• Path of Exile: 3.6.2 Patch Notes
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    Yesterday Path of Exile talked about the plans for this week's patch. They expect to deploy the 3.6.2 patch tomorrow (Friday NZDT). PoE managed to add quite a number of improvements and completed fixes to this update, so today they are ready to share a preview of its patch notes with you. While the majority of the changes are ready, please note that the final patch notes may vary from the list below. Now MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking Top 3 during searching “PoE Currency”, “PoE Items”, “PoE Exalted orb” and “PoE Chaos orb” in Google) will share more details with PoE fans.


    Synthesis Fixe

    Added 3D Art for Nebulis.

    Added 3D Art for Offering to the Serpent.

    Added visible labels to Synthesised Chests.

    Re-enabled the Shanty Town Memory. This was temporarily disabled in 3.6.0 Hotfix 4.

    Fragmented Memories and Distant Memories now require an area level of at least 50 to be able to generate Burning Ground, Chilled Ground, Shocked Ground or Desecrated Ground modifiers.

    Items that are consumed by Decay in non-decaying Memory Void areas are now dropped near a Memory Stabiliser when you move close to one. Items are now only consumed by Decay if collecting that item would teleport you.

    Fixed various issues where monster packs in Fragmented Memories and the Memory Void didn't contain the correct Rare monsters. This also fixes the issue that many players are having where they can't find the Rare monsters required for the "Defeat Synthesis Monsters" challenge.

    Fixed a bug where defeating The Elder sometimes did not fulfil the 'The Elder' step of the "Defeat Elder and Elder Guardians" challenge.

    Fixed an issue where Bloodlines effects (such as Heralds of the Obelisk) could be active in the airlock of a Fragmented Memory or Placed Memory.

    Fixed an instance crash that occurred in the Cortex boss encounter.


    Betrayal Fixes

    Preloaded further Betrayal assets in an effort to reduce the amount of lag and client "freezes" that occur when Intervention encounters begin.

    Added a button that can be used to release Betrayal Targets at the completion of an encounter. This can be used to avoid having to choose an option that you do not wish to.

    Increased the amount of Intelligence gained from various decisions after a non-Safehouse Betrayal encounter.

    Increased the amount of Intelligence gained at the completion of a Safehouse. This change affects existing characters with Intelligence towards unlocking the Mastermind's Lair.

    Reduced the distance threshold required before Intervention targets teleport back to you. This is to prevent accidentally abandoning the encounter.

    Reduced the distance from the player at which Transportation encounters begin.

    Reduced the amount of additional monsters that spawn during Betrayal Intervention encounters, and the frequency at which they spawn.

    Betrayal Targets spawned by Intervention encounters now deal reduced damage for a short duration after spawning.

    Fortification and Transportation encounters now spawn a smaller variety of monsters, in an effort to reduce preloading requirements.

    Areas prior to Maps will only generate with a single Betrayal encounter. Map areas will continue to generate with three encounters.

    Jun is no longer visible outside of the Syndicate Laboratory entrance if you are currently engaged in another Betrayal encounter.

    You can no longer enter the Syndicate Laboratory if you are currently engaged in another Betrayal encounter.

    Fixed a bug where Intervention encounters could not occur if you had already completed another Syndicate encounter in the same area.

    Fixed a bug where Jun sometimes did not aid you in combat during Fortification encounters.


    Misc Fixes

    You can now toggle the visibility of area modifiers on or off by clicking on a new button found above area modifiers.

    Updated the "Hideout Unlocked" notification.

    Reduced the value of the "x% increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Energy Shield Leech while affected by Zealotry" modifier found on the Watcher's Eye Unique Jewel from 180% to 30%. This modifier was unintentionally six times higher than intended. This affects all existing versions of this item.

    Arcane Surge Support can now be used in conjunction with Cast while Channelling Support. The "Supported Skills deal x% more Spell Damage while you have Arcane Surge" modifier does not apply to Triggered Spells.

    Minion skills can now be supported by Unleash Support. This only applies to the summoning of minions, and does not cause your minions' skills to reoccur.

    The Flow of Energy, Pleasure and Pain, Mouth of Horrors and Unbearable Whispers III prophecies can now be completed in Core Map.

    Updated the description of the Intensity buff to accurately describe that the skill deals more Area damage, rather than all damage.

    Updated the description of a helmet enchantment which referred to "Sanctify", rather than the correct name, Purifying Flame.

    Purifying Flame's impact area can now destroy breakable objects (like barrels).

    Arc's effect now visually hits monsters more centrally.

    Vortex can no longer be supported by Intensify Support.

    Legacy versions of the "To Dust" unique jewel can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.

    The original version of Goddess Bound, Tipua Kaikohuru, can now be placed in the Unique Collection Tab.

    The "Unaffected by Bleeding while affected by Malevolence" modifier found on Watcher's Eye unique jewels now prevents Corrupting Blood from affecting you.

    Straightened a bent connection between some passives in the Ranger and Shadow sections of the passive tree. This is purely a cosmetic change.

    Fixed a wonky quest state you could get into which would ask you to talk to Niko when you already had.

    Fixed an issue where Plaza Map would sometimes fail to generate if it contained Alva, Master Explorer.

    Fixed a bug where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy prevented Sulphite Veins from granting any Voltaxic Sulphite when interacted with.

    Fixed a bug where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy prevented Beyond portals from being created.

    Fixed a bug where a Crafting Recipe unlock object sometimes did not spawn in the Bazaar Map when it otherwise should have.

    Fixed an incorrect modifier name for "+1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems".

    Fixed a bug where the "Purifying Flame deals x% increased Damage" helmet enchantments did not work.

    Fixed a bug where Brittle was applying a lower than intended chance to be critically struck to enemies.

    Fixed a bug where you could lose the "Immunity to Curses" buff granted by Holy Flame Totem if you were standing in a second overlapping source of Consecrated Ground.


    The 3.6.2 update for Xbox One will be deployed as soon as possible after its release on PC.

    PoE will keep working on further improvements and will post an update about upcoming Synthesis changes as soon as they are ready to be announced.


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