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Old School RuneScape the Seed Vault

Today, let our MmoGah share the newest release of the highly anticipated Old School RuneScape Seed Vault with you! During the process of your game, you can buy some items on our website, including OSRS gold, OSRS Fire Cape and some other things you want to get in the game.

The Seed Vault


The Farming Guild in Kebos has added a brand new Seed Vault where stores a variety of seeds. These seeds are separated by type, and you can add your best-loved ones to their own section-perfect for establishing your Farming runs. Nevertheless, especially note that it doesn’t store quest seeds but only standard ones.


The following words from Mod Maz are about the project:

The seed vault starting out as a project to add to the Farming Guild was originally set up by Mod Munro. Account of his departure, it was left without an owner to run it continually. By chance, the originality is just loved by Mod Maz and he loves farming very much so he would like to transform the skill into the game Old School RuneScape. In light of this fact, he made full use of his own time to get the most of the interface working and then he brought it into the deviation officially, which spurred him to spend enough time on it to make it more easier to players.


It characterizes buttons similar to the bank for withdrawing and storing seeds in order that you can get to them quickly. Even better is the favourite slot characteristics - 8 slots you can direct what seeds to contain, either by dragging and dropping or right-clicking any of the seeds in the vault. When this is 8 slots at present, if needed, it could be increased by a few in the future. The list on the left panel asks you to swiftly hop between categories of seed in case you are unwilling to use the favourite feature.


Above of this, some players emphasized to Mod Maz the Miscellania Kingdom gives seeds, and well, he has also integrated the seed vault into that functionality. If you already have the seeds you want to receive in the seed vault, the seeds will go into your seed vault, rather than your bank. Otherwise, your bank will be used.


The project wasn’t that difficult technically. With any project with usability features, due to the subjectivity, there is no standard answer to what is best and some of the feedback from playthroughs reflected the same consideration he had made while designing it. From time to time, there is no a just appropriate method to perform one feature, which can lead to different people to wish things to take on in diverse ways. Thus, to balance and rationalize to make better decisions can be intractable. However, the owner hopes he has achieved a decent result with the method that he has tried his best to think out.


The present owner enjoys running the project and has been improving it all the time, so if you have any doubt having troubled you for a long time or beneficial suggestions, you can feed back to him at any time.


Because the seed vault is too powerful for the game mode, it isn’t available to the Ultimate Ironmen. Also, you can know more about the update by clicking on the following video.



OSRS Upcoming Ironman Change: Cannons


Although fixing the situation that there are a few mechanics in Old School RuneScape that threaten the completeness of the Ironman pattern is a tough affair, the official still tries its best to tackle it step by step.


One problem is the use of cannons on alt accounts to attract monsters. This is accomplished by reducing the alt’s attack bonuses to a point that the Cannon never hits, which artificially

promotes the XP rates for Ironman accounts.


While present rules and mechanics permit this, it goes against the spirit of the mode without doubt. To retain the value of Ironmen, it is vital that the best ways of gaining experience or items don’t depend on interactions with other accounts. Well, you can buy OSRS Accounts at our MmoGah. It will provide you with favourable price and considerate services by our 24/7 online reps.


A change in next week’s update will alleviate the issue. The official’s plan is to give Cannons a small chance to tackle 1 damage even players with low accuracy. These changes should restrict NPC being able to be lured by alternate accounts only for Ironmen.


Meanwhile, if you would like to know more news related to the update or attack strategies, click on our news page RuneScape News to search information conducive to your play.





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