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  • Top 5 Fast Ways to Level Alts in WotLK
    By Shirley Huang2023-01-06 00:00:00

    Phase 2 Ulduar is right around the corner, and it's time to get all of your characters ready for the new raid.


    wotlk alt-1


    Joyous Journeys Buff

    Now Journeys experience buff is available on WotLK Classic and will last until January 16th. Players will benefit from the Joyous Journeys to experience buff, increasing experience gains by 50% for all players through level 80! It's the fastest way to level up your characters, so today, I'm going to give you the five best ways to level Alts during this time to ensure you have as many characters leveled up as you need for Phase 2.


    I took advantage of this buff, leveled up a fresh character, and was able to easily get it from Level 60. I had a level 60 boost all the way to level 80 and got it fully geared on the very first day of playing the character.


    Call to Arms: Alterac Valley

    Well, the very first thing you should look into is Call to Arms: Alterac Valley. That is basically one of the best ways to level up your characters. Whenever it's active, you can get upwards of 200,000 experiences per average. Those can take anywhere from 6 to 18 minutes, and you will also get so much honor that you'll basically pretty much be honor capped by the time you hit level 80 as well as you can get your characters from level 71 all the way up to 80. It's very quick and easy, and you can get a boost from having your heirlooms and having Joyous Journeys, so this should be one of the best ways to level, and I highly urge everybody to take advantage of it.


    Hyperspawn Locations

    Another way to level Alt fast is actually going to be the Hyperspawn locations.


    wotlk alt-3


    These locations were used from the racer world first to get people all the way up to level 80 faster than literally possible from any other route.


    Things like the Seal Farm will give you upwards of maybe almost 3 million less XP an hour now, especially if you're on a Warlock, but almost any character can do these farms, and they're actually not that contested right now, which is a little bit shocking, because everybody has this massive XP boost. Now again, if you want to see all of the locations where you can do the best Hyperspawn Farm, the best one by far is the Seal Farm. Then as you level up, it's very easy to go to just the Venture Coin farm or switch between Venture Coin and Grizzly Hills.


    The good old tried and true route, just genuinely questing, is incredibly fast. It feels like you're twice as fast, even though it's only a 50% boost but getting through the questing zones is a blast.


    If you want to do this or quest through the zones, you'll be able to blast through the levels because you have heirlooms on top of flying, and flying makes questing for your Alts so incredibly easy. Now my personal favorite questing route is to start in Borean Tundra, just do Warsong Hold in this little area here, Coldarra is insane XP, and then you usually could go up to this section, but you don't need to.


    If you don't have enough gold, you can buy it quickly at a very affordable price in our leading store - MMOGAH.


    Now with the XP Buffs, you can move on directly into Dragonblight, do Agmar's Hammer, or whatever your zone is. If your alliance Stars' Rest and go up here to the Crystal Vice area, get some quests done here, and then you can already move on. Either swing by Grizzly Hills or skip it entirely and go into Zul'Drak, which will be insane XP here in Light's Breach and Evan Larson, moving directly into Arjun Strand and as you start passing this, then you should actually move on past into the next zone, which will be shoulders are Basin into a Storm Peaks and Icecrown Citadel, but if you're doing the questing route or any of these routes, I would highly suggest actually exactly at level 77, you go to the next farming location.


    Onslaught Harbor Griffin

    This place was so easy to level. I was easily sustaining above 1.6 million XP an hour, but if you were Tryharding, you could make it over 2 million an hour, so this location is phenomenal and absolutely blew me out of the water. The daily to start doing this is actually called a no-fly zone, so once you unlock that, you can start doing this. You need to go and get the quest that will actually say blood in the water where you kill the Sharks and use a little item to suck up their blood and to unlock that.


    In general, you need to do your quests over in the Shadow Vault, which will send you over to rise with all due haste to the location. Make sure you focus on pulling multiple mobs at one time. There are a lot of times we can get three or four together very easily. Make sure to utilize your speed boost on four as well as focus down on burning Mobs with one. If your Griffin gets low, just dismount it and summon a new one.


    Halls of Stone Boost


    wotlk alt-4


    No one likes talking about it, but many people do it. It is a ridiculously fast way to level. Now the Halls of Stone Boost is pretty much the best way to AFK your way up to level 80. It is a little pricey, and the experience is relative, if not slightly just better than the AV Farms, so realistically AV is kind of the thing you want to take advantage of it, but if you are going to get boosted, then you're going to Halls of Stone, you need to be level 72 to enter into the instance, and the fastest boosters that you can find are going to be Warrior tanks.


    Warriors are the best at boosting, and then it's going to be Paladins and Mages, but the Paladin needs a ton of gear to do this reliably and quickly, so make sure you're paying attention to how efficiently your booster is actually clearing the dungeon. Of course, you can buy WotLK boost service to level up your characters.


    Of course, some classes can do some cheeky things within dungeons, like Death Knights, Mages, maybe Warlocks, potentially Hunters, and Warriors, so there are some phenomenal boosts there, which will use all your level XP gains. You can get anywhere else if you're doing them efficiently, so make sure to look into if there's something for your class. If you can get it done, that's pretty much it. Those are the best ways to level up your Alts.


    I highly suggest you take full advantage of this because we only have 10 days left, and it is incredibly fast to level up right now, so if there are any classes you might want to play in Phase 2, you might want to play it throughout the phase.


    Lastly, thanks to Sarthe's sharing.