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What PoE Items Do You Want to Drop

What kind of poe items do you want? For new players, one of the most confusing things is currency system in Path of Exile. The whole economy and currency system is completely unique. While almost every game has one standardized currency (typically gold), however Path of Exile uses numerous different poe items as basis of trading.


Honest to say, some of poe items are useful and some of them are useless. Most PoE players want to know how to choose them, as a responsible poe orb, poe currency and poe items selling website, MmoGah also wants to help all the players solve this problem, so please follow MmoGah’s footsteps. Also you can visit MmoGah.com to know the latest news.

Drop Rate

There are two modifiers that affect drop rate in the game, they are increased item rarity and increased item quantity separately. There are two potential sources of these modifiers:

Player (skills, passives, gear etc.)

Monsters (such as bosses and champions)


Increased Item Rarity

Increased Item Rarity % modifiers increase chances of an item that is magic, rare, or unique. For example with a total of +100% increased item rarity, you can get twice as many magic items, twice as many rarities and twice as many unique things from normal enemies.


This modifier has no effect on number or type of poe currency, items, scrolls, or gems that drop since they have no rarity like normal, magic, rare or unique.


Increased Item Quantity

This modifier increases the average number of items that drop from monsters. It does not affect type, quality, or rarity of item dropped, only chance will drop. There is no cap on the usefulness of this modifier, as monsters can drop more than one poe item at a time. The base chance of an item to drop from a normal monster is 16%. These varies between monster types, and special monsters have higher drop chances.


When in a party, each player gives equivalent of item quantity modifier on drops. The party bonus as well as any bonus monster gives is additive with each other and multiply with the quantity bonus of the player who gets killing.

Currency orbs

Basically you should always pick up all currency items (PoE Orbs). Their values change constantly as trading ratios are determined by market, but you can view a rough comparison below.

Lower value orbs: Chromatic, Alteration, Jeweller’s, Chance, Cartographer’s Chisel

Mid value orbs: Fusing, Alchemy, Scouring, Blessed, Chaos

High value orbs: Regret, Regal, Gemcutter’s Prism, Divine, Exalted


Skill gems

When you first start to play PoE you’ll probably want to pick up all skill gems, but generally there’s very few that you really need. Unless you have a ton of duplicates you almost always want to pick up support gems though as you might need multiple ones.


Skill gems with + Quality have a much higher value than ones without it: to get just 1% (goes up to 20%) quality on a gem you need to spend one Gemcutter’s Prism (Currency Orb above is a high-value currency item). Although a < 10% quality gem isn’t worth a lot, it can still be traded for a Chaos Orb or two, or you can use it yourself if you need it. Skill gems with high quality like +15% are extremely valuable.


Skill Gems look like hot chicks or guys in a club. If you see one you’d better pick it up no matter you have any kind of use for it. People need Skill Gems all the time, especially if they try to put something together. This is when you find a player who is looking for specific Skill Gem to finish the set, you can swoop in, sell it and make a little money. Money can help you buy more POE exalted Orbs.

Unique Items

Unique items are always worth picking up because they are the least common rarity. While many unique items can be sold but some cannot. Still pick them up though as you can use those ones to get an Orb of Chance recipe from a vendor. If you sell one of each rarity of an item, then you will be given five Orbs of Chance.


Chromatic Orbs: As you can sell to a vendor to get Chromatic Orbs, items with three different color sockets linked together should always be picked up.


Jewelers Orbs: As you can exchange them for Jewelers Orbs, Six socket items that you pick up can give you a lot of help.


Chisel Recipe: If pick up the following items, Rock Breakers, Stone Hammers and Gavels are used for Chisel recipe.


Keep an eye out for Flasks. While leveling you probably always want to pick up flasks. The best flasks are called Hallowed and you’ll start seeing them in Act III Cruel, and more often in Merciless difficulty. Generally you want to pick them up and identify them: there’s much different stats, so finding the ones you need most will take a while. Generally I prefer flasks to have bonus Armor.


Early on you should have chance to pick up a few Quicksilver Flasks, but we suggest you pick up any Flasks. Flasks are not something that you can really deal with in the game early on, but as you progress and you start to see HP and Mana Flasks drop, you can use Orbs of Transmutation on them, and this can potentially give you the opportunity to make good PoE currency.


Above is the guide to poe items, for players reference. If you have any questions about POE, you can talk with our 7/24 online service reps, we guarantee you will receive the best service from MmoGah, our service reps will provide high quality service for you.


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