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Wrath Classic Phase 3 DPS Rankings Guide

By Hasi2023-03-21

WotLK Phase 3 is expected to be released in April; however, the new content it contains is available here, including Trial of the Crusader, a mini-raid that few players remember fondly, and Onyxia, a level 80 raid monster from Classic. Although some of the monsters in Trial of the Crusader are single-target, most are engaged in cleave-type engagements with 1-4 ads. This significantly shifts the meta toward specs with more single-target and cleave-type damage at the expense of AoE-focused specs. 


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In addition, armor penetration is now a standard stat on gear rather than a trinket proc, and gear is much more potent at this tier; Buy Wotlk Classic Gold and Purchase Wotlk Classic Boost can help to enhance your gear in WotLK which is beneficial for physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.


Phase 3 DPS Rankings: S-Tier

Classes that do the greatest damage and are most useful in the current meta are considered in the S-Tier. As a result of their exceptional performance, recruiters tend to seek out people with specific backgrounds in greater numbers.


Frost Death Knight

Those who played during the WotLK era may recall that Thassarian's Battlegear, the Tier 9 set for Death Knights, was severely nerfed shortly after the introduction of the Tower of the Champion (TotC) due to its compelling set benefits. Despite reducing the set bonus, Frost DKs are still among the most powerful classes in the game and rank first in the S tier.


Unholy Death Knight

Like our Frost brethren, we benefit significantly from the set benefits granted to us by the DK Tier 9 set, Thassarian's Battlegear, which allows us to advance to the S-tier immediately. We gain an arguably better advantage than they do since the 4-set boost used to also apply to Icy Touch (a Frost mainstay), but this was swiftly nerfed so that it just applies to Blood Plague, which is our domain.


Fire Mage

Atop the S-tier, where they belong, Fire Mages are dreadful at delivering awe-inspiring critical hits on their enemies. Thanks to the 45-50% crit probability our TotC gear provides, we've been on a real Hot Streak recently.


Hot Streak continuously triggers enormous damage, and we ultimately surpass Arcane in almost every respect. The fact that the set bonuses for our Tier 9 set (Khadgar's Regalia) were almost made for Fire is undoubtedly an enormous assist!


Marksmanship Hunter

Gunslingers have taken to the streets! After floating about the A-tier for some time, they finally break through to the coveted S-tier because of the massive quantities of armor penetration gear they can get from the Trial of the Crusade raid and their amazing scaling. The strength of their scaling allows them to overlook that the Marksmanship set benefits they get from their Tier 10 (Windrunner's Battlegear) gear are abysmal.


Phase 3 DPS Rankings: A-Tier

Strong DPS specializations in the A-Tier provide a lot of damage and usefulness without providing the maximum attainable damage output. On the other hand, buying WotLK boost can also help you maximize your damage output. Each kind will have many representatives in most raid groups; let's explore all of them.


Arcane Mage

Battles in WotLK Phase 3 seldom last too long, and they rely heavily on doing single-target damage. This is a perfect set-up for Arcane Mages, often considered the best. At this phase, our Fire siblings accelerate so rapidly that most Arcane Mages won't have time to celebrate their Arcane BlastArcane Blast crits before switching to Fire. 


wlk dps-2


Combat Rogue 

Unfortunately, WotLK Phase 3 relegates Combat Rogues to the high echelons of the A-tier after giving them a taste of the S-tier. It's a valid question, considering that the conditions for Battle are perfect, with TotC gear being efficient and packed to the gills with armor penetration. 


Fury Warrior

Astute readers may have noted that Fury has finally risen another rung, entering the WotLK Phase 3 A tier. There's no denying the explanation: Armor penetration, the Fury equivalent of jet fuel, is abundant in WotLK Phase 3 equipment. Our Tier 9 set (Wrynn's Battlegear) has two tepid set bonuses, especially compared to what some other kids at school received for Christmas. Blizzard is trying to hold us back.


Feral Druid

The Feral Druids' impressive performance in Phase 2 is temporarily halted in Phase 3, as they fall from first place on the S-tier to midway through the A-tier. Although the high amount of armor penetration on TotC gear significantly improves their damage, it is not enough to compensate for the mediocre set benefits they get at Tier 9 (Malfurion's Battlegear).


Assassination Rogue

The WotLK Phase 3 is a strange time for assassination rogues. Their single-target damage is substantial, even exceptional, and they can easily compete with the top teams, which is why we are in the A-tier. But they're slowly losing air, much like the balloons you left up for your kid's sixth birthday party but never bothered to take down. 


Survival Hunter 

Survival, like Assassination Rogues (albeit perhaps in a somewhat better position), is precarious. The weakness in our scaling is becoming apparent, as our key strength from Phase 1, our magical damage that ignores armor, is rendered useless against the massive quantities of armor penetration discovered on WotLK Phase 3 equipment.


Retribution Paladin

Retribution finally breaks into the A-tier, but only at the very bottom. In WotLK Phase 3, the odds are stacked against the poor Ret, so they made it this far. Scaling-wise, they're OK, but in WotLK Phase 3, they don't gain as much from the new armor penetration gear since so much of their damage is Holy, which doesn't harm armor.


Phase 3 DPS Rankings: B-Tier

Damage specializing in the B-Tier is quite average. Its damage output is sufficient to keep them in the game, but it pales compared to A-tier specializations. Although they may lack raw damage, their usefulness often makes up for this, making them worth carrying anyway. With the help of WoW Gold WotLK, you can increase your damage output while playing phase 3.


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Shadow Priest

At WotLK Phase 3, Shadow Priests are a mixed bag. As a result of mediocre scaling and two generally uninspired set bonuses on their Tier 9 set, Velen's Regalia, their single-target damage remains lackluster. However, the boss battles in this phase are a boon to them since they have several targets to DoT up and may "hide" their fundamental vulnerability this way. 


Balance Druid

Boomkins consistently occupy the top rung of the B tier. As has been the case since Phase 1, the set bonuses on their Tier 9 set (Malfurion's Regalia) are respectable, but they cannot compete with the single-target damage of other classes.


However, with Shadow Priests, most encounters in this tier rely heavily on cleave; thus, they can mostly cover this vulnerability with Starfall Starfall and their damage-over-time spells. With a Boomkin, you probably won't lead the DPS charts, but you'll still be quite effective, and the rest of the raid will appreciate your versatility.


Affliction Warlock

Affliction When out and about on their bicycle, Warlock had a terrible mishap when they tripped and fell, fracturing many bones. Because of the fractures, the doctor has ordered them to rest in the second division for a time. The physician told Timmy, "I'm sorry, little Timmy, but Drain Life cannot genuinely repair a shattered kneecap."


Demonology Warlock

Demonology is no better than Affliction and is relegated to the second rank of fantasy literature. That may seem counterintuitive, given that the 2-set benefit from Tier 10's (Kel'Thuzad's Regalia) is almost intended for Demonology.


Still, it merely increases our single-target damage, an area in which we are already weak. Our cleave damage is substantially less spectacular than our AoE damage in the last phase. Consequently, Demonology Warlocks in WotLK Phase 3 are primarily there for the Demonic PactDemonic Pact bonus since their damage notably falls.


Enhancement Shaman 

It's a difficult time for Everybody in terms of feelings. Single-target damage is far more crucial than in the previous phase. Enhancement is somewhat competent in this regard, mainly because armor penetration is now a standard feature of their equipment. However, cleaving is crucial at this stage, and as Enhancement, we have little to any.


Elemental Shaman

A time of intense slicing! Every Elemental Shaman in history cheers as they sample the B-tier for the first time. This is the first time chain Lightning has been beneficial in Elemental history. Conjure up a swarm of lightning bolts. This helps compensate for their lackluster single-target damage, exacerbated by the mediocre set bonuses offered by our Tier 10 gear, Thrall's Regalia.


Even while your damage as an Elemental won't be very high, it will be higher than in earlier stages. Your utility will provide guilds with a solid reason to keep bringing you along, even if they did so previously when your damage was lower.


Phase 3 DPS Rankings: C-Tier

It's safe to say that the C-tier-specializations Tier's aren't mighty in terms of DPS. Despite their limitations, they are nonetheless playable and sometimes provide helpful buffs and debuffs, and they are almost always enjoyable. Unfortunately, you won't have the easiest time getting a raid group, and you probably won't be towards the top of DPS meters with these specs. But with the help of  WotLK power leveling, you can quickly get a raid group and enhance your gaming experience.


Destruction Warlock

As the old adage goes, "all good things must come to an end," and with that, our short stay in the second tier has also ended. While the Tier 10 set (Kel'Thuzad's Regalia) does not effectively repair our vulnerabilities, the destruction continues to deal mediocre damage. As the 4-set benefit is, at most, "OK," we don't even come close to making up for our lack of cleave damage during a cleave-heavy phase, despite the Empowered skill allowing us to extract a surprising amount of value out of the 2-set boost. Most Warlocks will revert to Affliction at this period since our ShadowfuryShadowfury gimmick is unnecessary.


wlk dps-4


Arms Warrior

Say it with me: "Oh boy, a cleave-heavy phase?! Now it's pouring through the armor! Arms Warrior: "Even my cup has armor penetration on it?" from WotLK Phase 3. While those things are true, and Arms is a highly powerful cleave spec, the terrible truth is that our Tier 10 set (Wrynn's Battlegear) contains lackluster benefits that do nothing to patch up our poor single-target damage.


You'll cause the most damage at the beginning of the encounter as you Bladestorm a few foes, and then your damage output will drop to its lowest point. Fortunately, things are looking up for Fury.


Beast Mastery Hunter

BM Hunters reading this are likely psyched for this phase because of the Windrunner's Battlegear 4-set bonus, part of the Tier 10 set. This highly potent proc increases our damage fairly, but it's insufficient to register on the damage meters as a severe threat. For the time being, our single target is adequate, but our cleave isn't outstanding. However, there is now no use in becoming BM in WotLK Phase 3 since Marksmanship is flourishing and has reached the S tier.


Phase 3 DPS Rankings: D-Tier

Put, specs in the D-tier are considered to be not viable. They can be fun to play, but you will struggle to get invited to raids when playing one of these, and you may even get kicked from groups, as your damage will be terrible.


Blood Death Knight

The Death Knight Tier 9 set (Thassarian's Battlegear) is compelling, but even that is sadly not enough to bring our damage to par with some of the weakest damage-dealing specs. HysteriaHysteria will still be the only reason to bring an extra Blood DK along, but the sad reality is that they'd be better off as a tank anyway.


Subtlety Rogue

The PvP-ish encounter in the Trial of the Crusader raid might have you think there's merit in bringing the PvP-focused Rogue specialization along, but, alas… no. The damage is still just too bad.


Frost Mage

Like with Subtlety, having a Frost Mage won't help you with the pseudo-PvP boss fight here, unfortunately. Go, Fire, burn some monsters instead.


Final Thoughts

The WotLK Phase 3 DPS Rankings show that the classes with the highest DPS are Death Knight, Marksmanship Hunter, and Mage, with Warrior, Rogue, and Monk trailing behind. These rankings demonstrate the power of the newer classes available in WotLK and the resilient performance of the classic classes. On the other hand, you play effectively with more damaging skills after purchasing your package from As such, players should consider these rankings when choosing a class for their next raiding adventure.

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