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  • WotLK Classic Vault of Archavon Raid Guide
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    If we talk about the easiest raids in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the Vault of Archavon will surely come at the top of the list for many reasons. But for beginners, it can be challenging, so this Vault of Archavon raid guide will provide them with detailed information about the raid along with its rewards and bosses.


    This raid is available in the first phase of the game. A large number of players opt for this raid because it is very easy, and there is no high-level requirement. If you complete the raid, chances are that you will get gear items for player-vs-player battles along with items for tier sets.  


    WLK Raid-1


    Having plenty of WoW gold WotLK may help the player get out of the raid alive. If you follow every guideline in this guide, you and your raid group will emerge victorious. There is a complete overview of all the battles in this raid and how you should deal with them. But the first step is to learn what is the Vault of Archavon raid.


    What Is the Vault of Archavon Raid?

    The Vault of Archavon is a player-vs-player raid which is also known as VoA in WotLK. As far as the difficulty of the raid is concerned, it is an easy raid, and you can even defeat the evil bosses here with a few players in your squad.


    There is a version of this raid where you can go with twenty-four other players, but it is very uncommon for players to opt for this method. This is because there is fierce competition for gear between players in such scenarios. To avoid the competition for gear, you should create a team with multiple classes to bring a variation. You can use the WotLK power leveling to max your class out.


    Due to its content and low difficulty, the value of the Archavon raid is known as a side raid in WOTLK Classic. Despite this, it drops some of the best gears that you need to complete sets. In phase one of the raids, there is only one boss to deal with. A new boss is added to the raid after each phase.


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    How to Access the Vault of Archavon Raid?

    Now that you have a clear insight into what is the Vault of Archavon raid, it is time to enter the raid and try your luck. To access this raid, you need to join a faction that rules the Wintergrasp. The raid can be found in a fortress in Wintergrasp. To enter this raid, players of the ruling faction can go to Dalaran and activate a portal there.


    To access the Vault of Archavon raid, those who are playing with their alliance should go to the Valiance landing camp or the Warsong Camp for horde flight points. Your faction also requires the Essence of Wintergrasp buff to gain entry to the Vault of Archavon raid. There is a summoning stone on the left side of the entrance of the raid.


    It is an open-plan raid with just one floor, and there are four groups of enemies here, along with bosses. You can defeat these enemies and bosses in any order you want for as long as you stay alive till the end. It is a unique raid because of its bosses. Here are all the four bosses in the Vault of Archavon raid. Here are all the trash mobs from the Vault of Archavon raid.


    Archavon Warder - Abilities; Rock Shower, Shield Crush, Whirl

    Tempest Warder - Abilities; Overcharge, Shock

    Flame Warder - Abilities; Lava Burst, Meteor Fists

    Frost Warder - Abilities; Frost Blast


    Mount Dropped - Grand Black War Mammoth

    If you are excited to know what the mount is expected to drop by bosses in the raid, then the answer is Grand Black War Mammoth.


    How to Get to the Vault of Archavon?

    One of the quickest ways to get to the Vault of Archavon is to use the “Legion Dalaran Hearthstone” and then go with your faction’s portal to your city. Once you approach the Capital City, we suggest you use the Crystalsong Dalaran Portal and then move on to fly to the raid.


    WLK Raid-3


    Vault of Archavon Bosses

    There are four vicious bosses available to give you a tough time, and you may encounter them as you proceed through the raid. The bosses are the following:


    Archavon the Stone Watcher:  He’s the first giant boss found in the Vault of Archavon Raid. 


    Emalon the Storm Watcher: The second Male Stone Giant that isn’t easy to defeat; however, with good strategy, you can kill him.


    Koralon the Flame Watcher: The third Make Stone Giant Boss and won’t leave your character alive; however, we suggest you attach from behind as it’s the safe way.


    Toravon the Ice Watcher: Another Male Stone Giant that won’t be easy to defeat. Meanwhile, it will inflict frostbite onto players to make them slow.


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    How to Prepare for the Vault of Archavon Raid?

    No matter how easy the Vault of Archavon raid is, you will have to make some preparations to deal with enemies here. You should equip a minimum of mid-level gear set along with enhancements. Also, have some extra consumables in the bag in case you receive some damage from enemies. The better the gear, the easier the raid will be.


    Guide to Dealing With Archavon: The Stone Watcher

    In the first phase of the Vault of Archavon raid in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, there is only one boss called Archavon: the Stone Watcher. It is an earth and nature-based mob that uses element-based abilities and spells to deal damage to you and your team. It drops gear items like gloves, chest pieces, and gear for legs for player-vs-environment and player-vs-player battles.


    The item level for a raid with ten players is around two hundred. For a raid with twenty-five players, the level of items will be increased to two hundred and thirteen. You can deal with the Vault of Archavon raid twice a week, one with each setup of players. Here are all the spells and attacks of this boss so you can avoid them and kill them in a few hits.


    Tips for Archavon: The Stone Watcher

    Tank Tops

    This boss can be won with tanks only, but players will have to kite the boss, especially when you are stunned by impale. Those who are not into solo tanking should deal damage to Archavon while the other tanks in the team are stunned by impale.


    Healer Tips

    When the boss hits the tank with a combo of impaling and stomping, heal it as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you should also get ready to heal the new tank because there will be a tank swap after this point. Rock shards will deal insane damage to any of your teammates, so heal them up quickly, or they will be knocked out.


    DPS Tips

    To avoid damage from the rock shards, spread your team around the room.

    Check your surroundings for the choking cloud and get out of it quickly if you are into one.

    Any ranged DPS in your team will have to keep a good distance from the boss to stay alive.


    Archavon: The Stone Watcher Abilities

    Impale - This ability will stun a tank for eight seconds and deal a good amount of physical damage to it.

    Stomp - This is a team-wide ability that will stun them for two seconds and also deals some damage. This ability is mostly used with the impale ability.

    Rock Shards - This ability depletes the health of a single target and any nearby target over time with serious damage.

    Choking Cloud - This ability creates a cloud after the boss lands when using the crushing leap ability. Any enemy inside the cloud will receive damage, and the chance of getting a hit is reduced by fifty percent.

    Crushing Leap - With this ability, Archavon knocks a random target and any nearby targets by dealing damage after leaping toward them.


    Best Strategy for Archavon: The Stone Watcher

    As soon as the boss fight starts, the first thing that your team needs to do is to scatter around the room and take their positions. Ranged players should keep a good distance from the boss. Avoid damage from rock shards and choking clouds because they can kill you. To kill the boss early, use any cooldowns immediately after the fight starts because it is a DPS race. 


    Loot of Archavon: The Stone Watcher

    The loot of Archavon features chest pieces, pieces for legs, and pieces for hands that are similar to Naxxramas. All these items are for player-vs-environment, and they are tier seven items. Although the chances of getting the mammoth mount, you can get it in the twenty-five players raid.


    Loot of the Vault of Archavon Raid

    Along with all the above-mentioned loot that you will get for defeating the boss from phase one, some more sets are dropped when you defeat other enemies. For the ten-players team raids, items for the Hateful Gladiator set are dropped, while items for the deadly gladiator set are dropped for the twenty-five players team raid.


    Although this involves luck, there is a unique mount in this raid that you should try your best to do. It is very difficult to get this mount because it features two seats. For completing this raid with a team of ten players, here is the list of all the gears that you will receive.


    Achievements of the Vault of Archavon Raid

    Just like the loot and all the other stuff, there are different achievements for team raids with ten players and team raids with twenty-five players. To get these achievements, you will have to complete the raid by following the exact guidelines. is an online shopping mall for gamers where they can get in-game items and currencies.