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  • Healers Guide in Wrath of the Lich King Classic
    By Danikhan2022-09-26 00:00:00

    Soon, Wrath of the Lich King will be released, and gamers are nearly ready to return and relive the adventure. Understanding the role and mechanics of healers is crucial since they will be an essential element in each stage of this expansion. Given that, this guide will discuss the various healing classes and recommend the ideal one for each scenario you may face in WotLK.


    WLK Healer -1


    WotLK Introduces the First Healing Legendary

    While numerous healers in the expansion have distinctive abilities, some stick out from the crowd. The expansion also includes Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, the first legendary weapon made just for healers. Since some healing specs benefit from this weapon more than others, it significantly influences a healer's gameplay. Val'anyr can be acquired from Ulduar, the second phase of the expansion.  This implies that you will have access to this legendary for more than half of the expansion, and it will significantly improve your guild's overall performance.


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    The Strongest Healing Specialization

    This honor goes to the Holy Paladins, who are by far the most potent healing class in the expansion. Paladins are becoming more effective Tank Healers with their newly acquired Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light. This will allow them to heal targets beyond their focus and will be able to give them a damage absorption shield.


    They were once regarded as one of the weakest healers in TBC, but they will often be utilized by guilds this time. Furthermore, their consequential direct heals work nicely with the splash healing from Glyph of Holy Light. New abilities on the Holy tree grant massive buffs to the Holy Light, and the cooldown for Holy Shock has also been lowered to 6 seconds. Despite their lack of mobility, Holy Paladins have an unrivaled healing toolset thanks to a combination of significant buffs and new skills. All this crowns the Holy Paladins as the best healer in WotLK. There's a lot more to this spec, and it'll be interesting to see how players use it.


    Best Healers for PvE

    The following list will include powerful healing specializations that provide a lot of healing and utility, sometimes with a distinctive attribute that makes them stand out.


    WLK Healer -2


    Restoration Druids were one of the most powerful healers in TBC. In Wrath of the Lich King, they are mostly unaltered with no significant nerfs or buffs.  This proves that they were relatively well designed from the start. This class design is still among the strongest of all healing specializations. You now have access to new powers, like Wild Growth, Nourish, and Revitalize, that only improve the class's strengths.


    When using the legendary weapon Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings, Wild Growth, and AoE healing for Restoration Druids seem very advantageous; these two abilities work well together. This class will be most effective in battles that need you to distribute out a lot of healing.


    In Wrath, Shamans serve as both raid and tank healers. They perform in the center of the pack for both tank and raid healing, but their outstanding utility more than makes up for it. To aid the raid, they also have a totem buff. They possess heroic or bloodlust traits for the mighty raid haste bonus of 30 and new abilities like Clean Spirit. They have the ability to provide tanks with a 10% physical damage reduction benefit following crucial healings. Restoration Shamans were among the top healers in TBC, although they dipped a little in WotLK Classic. Restoration Shaman's ranking down the list results from the blow they received from the nerfs to their heals and the significant mana increased costs. A low-geared shaman would have trouble completing the first heroics and dungeons, as well as novice raids, due to their setting up of totems and lengthy casting periods for each spell.


    However, they have some fantastic new tools for every circumstance thanks to their new quick healing powers with Riptide and Earthliving Weapon. Due to the options available to you, the Restoration Shaman has an extremely high skill ceiling, second only to the Holy Priest.


    Furthermore, another potent healer in WotLK would be Discipline Priests. Some would contend that they are superior to Holy Paladins in terms of their power. They also contribute 3% less damage suffered for the duration of the raid thanks to their several cooldowns, such as Pain Suppression, Power Infusion, and Inner Focus. They have outstanding mana management thanks to their Hymn of Hope, Shadowfiend, and Rapture.


    Discipline Priests critically avoid damage, and this spec is generally far better than they were in TBC. Penance is a powerful new double-tick quick heal. In contrast, you can apply time-honored techniques like the healing prayer, renews, and additional flash healing in 10 men. Additionally, you now have the skill rapture, which returns 2.5% of your mana when your shield is absorbed or extinguished.  Priests are the easiest to play as healers since they have the highest skill floor.


    According to many, Discipline Priests may surpass Paladins because of their high haste scaling, particularly in the later phases of the expansion.


    Further down the list, we have the Holy Priest, which has been greatly nerfed in WotLK. The Holy Priests are surprisingly still helpful healers despite all the nerfs they've gotten. They thrive in specific confrontations, particularly AoE, that need lots of rapid healing.


    Surprisingly, utilizing Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings significantly positively impacts Holy Priests. They do receive many procs, but regrettably, this healer specialty doesn't provide anything that other healers do. To make this spec work, you must be patient and have much spare time because you will continuously be hunting for groups.


    The outcome of any battle can dramatically change if you can save someone from dying. The spec's armament is strengthened, and their healing output is increased thanks to Serendipity, Empowered Renew, and Test of Faith. The most talented Holy Priest will succeed, fusing the versatility of the spec with their new skills to contribute to any group as a valuable member.


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    Other Healers

    Although they can be entertaining to play, you will have difficulty getting asked to raids. You may even discover that you are expelled from groups because of your poor healing, so if you are serious about the game, it is highly advised that you take any of the routes listed above to improve your chances of success in raids across the expansion.


    WLK Healer -3


    Choosing the Right Healers

    Paladins are the Alliance's best single-target healers. Indeed, this class outperforms all others in terms of single-target healing, which undoubtedly resulted in a lot of overhealing. In addition, its fast heal costs practically nothing compared to the amount of life it restores, and its illumination talent fully replenishes the mana used for critical heal spells. Running out of mana gets quite tricky with the appropriate equipment. It is unquestionably the greatest single-target healer at all stages of development, even without considering the advantages of the buffs the Paladin grants.


    Priests are the best healers in the Alliance for AoE healing. There is only one viable choice for you to choose from, which is unfortunate in order to guarantee the optimal AoE performance. The Priest is the only member of the Alliance who has AoE abilities. He is the only one who can swiftly reunite a group in danger if they are distributed based on fighting. Unfortunately, you only have one choice for multi-target care. The Priest is the only member of the Alliance with AoE capabilities. When divided into the appropriate groups, the class can rapidly identify a group as in danger.



    In conclusion, all healer specializations are amiable and enjoyable to play with, and you can quickly complete any PvE content. Still, certain specs outperform the others in terms of performance. Yes, Holy Paladins, we are referring to you. This WotLK Classic Best Healer Guide is meant to be a tool that assists you in making wise choices.


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