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PoE Items and Gear You Should Avoid in 3.19

Pen SlingersSeptember 13th, 2022

Today we will discuss a few items that may look insanely good and benefit you in the long run, but they might ruin your season journey making it difficult at the start of the season.

List of Challenges in the Lake of Kalandra League and How to Best Them

Pen SlingersSeptember 09th, 2022

Every League has its challenges that you need to complete for cosmetic rewards. There are many challenges in the Lake of Kalandra League, including some from the previous leagues. Let's look into each task and how you can finish them. This list contains the early or more manageable tasks.

All You Need to Know About Lake of Kalandra League

Pen SlingersSeptember 08th, 2022

The new Season and Challenge League are upon us in Path of Exile. Update your game today and enjoy new fun modes for you and your party. Start the update; read this article until you learn more about this League.

How to Use Lake of Kalandra Mechanic for Early Currency on League Start

Pen SlingersSeptember 06th, 2022

Today we are discussing how to use the Lake of Kalandra to its limit to make as much currency as possible to ease your League journey to the end game.

Why PoE Exalted Orb Replaced by Divine Orb?

Pen SlingersSeptember 02nd, 2022

The new season and Challenge League are here with the latest patch, 3.19, called the Lake of Kalandra. While most regular people will look at the new mechanics as a breath of fresh air, die-hard fans are speculating over why Divine orbs are the new currency as we advance and whether it will hurt the game or take it towards a new bold direction. Let's find out.

PoE Divine Orb Service: MmoGah Has Added the New Page for the Divine Orb and How to Farm Divine Orbs

Nancy GAugust 31st, 2022

The Divine Orb in Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra has replaced the Exalted Orb. That means divine orbs are the most valuable currency in PoE. So MmoGah has added a new separate purchase page for the divine to make it easier for exiles.

PoE Top Five Builds for the Lake of Kalandra Expansion

ivicamilaricAugust 29th, 2022

This is a great option for anyone looking to get ahead in Path of Exile, and the same covers PoE 3.19 builds as well. With all of that in mind, here is the breakdown of the five best builds for the Lake of Kalandra Expansion.

Best PoE Starter Builds for Lake of Kalandra

abubakarawanb4dAugust 26th, 2022

To help you out get the most out of PoE Lake of Kalandra, we have here some of the Best PoE Starter Build for Lake of Kalandra. So, without any further delay, let’s start talking about the best starter builds.

Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra: Big Sale - Large 6% Coupon at MmoGah

Nancy GAugust 25th, 2022

Big Sale! Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra is in full swing, and exiles respond well to the new league. The best PoE store MmoGah will have a big promotion - 6% OFF to give back to our old and new customers.

PoE 3.19 Builds: Top 3 Starter Builds

Pen SlingersAugust 23rd, 2022

These are our best builds for the League of Path of Exile with the newest patch, 3.19 Lake of Calandra. All these builds in this list are thoroughly tested and beginner friendly, allowing you to have a smooth start.

Path of Exile 3.19 Starter Build and Plans

ivicamilaricAugust 18th, 2022

This article includes an idea for an impressive build but also some options for earning currency and getting ahead with PoE farming in the new content.

Path of Exile: Defeat the Best Bosses with Ascendancies Guide for Your Class

Pen SlingersAugust 15th, 2022

In this guide, we will talk about what the Ascendancy is and a few of the best Ascendancy for your class that you can use to beat the end game.

Path of Exile 3.19: Lake of Kalandra All Details – PoE 3.19 Release Date, New Changes, New Items

Nancy GAugust 12th, 2022

Dear exiles, exciting news here! Path of Exile 3.19: Lake of Kalandra is coming! This league will launch on August 19th (PDT) for PC and Mac and on August 24th for consoles. Now we will show you all details about this expansion.

The Best Guide to Gems in PoE and How to Master Gem Links

Pen SlingersAugust 10th, 2022

Path of Exile is fun to play but a little complicated as well, and for new players, Path of Exile can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to utilizing skills or using gems.

All the Basics You Need to Know About the Skill Tree in Path of Exile

Pen SlingersAugust 09th, 2022

Path of Exile is a pretty complicated game and overwhelming for many new players. As the skill tree of Path of Exile is different and complicated, we will provide you with a straightforward guide to help you understand and build.

How to Level Up Your Path of Exile Class Faster to Start Farming End Game

Pen SlingersAugust 05th, 2022

There are specific ways to upgrade your character level; keep in mind there is no fast or quick way to reach the maximum level required to start the endgame. In this guide, we will tell you about the most effective ways that can be a head start for you to level up your character.

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