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Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath will Launch with XBOX ONE

According to the latest news from Path of Exile official website, along with their largest expansion in years, The Fall of Oriath release enters into the countdown (it is expected to be launched in July 2017), a piece of pleasant news is published with this expansion as well, which is Xbox One version. Since Path of Exile launched in 2013, Path of Exile was only available on PC.


In the Fall of Oriath, five new story acts will be added which will take players crossing the city and many areas, new gear, new graphical updates and tweaks, including 4K support (it is an overhauled difficulty system which features more organic challenge and difficulty growth), and a brand new upgrade system called Pantheon, which allows the exiles to claim the power of the gods for themselves.

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The Xbox One port will include everything available in the PC version. With the Fall of Oriath expansion coming in July, which is the largest expansion to date and the console launch is set for later this year, the future of the free action/RPG looks bright, and with a new player base coming in soon, the Path of Exile community will increase even further.


The Xbox One release will have all the same contents as the PC version, each platform will get separate servers. Actually porting the game over to Xbox from a technical standpoint isn’t too much of a challenge, from a control point of view, actually it comes together pretty smoothly. It’s easy to port to Xbox because the game has already been a Windows game.


Skills are the biggest features that require adjusting and have players use the mouse to choose the placement of their attacks on PC, whereas on Xbox using the analog sticks would leave you vulnerable while enemies continue attacking as the player pauses to consider a placement.


A prime example of this is the use of totems, which are sedentary creatures you can use as an ally to fight and distract enemies who come within a certain radius near its location. On PC, you can just click and choose where you want to summon it, but for the Xbox One port, Grinding Gear Games have to come up with a way for it to intelligently pick a place for it to spawn near you automatically.

Like PC, the Xbox One version will be free to play. Cosmetic items and storage space that grants you more room to store your purchasable loot, with “Support Packs” also available if you want to fund future development and also get some in-game gear and physical merch.


Overall, the update will certainly make the game's loyal fans excited while providing them with a lot of new contents to keep them busy for months. Xbox One players will also get their chances to try out the game for the first time with the update included. Grinding Gear Games have done a great job of refining a game for the fans, and those who love Path of Exile will be happy with what's to come.


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