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WoW Classic WotLK: PvE Arcane Mage DPS Guide

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The damage scales better in the shorter fights even though we are regarded as the burstiest class in WoTLK; a drawback is that we fast go through many mana. However, the top objective will always be to take down mobs while supplying crowd control using Polymorph and other potent Mage CC effects. 


In TBC, arcane mages were quite strong. Still, many people found them a little monotonous because the damage "rotation" mainly involved mindlessly casting Arcane Blast until the target was killed or until we ran out of mana or innervates. Thankfully, Blizzard fixed this problem. The rotation is now much more dynamic thanks to Arcane Missiles procs from the new Missile Barrage skill and a new instant-cast spell called Arcane Barrage that lets us continue dealing damage while moving.


Woltk PvE Arcane Mage-1


In more protracted battles, we run out of mana and are unable to deal damage, so this is still a significant vulnerability that we had in TBC. Because of the tendency for fights to drag on through each phase, we gradually start to decline. Nevertheless, due to our Fire specialization's significant scaling, it gets stronger with each stage, leading many to believe that Arcane is only a "temporary" spec you use while obtaining the necessary equipment to transfer to Fire. However, playing it may still be a ton of fun!


In the following guide, we will go over everything you need to know to properly play the Mage class as an Arcane. From the beginning to optimizing your DPS, you will learn how to play as an arcane mage in raids and Mythic+ dungeons here. Although the game wasn't released; however, it is confirmed that WotLK Classic Pre-Patch will arrive on Aug. 30, and the official release on Sept. 26.


Patch 9.2.5 Changes for Mages

To help you see what changes with each patch of Shadowlands, we are keeping a list of changes for Mages. For our opinions on the tier set benefits included in the 9.2 patches, make sure to review the modifications that were specifically made to Arcane.


The Mage Tower and Legion Timewalking have both been brought back as of Patch 9.1.5. The DPS specialties of Arcane Mage Retribution Paladin, Assassination Demonology Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, and Rogue are eligible for this Mage Tower challenge. Fighting three bosses at once is a challenging affair.


WotLK: PvE Arcane Mage-2


In the Halls of Valor, Sigryn and two of her loyal Valkyr will be your opponents. Your ability to endure and execute mechanically will be the main factor in this encounter. Success depends on understanding the fundamental boss mechanics.



Good threat management

Arcane Mages don't worry about danger, although other classes could sometimes struggle. Arcane Subtlety gives us a permanent 40% threat reduction, and if we ever need to lower the threat more, we have several options, including Invisibility.


Valuable crowd control

Other classes despise mages in PvP because of the excellent crowd management and an arsenal of spells like Polymorph and Counterspell. As it turns out, having them on your squad will assist your raid in handling dangerous creatures.


Top-tier single-target damage

Because the damage is predicated on how quickly we can deplete the mana bar, arcane mages have tremendous early-game damage. To improve matters, unlike those dumb melee DPS types, we can do all of these actions from a certain distance, giving us a significant advantage in some of these more melee-unfriendly situations.



Glass cannon

We're composed of extra-fragile glass, so it turns out we need all the threat-management mechanisms we have. Arcane Mages lack survival weapons like Frost's Ice Barrier, making us the prototypical glass cannons that fall victim to any stray abilities that may be thrown at us.


High loot competition

Many Mages, Warlocks, and Shadow priests, along with other casters, will generally be present in raids, making it difficult for you to get any loot. Thus, getting what you need to operate at your best could be challenging.


Low to the middle of the pack AoE damage

There's no doubting that the single target damage is incredible, but sadly, we fall short of the "big guys" in terms of AoE and cleave damage. You often perform average to below average in battles involving several targets.


Arcane Mage Gear

Using Raidbots' Top Gear is the simplest way to compare various products and the approach we advise. To determine the best item, enter an export from the Simcraft Addon here and choose the goods to compare.


 WotLK: PvE Arcane Mage-3


Great Vault

Along with the Great Vault, raid monsters in Sepulcher of the First Ones may drop the tier components. Creation Catalyst is the last method for obtaining tier set parts. Any item, not a tier, may be made into one using this method. For instance, you may upgrade a 265-level non-set chest piece you obtained from the Great Vault into a 265-level tier chest while retaining its upgrade path, sockets, and tertiary stats.


Additional Power

To trigger the additional power, you need to equip 4 of the five pieces that tier sets are capable of dropping. This implies that you have some discretion over which slots to qualify the tier components. A somewhat slight improvement compared to receiving the 4-set bonus is choosing the best spot to equip the tier set components. Never pass up the 4-set bonus just because it is not in the "ideal" 4 spots.


Kyrian Arcane Mages

For Kyrian Arcane Mages, in particular, you must equip your Arcane Harmony Icon in either your hands or your shoulders. Therefore, one of those two slots won't be a Tier set piece. This will mostly depend on the things you can find; however, if you have all five-tier set pieces, you should disregard the Hands slot since it has a lower item level than the Shoulders slot. You can also read the in-detail best races guide for PvE.


Core/Max DPS Arcane Mage Build

Arcane Stability is an excellent skill when your squad lacks Concentration Aura. You have the choice to shift points into Student of the Mind and Arcane Meditation in place of taking points from Arcane Stability. Arcane Barrage, a spell that clears your Arcane Blast stacks, is not utilized in this setup. This will be colossal assistance until you can afford better gear if you are suffering mana issues.

1. Stat Priority

To consistently hit bosses, mages require a 17% hit rate and a 446 rating. Thanks to Precision and Arcane Focus combined, you get an additional 6% hit rating. Your limit is now down to 11%, or 289 ratings. Your key stat is spell power; after hitting the hit cap, spell power increases and offers you the highest DPS gain. Another essential component of your DPS is haste. You may boost the number of spells you can cast by lowering your global cooldown to one second. You want to reduce the cast time of Arcane Blast as much as you can as an arcane wizard.


WotLK: PvE Arcane Mage-4


You may raise your haste rating even further by using the Enchant Weapon - Black Magic or the two-piece Gul'dan's Regalia set. After the game, you should have at least 1400 haste. You should aim for 600 haste (raid buffed). Your gear upgrades are often the only way to boost your critical strike rating. Therefore, it's not a metric you should focus on raising. Arcane Potency already gives you a very high crit chance. An Arcane Mage may benefit significantly from the odd stat known as Spirit. Your Spirit becomes a critical strike rating while wearing molten armor.

35% of Spirit is converted to critical strike rating by regular molten armor.

55% of Spirit is converted to critical strike rating by glyphed molten armor.

Redemption Regalia and Glyphed + T9 set bonus to turn 70% of Spirit into a critical strike rating.


Additionally, you may apply for the increased Molten Armor benefit from the Redemption Regalia set bonus before changing to your usual clothing. When you initially reach level 80 and still have mana troubles, intellect is only helpful. If you are eager to level up your character fast, here's WotLK Classic leveling guide.


2. Rotation

Arcane has one rotation, but I'll also add the burst damage opener. The standard rotation is started when all of your cooldowns have been used up, and your DPS cooldowns are used when they reappear.


3. Opener Burst Damage

Arcane Blast should be used three times after Presence of Mind.

Using the four-piece (Gul'dan's Regalia) set, cast Mirror Image.

Icy Veins Cast, Arcane Power, and Trinkets

Spam Arcane Blast until you have a proc for a Missile Barrage, then cast Arcane Missiles.

Now begin the regular rotation.


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4. Normal Rotation

Arcane Missiles should be cast after casting Arcane Blast three or four times to activate the Missile Barrage perk. You may keep casting Arcane Blast if you have the mana, or you can use Arcane Barrage to clear your stacks if the proc isn't occurring. Casting Arcane Missiles when the Missile Barrage boost is inactive is not recommended.


Arcane Mage Utility

Besides the damage that they deliver, Arcane Mages also provide the following bonuses and debuffs to a raid:

Ritual of Refreshment

You never know how much gold your teammates will get from the meal you magically create for them. Your guildmates will adore you even if this spell doesn't increase your raid's DPS.


Arcane Intellect

The Mage's specialty has constantly been boosting the Intellect stat of other players. That remains the same in WotLK since all Mages can still provide this generous bonus. Felhunter pets owned by warlocks may also offer this benefit, but happily, their version is far weaker than ours, so we won't be replaced.


Arcane Empowerment

Only Ret Paladins and BM Hunters can provide this must-bring benefit for Arcane Mages. It will be up to you or your raid's Ret to use this helpful boost in Wrath, as no one invites BM Hunters to raids. In 10-man raids, you'll also often be the one in charge of it.


Focus Magic

This odd reciprocal perk that enables us to increase another player's spell crit probability by 3% is available to mages of all specialties. The spell's crit chance increases by 3% for 10 seconds if the target of this ability performs a critical strike with any attack. Given that one person can only use it at once, it isn't a significant bonus, but it is still a cute little boost. Give another Mage this bonus in exchange! Crit helps them far more than Warlocks do.


Final Thoughts

This guide is intended to assist you in preparing for the PVE Arcane Mage class in WotLK, which will enable you to advance through the Raid Tiers promptly while also providing you with considerable enjoyment. We hope you have gained new knowledge and insight from reading this tutorial.


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