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  • WotLK Classic Shaman Build - A PvE Guide
    By Danikhan2022-09-09 00:00:00

    In their tribes and clans, Shamans act as spiritual leaders; they commune with spirits, hold visions of the future and guide their tribes and clans in times of darkest need. They can empower totems in battle and use elemental spells to annihilate their enemies and heal their allies.


    Shamans utilize elemental effects to enhance their weapons and strike their enemies with strikes of lighting, bursts of lava, and blasts of earth. They are also able to call upon the elementals to aid them in a heated battle where they can use totems (the same stationary tools used by Shamans that are placed on a battlefield) to decimate their enemies and also assist their allies.


    WotLK Classic Shaman Build PvE Guide-1


    This hybrid class is known to be highly versatile and adaptable, providing quick healing, utility, and burst damage in PvE. No other class even came close to the Shamans in demand for raiding content. They bought three specializations, a comprehensive set of utilities coupled with their outstanding performance and the vaguely known spell named Heroism or Bloodlust.


    As you read this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to both Elemental (ranged DPS), Restoration (healer), and Enhancement (melee DPS) Shaman roles in Wrath of The Lich King Classic. This guide will discuss the Glyphs, Talent Trees, Consumables, and the New Spells for each specialization. For the best PvE experience, this guide will also talk about the best race and profession for shamans.


    Talent Trees & Glyphs

    Starting with the Restoration Shaman, there are two different builds, focusing on AoE and single-target healing. For each type of healing, it is essential that you focus on the correct type of glyphs too.


    For AoE healing, the best Glyph combination you can use is Chain Heal, Earthliving Weapon, and Healing Stream Totem. The glyph of Chain Heal will allow you to heal an additional target. Earthliving Weapon gives you a more significant chance of applying the healing effect on people you heal; finally, the Healing Stream Totem is a must for AoE healing as a shaman.


    On the flip side, if your character is mainly assigned to heal a specific target, you might be more inclined to substitute the Chain Heal and the Healing Stream Totem for the Earth Shield glyph and the Lesser Healing Wave glyph.


    Alternatively, if you prefer a more offensive style of play, you might want to consider the Enhancement Shaman. It can do vast amounts of ranged and melee damage. Flametongue Weapon, Stormstrike, and Fire Nova are the glyphs that suit this specialization.


    However, a better option for ranged DPS would be siding with the Elemental Shaman. They can smite lightning bolts, lava bursts, and chain lightning. They can throw high amounts of damage in less time and are also decent for AoE damage. Glyphs to use here are Lava, Lightning Bolt, and Totem of Wrath.


    WotLK Classic Shaman Build A PvE Guide-2


    Two different Talent Trees for each Elemental and Enhancement shamans that you can use according to your resources are given below:



    Irrespective of the specialization, shamans will be able to imbue their weapon with the Earthliving Weapon. This massively increases the healing percentage by a staggering 195% and a 20% increase in the chance of proc. Adding to the more accessible use of shamans in WOTLK, in this expansion, players can summon four totems at the same time, unlike previously, when you had to have four different key binds to execute the same command. In addition, you can customize all of the four totems according to your strategy and liking.


    Furthermore, shamans in WOTLK will also be getting crowd control (CC), limiting your opponent’s ability to fight. Here, the ability, Hex, will transform any of your opponents into a frog for thirty seconds. Hence, the target is restricted to moving, as it can’t attack during this time. Another spell that any shamans can use is the Lava Burst we talked about earlier. Applying a flame shot to any target will result in a critical hit, which leads to vast amounts of damage. Wind Shear is another spell that interrupts the target for two seconds, having only a mere five seconds cooldown. It does this by blasting a solid gust of wind, preventing your enemy from attacking you.


    Riptide’s instant healing spell can be found under the Restoration Tree. It becomes useful during a raid encounter where you constantly have to move. This is because it instantly and over time heals its targets, and the short cooldown allows players to use it more frequently. To improve on this, you can combine Riptide and Earthliving Weapon to have two healing spells on the same target.



    Low down in the Enhancement Talent Tree, you can find the Spirit Wolf talent. This allows the shaman to summon two Spirit Wolves for forty-five seconds that will move around fast, stunning and dashing their target, also healing the shaman while dealing damage. This can be used in raids where you have to take in lots of damage, which can be helpful during your healer’s cooldown.


    Meelstrom Weapon is another new talent for the Enhancement shaman. Whenever dealing damage, you have a chance of getting one of these—stacking up five results in the ability to use your next spell instantly. This can be used when you know you will take much damage. Hence it is a good idea to stack up five of these to heal yourself when you take damage instantly.


    Lastly, the new talent, Thunderstorm. This will call down a bolt of lightning on the target, dealing immense damage to everyone within twelve yards while at the same time also restoring 8% of your mana. It also knocks enemies 20 yards away. Hence it can be helpful in situations where your opponent is near an edge; you can use this talent to knock him off over the edge. If you wish to avoid the grind and level up your account with the help of WotLK Classic boost, we can do that.


    Consumables and Gems

    For the initial phases, you can use these gems and consumables; listed for every specialization separately. For the Restoration shamans’ meta gem slot, it is advisable to use the Insightful EarthSiege Diamond, which has the power to restore your mana threshold during a raid. For the PvE, it is always a good idea to use gems to get more spell power. This is because more spell power can give you a chance to heal more, and these spells can be hasted to carry out the healing faster. To do this, you can use the Flask of the Frost Wyrm (consumable) to increase your spell power by 125 for an hour. Combining this with the Runic Mana Potion (consumable) can prove beneficial as it can restore your mana during fights.


    WotLK Classic Shaman Build PvE Guide-3


    You can use the Imperial Manta Steak and the Fich Feast as Food Buffs. The Imperial Manta Steak is great for restoring health and mana simultaneously. It also increases your Haste Rating, while the Fich Feast is great for gaining Spell Power.


    For the Enhancement shaman, an excellent diamond for the meta-gem slot is the Relentless Earthsiege. It gives you 21% increased agility and 3% more Critical Damage. After this, you must utilize the gems that keep your hit rating and expertise consistent. Once these are taken care of, you can focus on getting Attack Power and Haste. Before using a cooldown, you need to use the Potion of Speed. Doing so allows you to simultaneously take advantage of having more haste and attack power.


    Regarding the Food Buffs, there are good options in the Fish Feast and the Very Burnt Worg. The Fish Feast can increase your attack power, while the latter is used to improve your Haste. In WOTLK, if you lack Hit at the start, you can use Food Buffs to fill in the gap.


    Lastly, use the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond in the meta gem slot for the Elemental shaman. For the other gems, your main priority should be getting more Hits. This ensures you hit the target; nothing matters if you don’t actually hit your target. Like the Enhancement shaman, you can also use the same Frost Wyrm Flask to improve your spell power. You can use Tender Shoveltusk Steak for the food buffs to increase your spell power. It is also advised to use a food buff that provides you with a Hit rating.



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    Stat Priority

    • Restoration Shaman

    It would help if you focused on getting more Spell Power and Haste as a restoration shaman. Spell Power equals powerful heals, and Haste equals making these heals a lot faster. Another benefit of the Haste is that the quicker you throw out your chain heals, the faster you can apply the Earthliving Weapon to the targets.


    • Enhancement Shaman

    As an Enhancement Shaman, there are two things you always need to keep in mind; Expertise and Hit. Aim to get 17% Hit and 26 Expertise to hit all your spells to the targets.


    • Elemental Shaman

    With this specialization, your primary focus again is to take care of Hit. Once this is done, you can focus on getting more spell power, haste, and crit.



    To get the most out of your PvE experience in WOTLK Classic, it is highly advised to go with Jewelcrafting and Engineering as professions. The 1st one will allow you to craft three epic gems, and the latter will enable you to get the glyphs that you will be able to do Hyperspeed Accelerators. It increases your haste and is helpful for all three specializations.


    Best Race for Shamans

    Being on the Alliance side, you might want to go for Dwarves, as no other race even comes close to consistently increasing your DPS more than this one. Onn Horde, you will have to eye the Orc, mainly because of Blood Fury, which again plays a role in increasing your attack and spell power, beneficial for all three types of shamans.


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