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WotLK Enchanting Leveling Guide 1-450

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It doesn't matter which level you want to start with, including standard levels, professional leveling, spells, or weapons; it will take a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, it is important that you carefully explore your options before making a final decision.


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Although leveling a character in WotLK takes the most time, advancing your professions also costs time and WoW WotLK gold, making the option to switch professions far from simple. One of the simplest professions to learn is enchantment because it can be leveled from the convenience of your hub city without requiring extensive continental travel for supplies.


Grandmaster Enchanters are always in great demand, especially before raids are launched, because enchanting enables you to buff both your gears as well as the gears of your teammates to increase stats. Enchanting means adding buffs to your gears in Wrath of the Lich King. With this enchanting leveling guide, you will learn about all the required materials, the locations of trainers, and the step-by-step leveling guidelines.


What Is Enchanting?

In WotLK Classic, you can use the crafting profession of enchantment to give armor and weapons upgrades. To produce such enchants, you will need various components, recipes, tools, and other supplies. You must utilize specific things to de-enchant them for the profession in order to use them to create more specialized equipment.


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Enchanters will also have Alchemist Stones, which can improve potion efficiency. To earn cash while creating materials, gems, and transmutations, you may also work as an enchanter. Enchanting is a profitable profession that can help you obtain a reputation, wealth, and better equipment. You should work on getting those enchanting formulas even if you have to spend shards because they are crucial for leveling.


Materials Required for Enchanting Leveling

Like other professions, you will need to collect and have these materials in the bag to level up the enchanting profession. WotLK Boost will save your time if you are tired of manually grinding for leveling. Here are all the required materials for each expansion and leveling phase.


Classic (1-300)

One hundred and twenty-five Strange Dust

One Lesser Magic Essence

Twelve Greater Magic Essence

Twenty-five Lesser Astral Essence

One hundred and thirty Soul Dust

Two Greater Astral Essence

Two-hundred and forty Vision Dust

Two Greater Mystic Essence

Five Lesser Nether Essence

One hundred and ninety-five Dream Dust

Forty Purple Lotus

Eighty-two Illusion Dust

Four Greater Eternal Essence

Two Large Brilliant Shard

One Copper Rod

One Silver Rod

One Golden Rod

One Iridescent Pearl

One Truesilver Rod

One Black Pearl

One Arcanite Rod

One Golden Pearl


TBC (300-350)

Four Greater Eternal Essence

Six Large Brilliant Shard

One Fel Iron Rod

Three hundred and fifty Arcane Dust

Twenty Lesser Planar Essence

Fourteen Greater Planar Essence

Fifteen Nightmare Vine

Thirteen Large Prismatic Shard

One Adamantite Rod

One Primal Might

One Eternium Rod


WotLK (350-450)

Seven hundred and forty-two Infinite Dust

Forty-seven Greater Cosmic Essence

Sixty Dream Shard

One hundred and thirty-four Eternal Earth

Ten Crystallized Water

One Titanium Rod


Trainers Locations

For enchanting, you can level up from level one to level three hundred by training with trainers in the capital cities of all the available factions. This phase will help you reach the level of an artisan. You can chat with a city guard to get the location of a trainer. Moreover, the location of these trainers is indicated on the mini-map with an arrow.


For leveling between level three hundred and level three hundred and seventy-five, you will have to opt for the outland. Here is the list of all the trainers, along with their locations in the outland.


Johan Barnes is an alliance-only trainer who can be found at Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.

Felannia horde-only trainer who can be found at Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.

Asarnan can be found at Stormspire in Netherstorm.

High Enchanter Bardolan can be found at Scryer's Library in Shattrath. He is exclusive to the members of scryers.


Between level three hundred and seventy-five to level four hundred and fifty, you will have to travel to the Northrend region and meet with the following trainers there.


Alexis Marlowe is an alliance-only trainer who can be found at Valiance Keep Borean Tundra.

Elizabeth Jackson is an alliance-only trainer who can be found at Valgarde, Howling Fjord.

Eorain Dawnstrike is a horde-only trainer who can be found at Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra.

Emil Autumn can be found at Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord.


Two neutral trainers are also available here.

Enchanter Nalthanis can be found in Dalaran

Fael Morningsong can be found at the Argent Tournament.


Leveling Guide - Apprentice Enchanting

With this enchanting leveling guide, you will be able to level up from basic to grandmaster level in no time. The remainder of your leveling process will be easy after you reach this major enchanting level. In the major city of your race, you may locate your trainer. Start your training by mastering the fundamentals of enchantment.


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Level 1 – Level 2

Enchant a run copper rod using one copper rod, lesser magic essence, and strange essence.  

Level 2 – Level 50

Enchant a Bracer: Minor Health using one strange dust for each level till you reach level fifty.


Leveling Guide – Journeyman Enchanting

You can learn the journeyman enchanting from a trainer until you reach level one hundred and thirty-five.


Level 50 – Level 90   

Enchant a bracer: minor health for each level using the strange dust.

Level 90 – Level 100

Enchant a bracer: minor stamina using strange dust for each level.

Level 100 – Level 110

Enchant a runed silver rod using one silver rod, three greater magic essences, and six strange dust. You also have to enchant nine greater magic wands using nine simple woods and nine greater magic essences.

Level 110 – Level 135

Enchant a cloak of minor agility using twenty-five lesser astral essence.


Leveling Guide – Expert Enchanting

Level 135 – Level 155       

Enchant a Bracer: Lesser Stamina for each level using one soul dust.

Level 155 – Level 185

Enchant a Runed Golden Rod using two greater astral essences, one golden rod, one soul dust, and one iridescent Peral. Enchant a Bracer - Lesser Strength using two soul dust for each level.

Level 185 – Level 200

Enchant a Bracer: Strength using one vision dust for each level.

Level 200 – Level 220

Enchant a Runed Truesilver Rod using one black peral, one true silver rod, two vision dust, and two greater mystic essences for each level. Enchant a Bracer: Strength using vision dust for each level.

Level 220 – Level 225

Enchant a Cloak: Greater Defense using fifteen vision dust.


Leveling Guide – Artisan Enchanting

When you reach level 225, visit the trainer to take the Artisan Enchanting course. The following professional position requires that you be at least level 300.


Level 225 – Level 230       

Enchant a Gloves: Agility using vision dust and a nether essence for each level.

Level 230 – Level 235       

Enchant a Boots: Stamina using a vision dust for each level.

Level 235 – Level 250       

Enchant a Chest: Superior Health using vision dust for each level.

Level 250 – Level 265       

Enchant a Lesser Mana Oil using a crystal vial, purple lotus, and dream dust for each level.

Level 265 – Level 290       

Enchant a Shield: Greater Stamina using a Dream Dust for each level.

Level 290 – Level 300       

Enchant a Cloak: Superior Defense using an Illusion Dust for each level. Enchant, a Runed Arcanite Rod, using an Arcanite Rod, Golden Pearl, Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essence, and Large Brilliant Shard for each level.


Leveling Guide - Master Enchanting

After you get to this stage, you must undergo challenging training and accumulate a tonne of resources in order to achieve level 350.


Level 300 – Level 310

Enchant a Run Fel Iron Rod using a Fel Iron Rod, Greater Eternal Essence, and Large Brilliant Shard for each level. Enchant a Bracer – Assault using arcane dust for each level.

Level 310 – Level 316

Enchant a Bracer using an Arcane Dust for each level.

Level 316 – Level 330

Enchant Gloves using an Arcane Dust for each level.

Level 330 – Level 340

Enchant a Shield - Major Stamina using an Arcane Dust for each level. Enchant a Shield – Resilience using a Large Prismatic Shard and Lesser Planar Essence for each level.

Level 340 – Level 350

Enchant a Superior Wizard Oil using an Arcane Dust, Nightmare Vine, and Imbued Vial for each level.

Level 350 – Level 351

Enchant, a Runed Adamantite Rod, using an Adamantite Rod, Primal Might, and Greater Planar Essence for each level.


Leveling Guide – Grand Master Enchanting

You must master Grand Master Enchanting in order to create Classic enchants for Wrath of the Lich King. Find trainers and get a mastery by going to the Howling Fjord or the Borean Tundra.  Over 99 levels will need to be climbed, and there are many materials to collect and consume.


Level 351 – Level 360       

Enchant a Cloak for this phase.

Level 360 – Level 376       

Enchant a Bracers – Striking and a Runed Eternium Rod for this phase.

Level 376 – Level 380       

Enchant Bracers - Striking for this phase.

Level 380 – Level 395       

Enchant Bracers - Exceptional Intellect and Boots - Icewalker for this phase.

Level 395 – Level 410       

Enchant a Cloak - Superior Agility for this phase.

Level 410 – Level 420       

Enchant a Gloves – Expertise and Boots - Greater Spirit for this phase.

Level 420 – Level 430       

Enchant a Shield – Defense, Runed Titanium Rod, and Shield  - Defense for this phase.

Level 430 – Level 445       

Enchant a Cloak - Mighty Armor and Gloves - Armsman for this phase.

Level 445 – Level 450       


Tips for Enchanting

Enchant your friends as well as enchant strangers by going to the front of the auction house. Get ten extra boosts from a blood elf and enchant more. Keep whatever extra greens you have and disenchant them. Blacksmithing, leatherworking, and tailoring are the best careers for enchanters. Because they will provide you gold in the late game. Don't forget to farm rare enchants from the game map, as they will provide you with gold towards the endgame.


Enchant Boots - Greater Assault for This Phase

We're confident that after putting your all into this enchanting guide, you'll navigate Northrend and begin raiding with your new gear.  The field of enchantment is always changing. To locate some of the goods that randomly drop when you kill enemies, you will have to search through a lot of content. 

For other materials, you might utilize a supplier of enchanting supplies.


However, generally speaking, your path will take you someplace that other occupations won't. In your travels, be careful to locate unique recipes. They will support you as you level up.



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