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PoE Builds 3.24: Cold Cleave of Rage Berserker Melee Build

By Nancy G2024-04-17

In Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis, Cleave of Rage Berserker Build is one of Melee's last hopes! – The following is Ronarray's endgame guide.

In that endgame version, he worked on survivability, adding 100% Suppress chance, 25% Block Chance and 60% Evade on top of 90% armour.

Surviving with such a setup is much easier, even if some hits still have trouble. A decent amount of AoE makes Cleave of Rage almost a ranged skill that can hit half the screen, and with the Cold version, you can now Freeze anything that you hit - it is fun, fast, and satisfying.


 cleave of rage pic



● Great AoE, barely Melee

● Decent defence layers

● Can Chill, Freeze & Shock

● Great Dmg + Clones

● Melee Bros Unite!



● Needs to stack Rage

● Abyssus burgonet

● Slow when no Rage

● Can't off screen


How the Build Works

1. Cleave of Rage

The most important part is the Cleave of Rage.

cleave of Rage

2. Gloves: 25%+34% Mastery: 40%

We are using different ways to convert our physical damage to call damage. 25% of physical damage is converted to cold on the gloves, and 34% of physical damage is converted to cold as a second glove modifier. They're using cold Mastery for 40% of physical damage converted to cold.

3. Hrimsorrow

If you don't have an option, you can use Hrimsorrow to convert all your damage to cold.

4. Max Rage

- 1H Axe

- Bear's Girdle

- Tree Passives

5. Yoke of Suffering

We're using Yoke of Suffering, which gives us 10% increased damage for each type of ailment you have inflicted on your enemy. It also gives you a unique approach for your damage to shock enemies with any kind of Elemental. They're doing cold damage; that way, we can shock enemies with our cold damage, which provides a decent increase in our DPS.

6. Ralakesh's Impatience

We are using Ralakesh's Impatience because we can get free charges in almost all situations.

7. The Saviour

In the last part, we're using the sword of the Saviour Legion. It provides us with reflections that double our damage. Together, they are doing the same damage that our main character does. That way, we can do significant damage in almost all cases, and even if they fall a little behind or try to move back to survive, Reflections still stay there and do significant damage.


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● 100% Suppress

● 57%-60% Evade

● 18-30K Armour

● 25% Block

● % Phys taken as Element


Important Passives and Clusters

● Cold Mastery

● Tattoo of the Ramako Shaman

● Deadly Repartee

● Ambidexterity

● Twin Terrors

● Devastator


Unique Items

● Bear's Girdle

● Polaric Devastation

● The Saviour

● Yoke of Suffering

● Abyssus

● Ralakesh's Impatience


Rare Items

● Rapture Nails Hydrascale Gauntlets

● Wrath Bite Psychotic Axe

● Maelström Knuckle Amethyst Ring

● Rift Jack Full Dragonscale Armour



 cleave of rage ascendancy



● Taste of Hate

● Bottled Faith

● Specialist's Diamond Flask of the Dove

● Physician's Granite Flask of the Armadillo



Major God: Soul of Brine King

Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul



That's all the cold Rage Cleave Berserker Build. I think it's the best melee build and should be pretty strong in almost all endgame situations. I hope you enjoyed the build.



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