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PoE 3.9 Metamorph: Toxic Rain Build - Trickster Shadow

By Michel Z2020-01-10

This Toxic Rain build which does not cost you much Path of Exile currency. The leveling difficulty is normal, and the most budget bow you can use is Quill Rain. If PoE currency is not a problem for you, you can go for a rare bow. Please click Path of Exile Builds's video for more details on the Toxic Rain build - Trickster Shadow:


Budgetmeter: Cheap

The most budget bow you can use is Quill Rain that costs 1 Chaos orb. Also, an Empower level 3 costs 20 Chaos orbs. (This is valid for January 4th of 2019, items prices usually vary over time)



General Strength

Clear speed: 5 Stars

Boss damage: 5 Stars

Survivability: 4 Stars



Look for these stats on rare Path of Exile items:

Chaos damage

Projectile damage

Damage over time

Chaos DoT multiplier

Attack speed

Elemental resistance




Mandatory Flask: Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Acceleration

· Level 65, ilvl: 83

· 11% increased Attack Speed during Flask effect

· 25% reduced Duration

· Flask Effect is not removed at Full Mana

· Fixed price: 5 Chaos orbs



· An Enduring Mana Flask is mandatory for this build

· Look for “Attack Speed During Flask Effect”. Or, if you have more PoE currency, “Immune to Curses During Flask Effect”



Recommended Uniques

Quill Rain 


· Quill Rain is an awesome budget bow for this build, it grants 100% attack speed.

· This bow costs only 1 Chaos orb and can be used since level 5.




· Some people might be more comfortable with a Silverbough as budget weapon, it grants +1 level of socket gems, +1 level of socketed bow gems and 10% attack speed.



Quill Rain vs. Silverbough

· I’ve tried both, and Silverbough has more damage. On the other hand, Quill Rain has a very smoother clear speed without having problems with bosses.

· I personally would pick Quill Rain.



Expensive Rare Bow

Miracle Fletch Thicket Bow

· Level: 64, Dexterity: 179, ilvl: 81, Max sockets: 6 (6)

· +1 to level of Socketed Gems

· +1 to level of Socketed Bow gems

· +36% to Dexterity

· +26% to Damage over time multiplier

· +13% increased attack speed

· +39% to Chaos damage over time Multiplier

· Total +2 to level of Socketed bow gems

· Total 13% increased attack speed

· Total +26% to damage over time multiplier

· Total +39% to chaos damage over time multiplier

· Fixed price: 4 Exalted orb


If PoE currency is not a problem for you, you can go for a rare bow:

· +1 level of socketed gems

· +# level of socketed bow gems

· Damage over time multipllier

· Attack speed



Recommended Uniques

Inpulsa's Broken Heart


· This body armour grants up to 80 life, 50% increased damage, 25% increased shock effect.

· It also grants shock immunity and makes shocked enemies explode dealing AoE damage.

· It increases a lot our clear speed.

· It’s my first choice because Skitterbots keep shocking your enemies and with Inpulsa’s explosions we get a really satisfying gameplay.

· Unfortunatelly, it’s not so cheap and it’s hard to get 2red + 4greeen sockets.



Belly of The Beast

· Best alternative for Inpulsa’s is Belly of The Beast. It grants 40% increased maximum life, 15% to all elemental resistances and it’s really cheap.

· It’s also super easy to get 2red + 4greed sockets.



Starkonja’s Head 


· 10% Attack Speed

· 25% Critical Chance

· Up to +100 Life

· Huge Evasion Buff in times of need (when on low life)

· Awesome helmet for this build



In this article, I only showcase unique items, please find this build on for all equipment recommendations. There you’ll find dozens of examples for all pieces of your gear, and 100% of the content is free for all.


Recommended Flasks


Mandatory Flask: Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Acceleration

· Level 65, ilvl: 83

· 11% increased Attack Speed during Flask effect

· 25% reduced Duration

· Flask Effect is not removed at Full Mana

· Fixed price: 5 Chaos orb



Divine Life Flask

· Your Divine Life Flasks must have Instant Recover

· To maximize your defenses, look for “Immune to Bleeding” and “Immune to Freeze and Chill” as secondary stats



Silver Flask

· Awesome flask for having the onslaught buff all the time

· Best stats for Silver Flasks are “Increased Movement Speed” and “Increased Duration”



Quicksilver Flask

· A Quicksilver Flask is awesome for increasing your Clear Speed

· Best Mods for QuickSilver Flasks are “Increased Movement Speed During Flask Effect” and “Increased Duration”



Witchfire Brew 

· Up to 40% Increased Damage Over Time

· Creates a Smoke Cloud Blinding you enemies

· Boosts your Evasion in 100%

· Curses surrounding enemies with Dispair, increasing Damage Over Time Taken




This is the gear I’ve used to record the gameplay seen in the video. Please note that my equipment is not perfect. You can achieve way more with an expensive one. Every piece is fully linked. If the item mod is crossed by a red line, it means that this particular mod doesn’t help the build at all. I only choose to equip this item because of the remaining mods.



Lion Pelt

Inpulsa’s Broken Heart

Legion Gloves

Titan Greaves

Thicket Bow

Spike-Point Arrow Quiver

Citrine Amulet

Two-Stone Ring

Coral Ring

Stygian Vise




Recommended Enchantment

Of Reflection

· Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage


Toxic Rain Damage

· Toxic Rain deals 40% increased damage


Attack Speed

· 16% increased attack speed if you’ve killed recently




· My first option

· 15% Chaos Damage

· 15% Damage Over Time

· 10% Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier


Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength: 130

· Easy to acquire, you already get 104 with your passive tree


Dexterity: 155

· Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree


Intelligence: 109

· Hard to acquire, look for Int on your rare items. You can also pick the +30 Int nodes on your Passive Tree






Basilisk Hood

Basilisk Body Armour

Redeemer Cloak

Viper Bow

Basilisk Weapon Effect

Basilisk Gloves

Madcap Character Effect

Basilisk Boots

Corsair Footprints Effect

Ziggurat Totem Skin

Night Lotus Toxic Rain Effect

Stygian Mirage Archer

Void Emperor Summon Skitterbots skin









Toxic Rain

Vicious Projectiles

Void Manipulation

Mirage Archer

Empower lvl3

Swift Affliction


· Start supporting Toxic Rain with Vicious Projectiles, Void Manipulation and Mirage Archer

· Empower (level 3 or 4) if 5L

· Swift Affliction if 6L





Toxic Rain

Vicious Projectiles

Withering Touch

Ballista Totem

Empower lvl 3

Void Manipulation


· This setup grants 4 Toxic Rain Totems to help with your single target DPS

· They also inflict the Wither debuff thanks to Withering Touch Support granting up to 90% more chaos damage taken by enemies.





Flame Dash

Vaal Grace

Vaal Haste

Increased Duration


· Vaal Haste is temporary aura that grants extra attack speed, use it on bosses.

· Vaal Grace is a temporary aura that grants extra chance to dodge attacks and spells, use it on bosses.

· Flame Dash is a great movement skill.





Summon Skitterbots


Blood Rage




· Skitterbots keep chilling and Shocking your enemies for more damage and survivability.

· Malevolence grants more damage over time.

· Blood Rage grants a great attack speed buff.






Cast When Damage Taken


Increased Duration


· CWDT + Steelskin gives you a shield that absorbs damage when you take a certain amount of damage (Keep CWDT at level 11 and Steelskin at level 16)

· Frenzy grants frenzy charges on hit, great to keep frenzy charges on bosses.




Skill Tree






Attack and Cast Speed, Evasion and Energy Shield

Patient Reaper

Attack and Cast Speed, Damage Over Time

Prolonged Pain

Attack and Cast Speed, Maximum Mana

Weave the Arcane

Attack and Cast Speed, Frenzy Charge Duration

Swift Killer





Soul of Lunaris

Soul of Garukhan





Look for these stats on Rare Jewel:

Chaos Damage

Projectile Damage

Damage Over Time

Attack Speed

Maximum Life




Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel 

· A Watcher’s Eye (one of the Path of Exile items for sale on MmoGah) can improve your damage

· You need one with more Damage over Time Multiplier

· It’s not mandatory at all, just luxury





Deal with the Bandits quest (2 passive points): Kill them all





Difficulty level: Normal


· Use Caustic Arrow from level 1 to level 12 (You can buy it from Nessa right at the first city)

· Reaching level 12 replace Caustic Arrow with Toxic Rain. (Can be bought from Nessa as soon as you start the quest “The Siren’s Cadence”)

· Mana management is not the best at the start of this build, so remember to keep hitting that mana flask.

· Reaching level 22, buy and equip one or two Praxis to fix mana problems.

· Reaching endgame (level 60) you can solve your mana problems with an Enduring Divine Mana Flask and a little after (level 65) an Enduring Eternal Mana Flask.



Leveling Setup


· Start with Caustic Arrow and support with Void Manipulation as soon as you reach level 8.

· Reaching level 12 replace Caustic Arrow with Toxic Rain.

· Also add Mirage Archer Support

· It’s also a good time to equip your Quill Rain. (You can buy it from other players on the website

· Reaching level 18 also add Vicious Projectiles.

· Of course, as soon as you get a 5L or 6L you can use the complete setup: Toxic Rain - Vicious Projectile - Void Manipulation - Mirage Archer - Empower - Swift Affliction

· Don’t worry if you don’t have a 6L equipment, it’s luxury.

· You’ll be fine with a 4 or 5L while running lots of maps, having fun and saving your PoE Metamorph currency to best equipments.

· Reaching level 18 you can also use your Toxic Rain Totems for extra boss damage.

· Use the setup: Toxic Rain - Ballista Totem - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation.

· Reaching level 38 replace Void Manipulation with Withering Touch.

· Remember this is just for the totem setup.






· Reaching level 24 start using Malevolence for more damage over time.

· As soon as you reach level 60, get yourself an Enduring Divine Mana Flask and your mana problems are finally gone.

· Now it’s time to also activate Skitterbots.



Recommended items


Gloom Circle 

· Elreon Rings and Amulet with -8 to Mana cost of skills are awesome to level any build.

· Low level ones might be hard to acquire if you are not playing on Standard. If you are playing on the challenge league I have another ring for you.




· You can use it at level 22

· Up to 85 Mana

· Up to 6 Mana regenerated per second

· Up to -8 to total Mana cost of skills

· Awesome for leveling without worrying about mana



Atziri’s Foible 

· You can use it at level 16

· +100 Mana

· Up to 130% Mana Regeneration.

· Up to 24% increased maximum mana.

· Awesome for leveling without worrying about mana



Lochtonial Caress 

· You can use it at level 1

· Pretty cheap

· High amount of attack speed

· Awesome for leveling




· Can be used at level 3

· Mostly because of the 20% increased movement speed that always helps a lot the leveling process. (Seven-League Step is way better but too expensive)

· Frozen immunity is awesome as well.



Tabula Rasa 

· Can be used at level 1

· The ultimate leveling equipment, it provides a 6L body armour starting on level 1

· It helps a lot your leveling process but it’s not mandatory at all. It’s not that cheap either costing around 20 Chaos orbs




· You can use it at level 1

· Pretty cheap

· Up to 40% to all Elemental resistances

· If you are having problems with survivability, a Goldrim might be the answer



String of Servitude 

· You can use it at level 1

· Pretty cheap

· You can get one with up to +48% to all elemental resistances

· Another way to get a lot of elemental resistances



Quill Rain 

· You can use it at level 5 but only equip it at level 12 when you start using Toxic Rain

· Pretty cheap

· 100% increased attack speed

· Not only great for leveling but also a great endgame weapon




Possible Questions


Q: You say the Build is cheap, but there are some expensive recommended items there. How?

A: Those items are only recommended and not Mandatory.

     Maximize a build with the best possible items and 6L takes a good amount of Path of Exile currency

     Start using 4L on low tier maps to farm your PoE currency


Q: Is there a good place to buy unique items?

A: Not only for unique items, or are great website for trade. is also a great place to buy PoE items.



Q: You are only recommending unique items, what rare items should I use?

A: Please find this build at and there you are going to find rare items recommendations.



Q: I’m level 40, and I’m dying a lot. Why?

A: Please take a look at your elemental resistances

     They are really important for your survivability

     After level 40, try to keep at least 50% of each

     The maximum is 75%, try to reach that when on end game



Q: I don’t have as much HP as this guide and I’ve followed the Tree step by step. Can you help me?

A: Look for more HP at your Rare gear

     You can have “+89 to maximum Life” on your Helmet for instance



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