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Guide to Picking the Best Class for PvP and PvE in WoW WotLK Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic no doubt has a versatile rooster, and you can pick a character that can change your whole game onwards. There are certain classes for gold farming that work like a charm in WOTLK, but one has to put up their mind about whether the class is suitable for the PvE and PvP scenario as well or not. Well, that is exactly why we are here, to help you make the suitable decision to get the right class for the PvP and PvE scenarios. Here is the WOTLK Classic PvP and PvE Class Picking Guide.


WotLK Classic-1


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Below, we have all the best character choices to pick from in Classic WotLK. In each class, we mentioned its usability for both PvE and PvP scenarios, along with some Quirks that you would probably want to read before making up your mind.



As the name suggests, Warlock gets their power from dark magic and mostly depends upon the dark curses to bring down foes. Commonly, they are referred to as a caster class which focuses on Damage per Second and Debuff.


PvP Scenario

There is a spell known as Demonic Circle Teleport that allows you to go back to the location where you place it on the ground. Using Affliction, you can literally silence healers and that becomes somewhat more of an Over Powered ability. Enhancing Dot damage on the target is done by using the Haunt ability.


In PvP, the Warlock Class isn’t that durable and that is because you can’t even link soul. The siphon life, on the other hand, goes deeper into the tree besides its Prop Red Spec. Otherwise, it goes well deep into all Specs.


Inside the Arena, you can use Destruction, but the issue with it is that Comps are limited, having control. The Destruction Walkers were not even able to take off those Chaos Bolts, but here it will be countered by melee comp.


Finally, considering Demonology, it is simply not good in contrast to the other Specs. It depends mostly on the Metamorphosis to deal some worth considering damage, but without it, it’s more like a lower-level Destruction or affliction.


PvE Scenario

The top-of-line Specs for DPS are your Demonology and Affliction. You can also go for the Destro, but it is more like a pumped-down version of Affliction and Demonology Warlock. One thing it sure does give you is a buff of Replenishment, which your team can need if already doesn't exist.


WotLK Classic-2


For AOE DPS, you need to go for Demonological Wallet, as it is the strongest you can pick for Warlock in PvE Scenario. In the Execution Phase of WOW WOTLK Classic Warlock, the DPS is much stronger, as it can destroy in time-taking fights. An extra with Warlock in WOTLK Classic is that pet. Yes, you can keep your pet with Warlock as well.


Pros of Using Warlock

Soul Stone


Health stones


AOE Fear

Enslave Demons

Shadow fury Buffed

Doom guard and Inferno

Weapon owned can be buffed with Spell stone and Firestone

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Warriors are classes that specialize in close combat, sliding more towards Melee Damage Per Second or Tanking because of their Stats. Rage is the main attribute that defines the abilities of a Warrior. Rage can be recharged with tanking damage from enemies or dealing damage to enemies.


PvP Scenario

The Top Spec with Warrior Class in the PvP scenario is no doubt Arms. When you use Mortal Strike, it reduces enemy target healing to around half. Therefore, you will require less utility to bring the enemy down.


In terms of Wrath, it now has an overall better dancing stance; it is because the fury tree has the Tactical Mastery on top, instead of a protected tree.


For spell reflection, you can effortlessly enhance your Defense Stance. There is no need to reduce healing if you are completely overpowering the enemy at the time of their casting.


Age of Blade storm is amongst the best Warrior Class PvP Scenario abilities to cleave arena enemy teams with higher DPS or put them to sleep in battlegrounds without any issue.


PvE Scenario

You require enhanced armor penetration and critical change. After that putting more focus on Ulduar and ICC will allow you to be in the league of best DPS, if not the best. Finally, getting Shadowmoon will make sure that you are at your peak.


WotLK Classic-3


In Phase 1, you are not considered a good Tank, but there won’t be any problem clearing the content with those Cheeky Clay Fights. The only issue is that besides Warrior, the other Tank Classes have a boost in WotLK Classic. You can also get WotLK Classic power leveling through a third party to effortlessly boost your Class without having to take the long part of farming, exploring, and missing out on the updates. Because of your better AoE Frets and AoE overall abilities, you won’t have to worry about aggro DPS pulling, especially in the dungeon area. To get that great frenzy buff, you will have to use the arms that give you that physical damage buff.


Pros of using Warrior

Slow Vigilance Area of Effect

Two-handed double Weapon

CDS Strong Defense


Ranged Pull



Shattering Throw

Combat Charge now

Spell Reflection



Hunters are a Ranged main Class that focuses on DPS with their Ranged weaponry like Crossbows, Bows, and Guns. Further, they have those friendly beasts along with them as well that can aid them in the WotLK Classic battle.


PvP Scenario

Beast cleave is the most popular PvP Scenario thing as most people like to go for that Marksman Beast Mastery. It composes of all the shaman enchantments, but in comparison to the Marksman, it has that less utility. It is great for early PvP Scenario because of Wrath because of the burst damage.

Survival Play is another thing that is associated with WOTLK Hunter Class, but it doesn’t compete with the Marksman because of less utility and burst damage. You can use Freezing Arrow, as it is much better in WOTLK Classic and shoots trap to the defined area. You can use it to have that Scatter Trap combo done.

Getting the Master Core allows your pet to cast on allies as well, which is a Four Second Cooldown ability. Then you get that Readiness that restarts the Hunter Cooldown, the Chimera shot is used to disarm and then the Cupid Cleave is present with your Hunter Class.


PvE Scenario

In WotLK PvE Scenario, the top ones are Marksman and Survival. The first one is much like that Warrior Class we discussed, requiring penetration for Armor. The second one, which is Survival, has an early game advantage. You can use the traps, put them down at the enemy location and it will proc lock and then cause the explosive version of the immolation trap without any cooldown.

You are pretty much getting free traps in WOTLK PvE Scenario here, but it is limited to 22 seconds. With beast mastery, you can effortlessly tame the devil’s souls and things alike. Most people use it as a spec for leveling, as it is super beneficial for solo farming.

Wraith of the Lich King expansion has changed the most class-related aspect of the game. Looking for more information on the features this expansion has to offer, you can visit Features of Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


Pros of Hunter

You can use a spell to call upon the pet who got stabbed

Silencing Shots

Faster in comparison to Cheetah



You probably have heard of Paladin somewhere because of how popular it is in WoW and the same carries for Classic WotLK. So, Paladins are a combination of Strength from Warrior and Holiness from Priest; you can simply call them Holy Knights. Their main is Protection, Damage and Healing combined.


PvP Scenario

In the WOTLK PvP Scenario, your best bet is Retribution as it provides you with burst damage, freedom dispels support and that is why it is the ideal choice for mid to top tier. You also have that blessing protection with you along with War Procs for instant heals and replenishment talent.


Holy Paladins are no doubt the best healer in the whole WOTLK Classic because of their abilities, especially the Beacon of Light. Honestly, it is an Over Powered ability when talking about the PvP Scenario, as you can heal two people constantly without any burden on Mana.


You can also turn the Crits of Holy Shock into the Light Flash Instantly. Worried about the Spell Pushback, well you now have a concentration aura that enhances your Mastery of Aura and also gives a reduction on Spell Pushback.


As for the Tank part, there is Full Plate Gear and divine shield cooldown, along with protection blessing to defend yourself against your foes.


WotLK Classic-4


PvE Scenario

Early on in the game, the Paladins have good gear scaling and are great for fighting on the cliffside. Further, they give with a cleave naturally, which isn’t that bad and you can start cleaving early on in the game. The cleave is because of their target abilities for the single enemy, and AOE abilities and you only have to go for a single seal change at the start to get that great Cleaving from start.


For the WotLK PvE Scenario, the Paladins should have that Divine Storm. The only issue with this is its cooldown. For this, you can get the Ice crown Citadel that comes with dual bonuses of 40 chances to reset the cooldown of this ability. Divine Storm is termed as the hardest ability in WOTLK PvE Scenario to hit targets.


You have the absolute peak survivability with Paladins, due to the Tank. There is off-the-roof damage and AOE Threat. Then, you also have that cooldown on divine protection that patches with the Aura Mastery to make the raid immune to the effects of silence.


Pros of Paladin

All target Holy Wrath and Exorcism

Sacred Shield

Single Target Taunt


Final Verdict

WoW WotLK Classic has a bunch of things completely changed from the regular WoW Classic, resulting in some Classes being better for the PvP and PvE Scenario. But the only issue is that you can't really bet on a Class unless you know what they are meant for and how to use them in WOTLK PvP and WotLK PvE Scenario. Therefore, we compiled this WoW Classic WotLK Guide to help you make up your decision on the best classes for these scenarios along with their plays in each case. You can get yourself WoW Classic TBC gold at the lowest rates as well and when WoW WotLK Classic officially releases, you can effortlessly transfer your TBC Classic Gold to the new expansion.


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