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Guide to Rogue in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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In WotLK Classic, everyone likes to pick a class that dominates the realm of damage or damage per second. In this case, you genuinely can't go wrong with the Rogue Class. Well, this article is all about this Class where we guide you on every aspect ranging from which race to pick, which profession to choose, gems to invest in, and enhancements that can get you the most out of this Class. So, without any further ado, let's hop straight into the guide itself.


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Basics about Rogue

There are various Rogue Builds you can make in WotLK Classic, like the Combat Rogue that utilizes axes, swords, maces, and other weaponry. There are even Assassin Rogues that are meant to dual-wield various weapons like daggers.


Guide to Race for Rogue Class

Horde Players


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If you are more tilted on the side of Hordes, then indeed your best options are none other than Trolls and Orcs. You can also pick the Un-dead and Blood Elves for Rogues. But, you need to keep in mind that their abilities are not the best fit for PvE raids or even maxing the min.

As we mentioned, there are various Builds for Rogues - for the Combat Rogue, you can genuinely pick the Orcs because of the various axes WOTLK Classic has to offer. For the Assassin Rogues, you can't go wrong with the Trolls. Further, the reason for picking them is.



There are Axe Specializations for Orcs that enhance the Axe expertise to around level 5. In WOTLK Classic, the DPS weapons are mostly axes for one-handed use. Further, there are even other skills like the Blood Fury that are considered incredible for Rogues.

This skill will give you around 322 power for attack and lasts for around 15 seconds. The cooldown is a bit more than usual, being 2 minutes minimum. Like any other skill, there is a drawback here, which is being Raw and doesn't scale with character power. Considering this, the Berserking on Troll is much more effective.

You can timely utilize this Skill to get the best out of your Combat Rogue. Finally, for the Orcs Race, one more considerable skill is Hardiness which gives you stun resistance. It can be useful in the PvE Content but don't get your hopes high in it for the win here.



Berserking is what Troll is all about and that solely makes it a top Race pick for Rogue Class. Berserking is a Racial Active Skill that needs to be enabled timely and only in this way you can get the maximum out of this skill.

This Skill gives you around 20 percent attack speed enhancement and lasts for a whopping 10 seconds. To enhance it even further, some experts use it during the burst window.

Besides this Skill, there aren't any top choices here, but you can consider Beast Slaying which gives you 5 percent more damage only when you kill beasts. The problem here is that there aren't quite many beasts around for you to kill, making it a type of seasonal skill.


Alliance Players


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On the other hand, if you favor Alliance, then there is only one option for you to truly pump that Rogue Class, considering you want to be a DPS PvE. Yes, we are talking about the Human Race, as there aren't other suitable choices out there. Below, we have a further explanation for picking Humans in our Guide to Rogue in WOTLK Classic.



Humans have a Specialization for Mace and Sword that makes them top tier for Rogue Class. With this specialization, you have an expertise of level 3 on respective weaponry. In simpler words, before you hit the limit/cap, you will be able to get a stackless hit rating.


In Wrath of the Lich King, you are bound to use the Axes or Swords for DPS and as a Human, you will probably stick with the Sword. Other Racials are also available but there isn't much to offer for PvE DPS content.


There are a few more considerations like Perception, Diplomacy, and Every Man for Himself. Diplomacy is great for grinds of Reputation but it doesn't quite give you a buff for damage. The other two are talents for PvP content.


Other Considerable Races

Well, you should only go for Humans, but if you want more choices you can go for Night Elves, Gnomes, and Dwarfs. There aren't any drawbacks for PvE content with these races, but there are also no benefits. So, they are meant for PvP Content mainly or you like playing with one of these races specifically.


One thing to keep in mind is that WLK Classic is constantly making changes to the Classes and Rogue Class is no exception. To keep yourself updated about the changes, you can check out WOTLK Classic Rogue Reddit.


Guide to Professions for Rogue Class 

Now that we are over with the Race selection for your Rogue Journey, let's get started with Professions in our Guide to Rogue in WOTLK Classic. There are only a few professions you can place your bet on and below we have all of them figured out for you.


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Engineering Professions

You can call this profession the king for Rogue because of how incredible it is in the PvE Scenario. The reasons for picking Engineering Profession are:


Sappers and Bombs explosives coming with AoE Damage.


Enchantment of Hyper-speed Accelerators that give you Haste Rating of 340 for 12 seconds and come with a cooldown of One Minute.


Enchantment of Nitro Boost that provides a Critical Rating of around 24. Further, it also gives you a speed boost for around 5 seconds after activation and comes with a whopping cooldown of 3 minutes.


Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing Profession

After Engineering Profession, the most viable options are Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting Professions. Both of them are equally great, making an amazing entry for PvE Content. The Reason for picking them are;


With Blacksmithing you can effortlessly have one more slot for the gem on your gloves or your bracers. If you utilize it, there can be a considerable difference in your stats through the gems.

With Jewelcrafting you can make your own gems. Some of the best gems you can get your hands on for Rogue Class are; Fractured Dragon's Eye (Armor Penetration Rating of +34), Bright Dragon's Eye (Attack Power +68), and Rigid Dragon's Eye (Hit Rating of +34).


Best Rogue Class Gem Choice

For the Meta Slot, you should choose the Relentless earth siege Diamond. It will give you around 3 percent more Critical Damage and 21 Agility.

For the Blue Slot, you should choose the Nightmare Tear. It will give you around 10 points boost for all stats.

For the red Slot, you should choose the Bright Cardinal Ruby. It will give you around 40 points boost on Attack Power.

For the Yellow Slot, you should choose the Pristine Ametrine. It will give you around 20 points boost for Attack Power and also a Hit Rating of 10.


Best Rogue Class Enchantment Choice

For the Weapon Slot, you need to use Enchant Weapon Berserking two times. It will give you a chance to enhance the power of attack to around 400 points.

For the Rings Slot, you need to use Enchant Ring Assault. It will give you an attack power of 40 points.

For the Head Slot, you need to use the Arcanum of Torment. It will give you 20 points boost on Critical Rating and an Attack Power of 50 points.

For the Shoulder Slot, you need to use the Greater Inscription of the Axe. It will give you 15 points boost on Critical Rating and Attack Power of 40 points.

For the Back Slot, you need to use the Enchant Cloak Greater Speed. It will give you a Haste Rating of 23 points.

For the Chest Slot, you need to use the Enchant Chest Powerful Stats. It will give you 10 points boost on All the Stats.

For the Bracers Slot, you need to use the Enchant Bracers Greater Assault. It will give you an Attack Power of 50 points.

For the Gloves Slot, you need to use the Enchant Gloves Crusher. It will give you an Attack Power of 44 points.

For the Belt Slot, you need to use the Eternal Belt Buckle. It will give you one more belt socket.

For the Pants Slot, you will have to use the Icescale Leg Armor. It will give a you Critical Rating of 22 points boost and an Attack Power of 75 points.

For the Boots Slot, you will have to use the Enchant Boots Greater Assault. It will give you the Attack Power of 32 points.


Final Verdict

In WotLK Classic, Rogues have some essential changes that tilt the whole Class like Poison Scaling with the Attack Power and so on. Further, just like any other class here you have to deal with various builds like combat and assassin builds. Therefore, to get the most out of your class, you will have to pick the right race, profession, gems, and enchantments. For this specific reason, we have here a guide on Rogue In WotLK Classic to help you make the best out of this Class.

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