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WotLK Classic Ulduar DPS Tier List

By Shirley Huang
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Ulduar is here. Now it's a great time to level new Alts and decide which class inspects the domain. I've been running Ulduar every minute of the day, so I can raid lead and secure my valid on three separate characters in phase 2.


With my experience, I've compiled the ultimate DPS ranking list when I'm recruiting for my Ulduar runs. I'll be much more focused on maximizing raid buffs overall DPS, so this DPS tier list will help you to decide what to play in the best raid in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.



Unholy Death Knight

I'd rather see nothing in my Ulduar than a geared Unholy Death Knight. One warning is that the top-end Death Knight will destroy the meter, but a lesser-skilled DK won't be pumping close to those numbers. Now that you know the biggest pumper in Phase 2 is Unholy DK, so you'll want to get your Alts ready as fast as possible.


ulduar dps-1


Affliction Warlock

Warlock is money in Ulduar, and Affliction Warlock is a solid gold bar, the king of the execute phase. It's entirely possible you'll see four or five Warlocks at the top of the meters in a typical pug.


Combat Rogue

Combat Rogue scales amazingly well with the newly buffed all to our gear. By the end of phase 2, Combat Rogue is near the top in nearly every fight.


Demonology Warlock

Nobody is running all to our 25-Man. They're the ultimate raid boost for DPS, but they are consistent meter topper in terms of raw damage.


Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogue is an absolute monster, and at this point, you'd be surprised if it isn't at the top of the DPS meter.


Frost Death Knight

Frost DK is a DPS monster but it has great utility too.


ulduar dps-2


A Tier

Survival Hunter

Everyone freaking loves Survival Hunter since it brings high DPS and big utility with poles misdirect and replenishment.


Enhancement Shaman

Everyone is desperate to bring in Enhancement Shaman, but more for the utility than the damage, the fact that Enhancement Shaman can consistently pump top 5 DPS is a huge strength.


Arcane Mage

I played this class in Uduar has been absolute pumper. However, the big drawback of Mage is that you'll be seeing the floor. I spent half of my time rezzing our Kane and Fire Mage.


Marksmanship Hunter

With the hugely buffed Ulduar gear, we're essentially getting an extra raid tier in terms of upgrades. This benefits physical GPS classes, like Monster Hunter, so expect it to perform better than before.


Fire Mage

I'm consistently noticing Fire Mage near the top of the meter, and things are only looking better and better. It's time for Fire Mage to start to shine, especially in longer fights.


B Tier

Fury Warrior

With the new 252-item level gear, Fury Warrior is going to scale so much better than before. In my raids, Fury Warrior will always be welcome.


Destruction Warlock

I'm always happy to have a Warlock in my Ulduar groups, though I'd usually prefer it to be Demonology or Affliction. All Warlocks bring huge utility to the table, and nobody stops you from having fun.


 ulduar dps-3



I'll bring a boomkin to my rage without hesitation in Ulduar, but I didn't see it consistently at the top on single-target fights.


Feral Druid

Feral Druid has huge variants in DPS due to its skill and gear, but I'd happily take one of my raids. There's really nothing worse than a progression rating without any battle res or innervate.


Elemental Shaman

I just played with a monster Elemental Shaman who was topping the meters, and it got me very excited. It has a high DPS floor meaning even a low-end Elemental Shaman will still be pumping 4K DPS.


Shadow Priest

Literally, every Ulduar group on the PTR was sitting around waiting for a Shadow Priest, and it really can pop. Multiple Shadow Priests I played with were consistently in the top third of the DPS meters.



Gold is your ticket for comfortable endgame gameplay. To gain the best experience possible, you need to acquire a lot of WLK gold.


Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior is really starting to take off. The scaling just gets better and better, especially with the recent Ulduar item level buff.


Retribution Paladin

I didn't notice many Retribution Paladins in the top portion of the meters, but that's missing the point. This is a necessary class that brings a lot to the table with its buffs.


Frost Mage

I played with multiple Frost Mages during Ulduar, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them showing out on the DPS meters.


Writing this article, we used NOHITJEROME's video as a reference. 

















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