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  • Tips for Getting Torchlight Infinite Currency Fast
    By Ansley2022-11-04 00:00:00

    Torchlight: Infinite is a new ARPG game developed and published by XD Inc, and its first season in Beta launched on October 12th, 2022. Players who have played PoE or Diablo 2 may have familiar feelings about this game, as it's a PoE and Diablo 2 clone. But it still has so many unique features that are worth experiencing, like new mechanisms, skills, items, picture styles, and economic systems.


    Among these features, Torchlight Infinite currency is particular. Besides being the main core of trading, it also has functions like crafting a weapon and adding affixes. And there are a lot of types. For example, Essence Ember can increase damage. Vigor Ember can restore life in defeat. All of these are the gear's indispensable portion. Knowing how to get Torchlight Infinite currency fast can put you ahead of other players. Now, what do you need to do?


    Set the Filter to None

    The first thing is Loot Item Filter settings because it is very important for what you will get.


    Once you hit level 15, you will set your filter to basic, intermediate, or advanced to get specified items like legendary gear.


    But please set the filter to none if you want to get currency. Because the loot filter doesn't just filter out loot; it also filters out low-level crafting materials and lots of other goodies, including some currency and low-value items.


    By setting the Auto loot free, you will loot for everything on the ground.


    So ultimately, players will get many more crafting materials with a no-loot filter.


    Tips for Getting Torchlight Infinite Currency Fast none filter


    Use the Currency Exchange function of the Trade House

    As we mentioned, inside this game trade house, there is a basic community-driven currency exchange function. You can directly exchange one currency for another.


    For example, click the buttons as the picture shows.


    Tips for Getting Torchlight Infinite Currency Fast content 2


    If players have 33 Flame Sand, they can purchase 1 Flame Elementium.


    Tips for Getting Torchlight Infinite Currency Fast search



    But sometimes, there are so many pages, and players may flip ten or even more pages to find an available purchase. Here we provided a solution.


    Use a Website

    Players can list items on the trade house for sale. But this needs other players to make a purchase. If there are no buyers at the moment, you may have to wait for some time.


    So, to get the currency easily and fast, you can choose a trusted third-party website to buy directly, like MmoGah. As an experienced and professional online shop, we have varied Torchlight Infinite Currency like Flame Elementium for sale. Buying Torchlight Infinite Currency using a site like ours can ensure that someone will buy your item immediately, and you don't have to scroll through pages to find the right purchase, which is a time-saving option, much easier, and more convenient.