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Path of Exile New Patch 3.0 Preview

The Fall of Oriath will bring six new acts and many new areas in Path of Exile. Except for these significant changes, Path of Exile also makes smaller improvements to existing environments. They've created a sneak preview video of some of these environmental updates. Please see it below.

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Path of Exile has been one of the most well received action RPGs in recent times, and now Grinding Gear Games is working on next expansion titled Fall of Oriath. The first thing is that blowing many people's minds about Path of Exile 3.0 is acts. We all know there will be a new act or even a couple of new acts. But 3.0 update has an astonishing 10 new acts.


The largest content update is Fall of Oriath in Path of Exile, and it will mark flourishing future for Patch 3.0 in the game. The focus of this expansion is to strengthen main campaign, such as adding 10 new acts to base game that leveling experience can be changed. Instead of repeating the same content on higher difficulties, the main goal of this is to add variety to game and they will add acts 6 through 10. These new acts are Grinding Gear Games that consider to be the second part in story.


Metagame needs new updates. The time of 3.0 will be applicable to new challenge league. We have to get through 2.6 update and there is a new league happening which will not have any of new upcoming changes.

Path of Exile Update 3.0 Prediction

With new Path of Exile update 3.0, developers are aiming at few marks to complete. Everyone is excited on Act Five and some other releases. Path of Exile is making the best expansion together with the best quality than previous ones. The Beta release date is flexible, but according to the previous releasing schedule, we expect new patch 3.0 will be launched in June or July in 2017.


In the middle of newly announced challenge league 2.6, Beta patch 3.0 will be run soon. The developers of Path of Exile refuse to show any specific information about the upcoming new patch. They said “We want to be transparent with what we have in mind”. Here is what they aim for in 2.6. Buffs are done for many one-handed melee weapons.


Path of Exile players are going to be excited incredibly as they will try a lot of new modes there, but our fans will wait until June or July. Playing through ten acts will be a lot of fun and it will provide a challenge where you will get a real sense of progression when you go through it. Make sure that you have more enough Path of Exile Orbs before this update drops and do not be tempted to use them before releasing. Path of Exile 3.0 is arguably the biggest thing to happen to the game since its launch.


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