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Fall of Oriath-Beta Events in PoE

When you visit Path of Exile official website, you can obviously see a countdown board for Fall of Oriath Beta, which tells all palyers the Beta version is coming soon. I think most poe players have the same expection and mood as me. We hope the beta events show us more excellent experience. I have written one article about new patch 3.0 Fall of Oriath preview a while back, now we talk about the latest update.


As a responsible poe items selling website, MmoGah has been working in Gaming Industry for more than 10 years, depending on full experience and good reputation, more and more poe players choose to buy poe currency, poe items and poe exalted orbs from MmoGah. MmoGah also thanks to players’ trust, and will supply the best 7/24 service for all players. MmoGah would like to share some information about the coming Beta.

Now the development team are working hard to prepare the upcoming beta. It includes the Vendigo monsters, Cultists of Kitava and some stained-glass windows with the Rise of Innocence. 


The Beta for the upcoming Fall of Oriath expansion is getting closer every day. So far poe has revealed a lot of new monsters, new environments and Act Six bosses. In the upcoming expansion, The Fall of Oriath, you will not only visit new areas of Oriath and Wraeclast, but you will also encounter new dangerous monsters and powerful gods. Some of these new bosses have been revealed, including High Templar Avarius from Act Five, the Brine King and Abberath from Act Six and Ralakesh, the Master of Million Faces from Act Seven.

Another upcoming content in Fall of Oriath is amazing scene. In Act Five you'll leave Wraeclast and return to Oriath to face new enemies and witness its fall. Upon your return to Wraeclast, you'll find it changed. Some of the challenges you face will be unfamiliar to you, and some obstacles will vary depending on your actions from the past. You'll discover some of the familiar faces in Acts Six through Ten. 


From the latest poe news we can know that the Events Schedule will run in parallel to the Beta of Fall of Oriath expansion. There are five weeks of events and many prizes to be won: Beta Keys, Demigod's Dominances and plenty of micro-transactions. There are many types of events planned, including new race types, larger one-week and two-week races as a well as four eight-hour partial-PvP events. You can check out the full events schedule in your local time zone.


Players can get some prizes by gaining 10 levels or achieving the event objective in any one race, you will receive a Classic Mystery Box. If your event starts at the Twilight Strand, in order to receive your free mystery box you would need to reach level 10. If your event starts at a different part of the game, you simply need to gain 10 levels above the starting level. In boss killing events, the boss kill itself will enable you to be included. Only one mystery box will be awarded per account. Reaching level 10 in multiple events will not grant extra mystery boxes.


You can also win other micro-transactions for reaching various objectives in the events in addition to above rewards. The micro-transaction winners will be chosen through random selection.

Week One: Multiple Events

The first set of events starts on Friday 2 June US/EU time and runs until Saturday 10 June US/EU time. There are 54 events in total that week. Each one will run for an hour unless otherwise specified. You can view the schedule in your local time.


In Uber Breach, areas contain no monsters, but many Breaches. In Uber Beyond, each monster has a 50% chance to create a Beyond portal on death and there is 100% increased pack size. In Monstrous Treasure events, areas contain no monsters but many corrupted Strongboxes. These new special events are voided.


Above is summary of the latest PoE beta events, MmoGah welcomes all players to visit us and we would like to supply the best service to you.


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