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Clue Scroll Overhaul of RuneScape are Coming

By Delia Woolf2018-02-28

Clue Scroll Overhaul

It’s the week you’ve been waiting for! Didn’t think we’d forgotten, did you? The Clue Scroll Overhaul of RuneScape is here, as promised — the perfect hangover cure for Double XP burnout.

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Master scrolls

Looking for a new challenge? Take on Master-tier, full of harder, all-new clues and puzzles, and show us what you’re made of.

You can get them by completing any easy to elite clue scroll; furthermore, any method that drops an elite clue scroll has a small chance of upgrading it to master. Premier Club Gold members get one pro bono — available to claim until 11th March!

Hidey holes

Conserve that precious inventory space by stashing the items you need for emote clues in hidey holes, which can be found close to your clue coordinates.


We’ve made some of our old Clue Scroll rewards available to non-members, which freed up some room. As such, you can now get your hands on over 60 new rewards, including:

•Ice dye

•Second-Age Saradomin armour

•Robin Hood outfit (including the higher-level elite version)


•Evening dress


•New dragon masks

•And much more!

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Globetrotter outfit

Grass greener elsewhere? Swap your clue for something new with the Globetrotter outfit, and even teleport to clue locations! The clinch? You’ll look positively stylin’.

Your feedback

You spoke, we listened. Here’s some of what’s changing on your account:

•Use Meerkats to increase your scan range

•Let our new animation tell you when you’re onto something

•Save up rewards in stackable caskets, then open them all in one go

•Get up to 25 unstarted clues of each tier to begin when you want

•Uri and the Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix wizards get a fresh lick of paint

What else is new

•Improved drop tables

•A new hub for all your clue scroll needs, south of the Grand Exchange

•Hiscores for clues completed, categorised by tier

•A collection log (it’s been tracking your winnings since October)

Jump in now to check it all out!



March Game Pack

Want to send sparks flying? Look no further than the new Lightning Weapon overrides!

Redeem a red or green prepaid card anytime between 1st March and 31st March to get your hands on the following:

•Thunder’s Edge override (one-handed sword)

•Thunder’s Greatblade override (two-handed sword)

•Storm Strike override (bow)

•Storm Sceptre override (staff)

Premier Club members can alternatively use a Premier Club token from the 1st March on the ‘Lightning Weapons’ option to redeem all four for free!



Angels Scapes partnership

We've partnered up with Golden Gnome-winner Angels Scapes and will be offering her range of RuneScape and Old School pins exclusively on the official RuneScape Merchandise store!

Check out the range here. We intend to add to this initial collection on a monthly basis, depending on the feedback we get from you guys.

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