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PoE Builds 3.24: Explosive Trap Trickster Build

By Nancy G2024-04-19

The Explosive Trap Trickster is a dynamic build that focuses on laying traps that explode and deal with massive area damage. The Trickster ascendancy enhances the damage output and survivability, making it a formidable choice for beginners and veterans.


 Explosive Trap Trickster pic


Build Overview


•  High area of effect damage

•  Excellent for clearing groups of enemies

•  Strong defensive mechanics through evasion and energy shield

•  Versatile for various content


•  Can be less effective against single targets without proper gear

•  Requires careful positioning and trap management


Core Skill: Explosive Trap

Explosive Trap is the heart of this build, designed to obliterate packs of enemies with powerful explosions.

Gem Setup:

•  Explosive Trap

•  Cluster Traps Support

•  Trap and Mine Damage Support

•  Controlled Destruction Support

•  Increased Area of Effect Support (for clearing) / Concentrated Effect Support (for bosses)

•  Fire Penetration Support


Ascendancy: Trickster

The Trickster ascendancy provides a balance of speed, power, and protection, which synergizes well with trap-based builds.

Recommended Ascendancy Nodes:

•  Swift Killer for additional frenzy and power charges

•  Weave the Arcane for increased mana and reduced skill cost

•  Patient Reaper for increased recovery and damage over time

•  Ghost Dance for additional evasion and energy shield


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Gear Choices

Your gear should focus on increasing your trap damage, critical strike chance, and survivability through evasion and energy shield.

Key Items:

•  Weapon: A wand or dagger with increased spell damage, trap damage, and critical strike chance.

•  Armor: A six-linked chest piece with a high energy shield and resistances.

•  Helmet: A helmet with reduced Explosive Trap mana reservation and increased area of effect.

•  Gloves: Gloves with increased trap damage and critical strike chance.

•  Boots: Boots with high movement speed, energy shield, and resistances.

•  Accessories: Rings and an amulet with increased fire damage, critical strike chance, and multiplier.


Passive Tree

Focus on nodes that increase fire and trap damage, critical strike chance and multiplier, and energy shield.

Key Passives:

•  Clever Construction for trap invulnerability

•  Explosives Expert for increased area damage

•  Doom Cast for increased critical strike chance

•  Melding for increased energy shield


Bandits and Pantheon


Help Alira with the critical strike multiplier, mana regeneration, and resistances.


•  Major God: Soul of Solaris for reduced elemental damage taken

•  Minor God: Soul of Shakari for poison immunity and reduced chaos damage taken



•  Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching for instant life recovery and bleed removal

•  Diamond Flask for increased critical strike chance

•  Cinderswallow Urn for increased damage during flask effect

•  Granite Flask of Iron Skin for increased physical damage reduction

•  Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed



The Explosive Trap Trickster is an explosive and thrilling build that offers a unique playstyle focused on setting and detonating traps. You can enjoy watching your enemies disintegrate in a fiery blaze with the right gear and passive tree setup. Adjust your flasks and gear according to the content you're facing for the best experience.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Explosive Trap Trickster build, covering the essentials to get you started. As you progress, fine-tune the build to suit your playstyle and the challenges of Wraeclast. Good luck, Exile!

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