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  • Guide to Melee DPS Ranking in WotLK Classic
    By Hasi2022-11-01 00:00:00

    For average players, ranking classes in WotLK Classic can be tricky but don’t worry, as we have your back with this melee DPS tier list. In Wrath of the Lich King Classic, deciding the suitable class for you is difficult without any tier lists. These tier lists are lists of classes and specializations that you can play. Although players can decide whichever class they want to choose, these lists can also give an idea about the benefits of other classes. Wrath Classic is very rich in classes as it offers some pretty good classes, but there are some losers that you need to stay away from. But still, each class serves a purpose in the game.


    WLK DPS-1


    Melee DPS Class - S Tier 

    Here are the top three melee DPS classes from the S tier that you should experiment with.


    Arms Warriors 

    Although arms Warriors were fragile in season five, they still made it to the top spot in the S tier for many reasons. In this season, warriors won’t be able to put up a performance because armor pens are available everywhere. Secondly, the damage of warriors is reduced to some extent, but they can still get it done one way or the other. On paper, warriors are at their lowest in season five, but with the right abilities and gameplay style, they can rule 3v3 and 2v2 encounters. To upgrade the arms warriors, you need some WotLK Classic gold, which can be purchased using real-life money to avoid the hassle of manually earning it.


    WLK DPS-2


    Subtlety Rogues

    At the start of the season, subtle rouges are a great option, but they start to deteriorate towards the end. Rouges is a very bursty melee class, all thanks to the severe ambush damage, weak stamina, and weak resilience. In 3v3 battles, they don’t perform too well in the wrong hands. With the right skills and strategy, you can manage these vulnerabilities and do wonders with rouges. The preparation resets all the much-needed cooldowns. Winning 2v2 and 3v3 matches are possible with rouges, especially in season 5 because of the top-tier compound.  


    WLK DPS-3


    Unholy Death Knights

    Like Subtlety Rouges, unholy Death knights are yet another contender for the most potent melee DPS in WOTLK Classic. First, they launch constant attacks on the primary healer in the enemy team to keep them under pressure so they can’t heal their teammates. Unfortunately, they don’t have any mortal strike effect, but they use diseases and traps to deal the same amount of damage. Due to low stats in season five, some characters won’t be able to last long on the battlefield except if you have a good healer.


    To overcome this issue, your healer needs to wear better equipment, such as cherished solace of the fallen. Unholy death knights work best in 2v2 battles and remain the strongest character for the course of expansion, even though they lose some strength towards the end. Till the end, it will be hard for you to choose between frost and unholy death knight. Both have complex skill rotation and priory.


    Melee DPS Class - A Tier

    Now that you know the top best tiers, it is time to search for some other tiers as backup options.


    Ret Paladin 

    The protective magic is the specialty of both single-handed and dual-handed Ret Paladin, and it is the best utility in the entire Wrath of the Lich King Classic game. Along with this magic, they develop two different team-wide defenses to protect their teammates. This includes the divine sacrifice and the hand of protection.


    WLK DPS-4


    If you have a paladin in your team, it will work as the second lifeline. For arena battles, you can use a combo of priest and paladin to have two magicians on the same team. Paladins don’t offer any abilities to interrupt or reduce the healing of enemies; they have to rely on their teammates for that purpose. This is why they are included in the A tier instead of the S tier.


    Feral Druid 

    Although feral druid is a great physical damage dealer to enemies, you can’t use him for one purpose only, and that’s melee DPS. This is because of his small size. On paper, they may look promising, but when it comes to reality, some limited options are available for compositions of the druid. It would help if you used a mage or a hunter character for the battle instead, especially those already trained. This way, the feral druid will have enough time to put peels and traps to good use and deal damage to foes. For better mana management, you should use a character that can recover some resources with a finger flick.


    Assassination Rogue

    In terms of overall performance, assassination rogues are a bit outdated, but they still made it to a tier for melee DPS in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Those who play as a rogue will receive a twenty percent healing boost thanks to the passive ability called quick recovery. There is also some protection from poison damage due to Ability rogue deadlybrew.png Rogue Deadly Brew ability. An assassination rogue will deal more damage than the subtlety rogue due to all the body shots he will land.


    For beginners, the rogue can be problematic because he lacks Ability rogue shadowstep.png Shadowstep ability that is very crucial for securing a win in the arena battles. When used against healers, rogues can defeat them even with limited mobility thanks to their high damage-dealing skills. Buying fast WotLK Classic power leveling can solve your problems, as you can upgrade your skills right from the start.


    Enhancement Shaman

    The cooldown of the feral spirits is very powerful in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, making the enhancement shaman even more powerful. If you decide on pet classes, keep in mind that gears don’t scale with the damage and crit of pets. In such a situation, you should use the base-level pet as their damage-dealing abilities will be at peak at that time. This also applies to the enhancement shaman.


    The biggest problem most players will face for S-tier melee DPS tiers is that most of these tiers will have either low mobility or don’t have any MS effect at all. This won’t affect their performance, but they must rely mainly on other teammates to use their effects and abilities. This becomes more visible during 3v3 battles.


    Melee DPS Class B Tier

    Now that all those high-end tiers are dealt with, it is time to move to low and mid-melee DPS. While these tiers are to give a better idea, you can still use some B-tier characters in the arena. Still, their usage will be minimal, and you will have to move to something better eventually to continue your journey. 


    Frost Death Knights

    For arena battles, frost death knights are very useful, although they feature fewer abilities than unholy death knights. They come packed with frost and hunger abilities and impenetrable armor to deal the most damage to enemies compared to any other setup in the current tier. The biggest reason most players don’t choose them is that they lack some abilities.


    This includes their poor management of pets. Due to this poor management, their CC is less than the unholy death knight. For the start of the expansion, the frost knight is a good choice, but you will have to move to a better option in the later stages. Frost death knight uses a one-handed weapon only. It offers a high area of effect damage, severe cleave damage, and severe single-target damage.


    Protection Warrior

    Protection warriors are better for the later stages than arms warriors as they offer good blocking with shield-slamming ability. They also make good use of power armor to scale their blocking skills. If you are planning to use a protection warrior, you should work on getting your hands on some good shields.

    Many players wonder why the fury is ranked at such a place in their tier list. This question is justifiable because it has a better passive effect due to furious attacks, but this effect isn’t enough.


    Fury can’t deal much damage during its training phases compared to arms warriors, so players try to avoid it. They use arms warriors instead because of their assault talent. MmoGah - a trusted site, provides gold for all the available realms in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Overall, no matter which melee class you choose, there will be at least one high-spec tier in that class. For Wrath of the Lich King Classic, melee classes are beneficial. You should only go with the low-tier melee spec when you don’t have any other option left. Players avoid low-tier melee for arena battles.


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