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WoW Classic WotLK Class Guide - Top 3 Hardest Specs to Play

Welcome to our WoW Classic WotLK hardest specs guide. We're going to be talking about the top 3 hardest specs to play in the game. The answer is known across the board from all Wrath players, and the three specs are kind of the default hardest specs to play. I hope that you can enjoy this content. Well, let's jump into it.


WotLK Specs-1


Feral Druid

Feral is definitely one of our hardest classes to play in Wrath of the Lich King. The reason is that Feral is constantly maintaining so many different things. You're keeping up Faerie Fire, Mangle, Rake, and Savage Roar as often as you can. You're using things like Faerie Fire and Nature's Grasp to try to proc moment of clarity, and your Barkskin will pop an element of clarity.


WotLK Specs-2


There are so many things you're doing in every single global decision that Feral ends up becoming a very overwhelming class for many people. This also means that it's also one of the most rewarding classes to play, having one of the highest skill gaps of any class in the game. Between all the various bleeds and buffs you're maintaining on yourself, you are also the regular target for hysteria, so getting to be the boy who gets hysteria. When you're rolling berserk, all your cooldowns are going to snapshot a big bleed, and Feral becomes a very complex class to play.


Put in the man-hours to find itself on the top of the DPS list, ends up being one of the most rewarding classes of play in the entire expansion. Feral goes on to become this bleed and completely cool down the reliant class for the rest of WoW. Blizzard definitely took a note jumping from Burning Crusade to Wrath and noticed that Feral was in a good spot and tried to maintain that type of class damage profile for the entirety of his career. Feral is actually one of the best classes in the game.


Enhancement Shaman

I absolutely love Enhancement Shaman. There are so many things that add to the layers upon Enhancement Shaman. On top of the fact that everyone knows spell hands and whether or not spell hands are a thing, Classic Wrath is another story.


WotLK Specs-3


All you're essentially doing is popping CDs like Spirit Wolves, getting a big snapshot on your fire elemental with all CDs. You're spamming things like storm strike and fire nova, keeping up flint or your flame, shock on your target, and doing pretty much everything you can to remove lava lash from your rotation entirely, as that damage from lava lash doesn't really do a whole lot.


Every time you get five stacks of Maelstrom, you want to spin that and consume it immediately. There are so many things going on with enhancement that it ends up becoming a decision. The class ends up becoming an absolute joy to play.


It's not one of those like a frost DK where you're constantly spamming obliterate and frost strike; instead, you're spamming a bunch of buttons, but it could be a million different buttons that you're pressing. This is a very rewarding class to play, and it definitely has a high skill gap between an enhanced player and a top-tier enhanced player.


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Of course, at the end of the day, people will try to make their one-button macros enhanced, but there's just truthfully way too much happening with enhanced for you to be able to break it down unless you're standing at a patchwork fight, even then I don't buy it, this class is extremely rewarding, definitely a little niche, you do not have to an enhanced gentleman in your raid comp. This class just ended up becoming one of the most satisfying classes to play. However, it is very difficult during the day. Once you learn it, you'll love it.


Affliction Warlock

Last but not least is our Affliction Warlock. This is the multi-dot king, one of the best DPS in the entire game for every single fight. This class is just extremely well-kitted, and you likely will end up trying to stack a fair amount in your raids.


WotLK Specs-4


What makes Affliction Warlock so fun? You can track so many different things between unstable affliction, corruption, curse, haunt, and all the procs that you are running and making use of with your snapshots, all of them are really important.


Affliction Warlock is your token who's going to be receiving your power infusion, most likely unless you're giving it to a fire mage. He's also going to likely be on the receiving end of your first tricks and hopefully execute tricks as well. These tricks are really important, and when you're being funneled so many CDs, you have to step it up. This class is rewarded for good play and is not only rewarded in the damage meters but also rewarded in external cooldowns.


Warlock is definitely one of our classes that has potential threat issues in Wrath. If played right, as long as you are calling out for salvation or have a salvation plan moving into the fight, then you'll probably be fine. But the better you get at Affliction Warlock, the more damage you'll do. Affliction Warlock really is one of the best-designed classes in Wrath, as there's a huge skill ceiling, and you'll see why people absolutely just love to one trick Affliction Warlock.


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