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PoE Builds 3.24: Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider Build

By Nancy G2024-05-08

The Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider build is a testament to the thrill that PoE offers through its intricate and customizable gameplay. This build is designed for those who enjoy a high-speed, high-risk, high-reward playstyle. The Raider ascendancy and the Flicker Strike skill provide an exhilarating experience that can clear maps and bosses with lightning speed.


 Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider pic


Build Mechanics

Flicker Strike is a melee attack that teleports the player to a nearby enemy and strikes them with added damage. This skill is unique because it can chain multiple attacks together at the cost of Frenzy Charges. The Raider ascendancy is chosen for its exceptional synergy with Flicker Strike, focusing on maintaining and exploiting Frenzy Charges for maximum efficiency.


Ascendancy Choices

The Raider ascendancy offers several key nodes that are essential for this build:

•  Rapid Assault: Grants onslaught, increasing attack and movement speed.

•  Avatar of the Chase: Further increases the benefits of onslaught.

•  Way of the Poacher: Converts hits into Frenzy Charges, which are the lifeblood of Flicker Strike.

•  Avatar of the Slaughter: Boosts the effects of Frenzy Charges, making each charge more potent.


Gear Selection

The gear for this build should focus on increasing critical strike chance, attack speed, and damage. Key items include:

•  Weapon: A high physical DPS one-handed sword or claw for optimal damage output.

•  Helmet: A rare helmet with the Flicker Strike Damage enchantment.

•  Body Armour: Farrul's Fur is ideal for generating Frenzy Charges, but a well-rolled rare with life and resistances can suffice.

•  Gloves: Rare gloves with high attack speed, physical damage to attacks, and life.

•  Boots: Rare boots with high movement speed, life, and resistances.

•  Accessories: Rings and amulets that provide critical strike chance, multiplier, and attributes.


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Gem Setup

The core skill gem setup for Flicker Strike includes:

•  Flicker Strike: The primary attack skill.

•  Melee Physical Damage: Increases physical damage of attacks.

•  Multistrike: Allows repeated attacks with increased attack speed.

•  Fortify: Grants a buff that reduces incoming damage.

•  Increased Critical Strikes: Increases the chance of scoring critical hits.

•  Increased Critical Damage: Increases the damage multiplier of critical hits.


Playstyle and Strategy

The playstyle of the Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider is aggressive and fast-paced. Players will need to manage their Frenzy Charges carefully to ensure they can continue to chain Flicker Strikes. Positioning is also crucial, as the build can be fragile if caught in the middle of large packs or under heavy fire.



•  Extremely fast clear speed.

•  High mobility and dodge chance.

•  Exciting and unique playstyle.



•  Can be expensive to optimize.

•  Somewhat squishy, requiring good game knowledge and reflexes.

•  Reliant on Frenzy Charges, which can be difficult to sustain against bosses without proper gear.



The Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider build is a powerful and thrilling choice for players looking to experience PoE at a breakneck pace. While it requires some investment and skill to master, the rewards are well worth the effort. With the right gear and understanding of the mechanics, players can enjoy slicing through hordes of enemies and bosses alike.

This guide provides a foundation for players to start their journey with the Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider build. As with any PoE build, experimentation and adaptation are key. Players are encouraged to tweak the build to suit their playstyle and the ever-changing landscape of Wraeclast.

Remember, the most important aspect of any build is to have fun. So grab your weapon, charge up those Frenzy Charges, and start flickering away!


(Note: This guide is based on the game's state as of version 3.24 and may require adjustments for future updates or balance changes.)

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