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4 Ways to Turn Lower Tier PoE Currency into Exalts and Chaos Orbs

Even if you think you’re poor in Path of Exile, you might actually be sitting on a small fortune; if you pick up every piece of small currency, you may end up sitting on thousands of scrolls, transmutes, augments and such that you build up over time. In this guide, we are going over some things you can do with the small currencies to convert them into Chaos orbs and Exalted orbs. Please click Behind Eyes Gaming's video for more details on the four methods for turning your scraps into riches in Path of Exile, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




No.1: The first tip I have for converting your junk into riches is to simply sell it. This is perhaps the simplest and easiest method and it doesn’t require any crafting or converting of materials. You can use database websites such as poe.ninja and the trading websites to track the value of certain common currencies and sell them to people who are looking to use them. 


Usually, late in the league, things like Wisdom scrolls don’t tend to sell for very much, but things like Orb of Alteration (a PoE currency item) will sell for a ton due to the popularity of end of the league crafting. So, finding the timing to sell each currency can drastically influence how much you can make.



No.2: The next tip is directly related to the first tip and you’ll be selling currency, but this is more designed for people who don’t want to make a ton of trades and want to sell reliably fast. You are going to trade all of your lower currency up to Alterations using the Vendors. Alterations are always in very high demand and have been at incredible prices in the last few leagues, reaching nearly 4 Alterations to 1 Chaos at some point.


You can trade up your currencies much faster by ctrl-shift-clicking from the Vendors, allowing you to convert very quickly. This is also perfect for those who don’t have a lot of patience to make a million trades.


No.3: The next tip involves crafting. Jewel crafting with Orbs of Alterations can make you a ton of profit. You’ll want either regular jewels or high item level of base jewels. You’ll want to roll for life% with a damage mod and then regal a synergistic damage mod on a regular jewel, and crit multi is always highly valued as well, and 3 synergistic damage jewels will also sell really well if you happen to hit those without the light. For Abyss Jewel, you generally want to a high tier flat life and then hope to hit two high tier flat damage jewels. 


This is somewhat difficult, but the jewels sell really well, so it is worthwhile if you want to try it out. Using this method, you’ll blow through your Orbs of Scouring, Orbs of Transmutation, Orbs of Augmentation, and especially, the Orbs of Alteration. It’s less reliable than the previous methods, but the profit potential is much higher. If you are a bit of gambler, then this is the way to go.


No.4: The last thing I want to talk about is spending your Chance orbs. The unique armor - The Eternity Shroud (which is one of the Path of Exile items for sale on MmoGah) gives you extra elemental damage as chaos for each shaped item you have. That means the shaped version of popular uniques, especially ones with damage conversion such as Pyre or Call of the Brotherhood are very pricey. This is because of the double-dipping nature of conversion with extra damage of chaos. My suggestion is to buy shaped sapphire rings in order to obtain a shaped Pyre. You can get a shaped sapphire ring for 10 Chaos or less. But a shaped Pyre will sell around 25 Exalted orbs at the moment. So, if you want to gamble, chancing a shaped Pyre is the way to go. You simply repeatedly chance and scour until you successfully have a Pyre. This is fairly unlikely, but with an insane profit margin, so, once again, perfect for gamblers.



There are plenty of other great ways to spend your PoE currency, but I provide the easiest or most interesting I could think of. If you have learned something new today, then give this video a like and share it with a friend. Please keep checking back for more PoE guides and news on MmoGah which is also one of the best sites to buy PoE Metamorph currency as well as PoE power leveling service.


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