning. It is a stunning effect that silences the player for 3 seconds. Get rid of all the enemies in this mob, or they will block the effects of your attacks.


Prophets is yet another dangerous mob from the Sethekk Halls dungeon. Talon lords can stun you for 3 seconds.


Overall, Sethekk Halls is an easy dungeon as long as you deal with these problematic mobs right at the start. To finish the dungeon, you have to kill the last boss. If the boss is overpowered, just log out of your account and reset the hole. You can keep killing enemies in the Sethekk Halls dungeon until your character reaches level 76. After you reach level 76, you will have to search for a new dungeon as these mobs won't give you any experience points.


Level 77-80

After level 77, you need to opt for the cold weather flying by going back to Dalaran. After you get the flying, it is time to head down to Icecrown. Here, you will grind on an open-world farm which is way easy compared to the Ahn'kahet. You will easily make around 800,000 experience points by killing enemies for one hour. For maximum earning, you should play Unholy DK. It provides you with both areas of effect as well as corpse explosion, and you shouldn't miss them at all. Start by dealing with the big banner guy right at the start.


Start with diseases and deal more damage to the big guy using death and decay. These are AOE attacks that you can use along with the death strike ability to regain some of the lost health at the same time. After the mob is finished, don't forget to use the corpse explosion. Do this for all the available mobs.


Some beneficial glyphs for this dungeon are the glyph of disease, glyph of decay, and glyph of death. The glyph of disease keeps you on target, while death and decay help you in dealing with some extra damage. This dungeon is pretty big, and you can deal with a single mob in less than a minute.


If you still can't level up your character, it is time to opt for WotLK Classic power leveling instead and let the experts handle everything.


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