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RuneScape News: Vic the Trader + Hati, Skoll and Fenrir

Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir return - bolster your Bonus XP with the Wolf Pack! Vic also returns to RuneScape this week. Find out all about it right here.



Vic the Trader

First off, Vic the Trader has returned once again, you can find him south of the Burthorpe lodestone. This time unaccompanied by his brother Ric which was in Menaphos, he will alone be in Burthorpe. Vic has also updated his store with shiny new items: the Sunfury outfit (200 credits per piece) and the Nature’s Sentinel outfit (500 credits per piece). 

You turn in any bonus xp you may not want to Vic and get credits in return then you can use your credits to buy various things from his shop. So head on down to Burthorpe and go check it out.


Please click for more information about Youtuber Large Gats who brought us this news, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




Hati, Sköll, & Fenrir

The Fremennik wolves are back. They are Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir. Killing those will give you cosmetic outfits and XP rewards. Chat with Vali and Vitharr for more information. 



If you are looking to kill Hati, he will be found in the woods south-east of Rellekka. He drops Hati paws, which grant bonus combat experience, as well as a cosmetic cloak and hood. 



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If you want to go fight with Skoll, it can be found by adding 120 logs to the bonfire west of the Rellekka entrance. He drops Sköll boots, which grant bonus experience in Agility or Woodcutting, and a cosmetic amulet. 




Finally, if you are looking to kill Fenrir, he can be found south-east of Rellekka near the Golden Tree. He drops Fenrir's tooth, which rewards players with bonus experience in either Herblore or Summoning, as well as cosmetic gear for the body and legs. 



If you kill both Hati and Sköll, you have a chance to get either the helmet or the spear belonging to Eir, which can be returned to her at the Golden Tree in exchange for bonus Prayer or Divination XP. If you are unable to kill the wolves or unable to get one of those items from the drops of the wolves, you can choose to harvest enriched wisps (at the colony south-east of Rellekka), you will receive either the helmet or the spear, and in order to get the other piece, you have to trade with another player. 

Please note that you will never receive a cosmetic drop that you already possess. Furthermore, ironmen will not be party to bonus XP.


Solomon’s Store Sales

Next, we are going to talk about some 50% off bargains available to you during week three of the sale:

•  Death by Air

•  Armchair Warrior Resting

•  Arcane Smelting

•  Magician Teleport

•  Sad Walk

•  Lightning Blast

•  Party Pack

•  Linza Pack

•  Warborn Behemoth

•  Wicked Pouch

•  Overlord

•  Skeletal Wings

•  Nefarious Edge

•  Skyguard Outfit

Patch Notes

Here are the highlights from this week’s patch notes:

•  A number of the messages typically received on login have been removed or tweaked.

•  The following can now be toggled on/off in the chat settings:

          •  Player-owned port voyage complete messages

          •  Player-owned port random flavour messages

          •  Eastern lands login messages

          •  Daily challenge login messages

•  The Dungeoneering map now reliably reopens for all party members when joining a dungeon.

•  The players who were previously unable to take advantage of the 2-for-1 RuneMetrics Premier Club offer can now do so.

•  Players can now auto-redeem Dungeoneering token bags and cash bags won from Treasure Hunter.

•  Holiday Parade no longer plays in the Grand Exchange. It has been automatically unlocked upon login for players who did not take part in the 2017 Christmas event.

•  Skill plot icons will now appear in Dungeoneering Sinkholes!

•  Players can now combine used variants of the Scrimshaw of Corruption, Aggression and Sacrifice.

For the full list, visit the patch notes forum thread.


Live Streams this Week 

Tuesday, January 16th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – RuneScape Content Showcase

Check out what the RuneScape team is currently working on – get exclusive teasers and all the latest on upcoming updates. Available on Twitch and YouTube – don’t miss out!

Sunday, January 21st – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Join the resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday!


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