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Best DPS Class in WotLK Classic Phase 3

By Shirley Huang2023-05-05

Today we will talk about the best DPS in Phase 3 of Wrath of the Lich King. We're not only going to be factoring in the best DPS but also classes, actually bringing the most of the raids. After all, Trial of the Crusader (ToC) is the ultimate challenge running a raid, and you're going to get through the raid with as few wipes as possible.



Subtlety Rogue and Frost Mage

We've got our Subtlety Rogue and Frost Mage. Although you could theoretically pump with either of these specs, it's a better option for PvE.


wlk dps-1 


BM Hunter

We've got the BM Hunter. There are two better 100 specs unless you're just playing to have fun. I don't see a point in bringing a Beast Master and rounding out the C tier.


Arms Warrior

We've also got the Arms Warrior. Because Arms Warriors have a reputation for bottoming out the meters, it doesn't make sense for the best players to play them. The best Warriors have re-rolled into either Fury or Protection Warrior, and they've driven the averages down even more and moved into the B tier.



Destruction Warlock

I have a lot working against it in phase 3. The average fights are pretty long, about 4:30 each, and you don't really offer much to the rain in terms of a unique boss or debuffs. Ultimately, ToC is a challenge running, and speed running rates, so you're not going to see a lot of real respects that don't add a lot to the raid. That being said, Destruction Warlock actually does scale really well, especially with haste, so you might see a couple.


wlk dps-2 


Ele Shaman

Ele Shamans are pretty great in ToC. Obviously, they can choose dual spec to Resto, so they can heal for any fight they need to. Adding the new Fire Elemental change is really nice. Ele Shamans are going to be incredibly desirable as well for 10-man, and even though I don't personally respect Ele Shaman damage as much as everybody else, they are basically within 10% of the top specs.


Feral Druid

I know Feral Druids scale really well in ToC and Icecrown Citadel (ICC), and they're going to get a lot of benefits from the armor fan, but Feral Druids have a really low skill floor and a really high skill ceiling, coupling that many of the top tier Feral Druids have moved to other specs like Affliction Warlock leads me to rank Feral pretty low.



I personally play a Boomkin in some fights, and I really do enjoy the gameplay. From my experience, they dominate on fights like hoe deer, and they do Sim really well, but a lot of the strengths of Boomkin aren't going to be taken advantage of into the team. For example, there's no trash in ToC, so you're not going to be able to open any big packs, even in fights like a new Barak. I just don't see Boomkin really topping the meters now.


A Tier

Shadow Priest

I've been playing a Shadow Priest, and I really do enjoy the gameplay. Not only are Shadow Priests an incredibly valuable asset to your raid, but you could also use Dual Spec or Holy anytime you need since ToC is going to be all about minimizing wipes and maximizing safety. I really think Shadow Priests will shine, but there is no denying that Shadow Priests are on the lower end of the DPS scale.


wlk dps-3


Arcane Mage

Arcane Mages are going to be way less popular in ToC. That being said, I really do think they're still viable. My friend in the GDK API man sometimes plays Arcane, and he still absolutely pumps, but there's definitely going to be a better and more popular Mage spec coming up if you're excited about some big Mage damage and ToC.


Marksmanship Hunter

We have Marksmanship Hunters and Ulduar gear. Marksmanship Hunters do really the same well right now, plus they're going to scale extremely well in ToC.


Enhance Shaman

Enhance Shamans are definitely going to be pumping at ToC, and they're way better with the fire Elemental change. Plus, it's extremely easy to get into a Raiders and Enhance Shaman, especially in that 10-man raid.


Fury Warriors

I'm currently leveling my Fury Warriors, and I'm really excited to play in phase 3, even in Ulduar right now. If you're fully pissed out on a Warrior, you're more than viable. With the new armor penetration gear coming in Phase 3, things are only going to get better for you; that being said, the set bonuses in Phase 3 aren't really that mind-blowing for Warrior; you may have to wait until ICC to unlock your true potential.


wlk dps-4


Ret Paladin

Ret Paladins are really awesome and raised right now. They bring so much utility to the raid with their sacks and buffs, plus they're doing actually really high DPS now, at least compared to before. The only thing I can see slowing down Ret Paladins in Phase 3 is that their tier 9.5 set bonus isn't that great.


Survival Hunter

Survival Hunters are ready to come into this list and not raid Survival Hunters at highlight; by looking back at my previous raids, I've noticed that Survival Hunters are always near the top of the DPS meters. They just absolutely pump, and things are just gonna only look better in ToC.


S Tier

Demo Warlock

They're always near the top of the DPS meters and always consistent, so that analogy didn't really make any sense, but Demo Warlocks are going to be pumping, although they're almost always going to be near the top five of the DPS meters. Their scaling isn't that amazing, but one class that does have amazing scaling is Frost Death Knight.


wlk dps-5


Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knights are going to love their gear in ToC. I know things are different now, but back in the original ToC, Frost Death Knights were always near the top of the meters. That being said, you're not going to reach your maxed-out armor-penetrating form until ICC.


Combat Rogue

Combat Rogue scale amazingly with gear, and I would have thought they would have overtaken Assassination by now, but for whatever reason, the Assassination is just slightly ahead of them right now, and it looks like that'll continue in ToC.


Assassination Rogue

One of my theories for why Assassination Rogues are out of DPS and Combat Rogues. There are a lot of the best Combat Rogues that gravitated toward Assassination. I can tell you from personal experience that I played with the second-best Assassination Rogue on NA, and he absolutely dominates in every fight.



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Unholy DK

I was all good and ready to raid Unholy DK, but when I talked to some experts and some private server players, they just kept bringing up that tier 9.5 stat bonus, the tier 9.5 set bonus is considered to be so good that you might even use it over the tier 10.5.


Affliction Warlocks

I know Affliction Warlocks are just absolutely dominating the meters right now, and you're going to be pretty miffed that I move them down, or they just don't quite scale as amazingly as everybody else.


Fire Mage

Number one - Fire Mage is going to be topping the meters on most fights in ToC. Their gear is just scaling them so incredibly well. They're built for these medium-length fights; they're just gonna Dominate. Mage would just become way too powerful, so the best DPS classes are in phase 3 of Wrath of the Lich King, but there's some really key information every DPS player needs to know before they go into the phase.


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